Mindful Nature Hunt from our eBook ✨ INTENTION - A nature hunt is a simple, soul nurturing experience that powerfully connects each child with the magic of nature & the present moment. This inner journey of seeing, hearing & feeling their environment deepens their understanding of the world around them. Nature has an abundant supply of raw materials just waiting for little people to admire. This experience is all about the process & little focus is on the end result, this will be what makes the experience mindful. PRACTICE - Take a basket or box to gather treasures. During a nature hunt with your child – Prompt them to notice the colours, shapes, light, patterns & forms ✨Walk mindfully without talking about anything but what you are doing in the right here, right now (try not to hurry back or talk about what you are doing afterwards). Stop for anything your child believes is a treasure - even if it is not from nature. Mindfully walk back & find a spot to go through the gathered goodies together. Let them lead the way, adding anything that strikes you in the moment. Enjoy the pure sense of ‘being’ together in nature, there is no ‘doing’ in these moments. CREATE - You can extend on this experience even further by using the gathered materials to create with. Use a hole punch and jute string to thread or use glue on recycled card to preserve a moment in time ✨#wholebeings

Охота в Ботаническом саду!! Да-да! Вчера был необычный урок английского - мы провели его в Ботаническом саду Батуми.🌴🌳🌲 Огромнейшая территория под открытым небом - как не воспользоваться такой прекрасной возможностью, чтобы обсудить на английском растительность и всяких жучков-паучков?🐛🐜🐝🐞
Мы расположились на милой полянке в тенечке (смотрите видео). И вновь и большим, и маленьким было одинаково интересно!
А вот потом началась настоящая охота! 🐾🐾🐾
Каждый получил листок, где нужно было отметить, что встретилось в саду.
Наша компания с таким азартом охотилась, что прохожие с детьми останавливались и спрашивали, как им можно присоединиться к такой охоте 😊😊😊
Не устаю радоваться, что есть такой способ изучения английского - эффективный и вызывающий настоящее удовольствие! 👍
А учат ли английский летом ваши лети?
Нужен ли английский летом? В каком виде?

#лсемушкина #naturehunt #бизнемама #ботаническийсад #английскийна природе

Engaging families one box at a time🌱📦💚 .

Every shipment is as exciting as the 1st 📬 .

Have you ordered your Gardening & Nature Crafts Activity Fun Box yet? Today’s your last chance to get them at $19.99 plus FREE shipping in the US

Www.Seedsandsoilbox.org .

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Some of the photos from Currawong Bush Park, where our first playgroup will be held on Monday 23rd of July. We are so excited because this place is just perfect for nature explorations. 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

Love 💕 it when you find a child as excited about finding a bone as you are!!!...Made my day!!..Thankyou for the card!! Xxx ☠️☠️☠️ #bone #bonecollector #naturehunt #countrykids #countrylife

My kids break up from school tomorrow, and keeping the kids entertained and not wanting to spend pennies everyday.. •

one off my lovely ladies on team @lillysbow_tique @bethaniedurrant sent us this 'Nature Scavenger Hunt'

Literally this could be done in the garden, the park, the local woods, the beach and it's completely free.. get it laminated and two dry wipe board pens and it can be used over and over again at all the places you visit this summer break

Pop me a message and I'll send you the photo so you can save and print 😘

#daysout #kids #fun #naturehunt

Our @plantoysofficial leaf magnifier from @babipur arrived today 😍😁
So lovely and feels super sturdy and durable (Which it will have to be with my boys 😂)
I had to have the first try and look at my beautiful sunflower 🌻
Cannot wait to go on some bug and nature hunts with the boys!
#lovebabipur #postyourpost #plantoys #leafmagnifier #magnifingglass #bughunt #naturehunt #enjoyingnature #sunflower #woodentoys #learningthroughplay #littleexplorer

Logan and glamping friends connecting with #nature. A wood tiger moth or jersey tiger moth?? #naturehunt #ladybird #moth #jerseytigermoth #woodtigermoth #glamping #outdoorlife ...solved it.. #gardentigermoth

Day 2: Art Camp was full of Nature Treasure Hunts, painting Kindness rocks, making stamps with recycled materials, Marco Polo in the gym, sidewalk chalk and pebble art! YES we did it all!!! These kids are so great what an amazing group! Fun, fun, fun! 🌿❤️🎨 #shawniganlakeschool #artcamp #laurajayneartstudio #kindnessrocks #pebbleart #naturehunt #marcopolo #funinthesun #butthankfulfortheshade #gratefulheart #mycupoverfloweth

So important to pump love and encouragement into our babies 💚✨💫 .

#Repost @jessicajoelle_ with @get_repost
7 things kids need to hear every day #thedanishway #thedanishwayofparenting #parenting #gentleparenting #parenthood #positiveparenting

Not a piece of birch but a birch moth! #birchmoth #naturehunt #ontheleafofacorgette

My parents spent the weekend at @1833.ranch. My instinct to jump out of the ranger or make Dave stop every 30 seconds so I can grab a flower, cool branch, or funky rock DEFINITELY comes from my mom, @ckincaid49. Looks like Dad took her on a sunflower hunt! Unfortunately, we don’t have nearly as many sunflowers this year, but Rancher Dave is ‘figerin out how to change this for 2019. Happy Summer from Mimi and West Texas! 🌻🌵🌻 #1833ranch #sunflowers #naturehunt #summertimeintexas #ranger #ranchin

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