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The physician treats. But #Nature heals!

Come summer and my father used to give me a daily morning chore to make bael sherbet and then drink one big #patiala glass of it. (We all had to drink one..it was mandatory all through summers.) Needless to say I hated making it...because the seeds were coated with slime and scooping the fibrous pulp out required massive elbow grease.
Breaking the #woodapple was the fun part though. (Took all the anger out on that poor fruit..lol)

Now after so many years each summer I miss the #bael and the #jamun most.
Mangoes are nice. But bael and jamun are love. And like true love....rare to find.

So when I found a bottled wood-apple sherbet at a #patanjali store recently. I just grabbed it. Though Papa won't approve of this diluted liquidy drink....it still smells like my childhood summers back home.

Wood apple is also refered to as #monkeyfruit or #elephantapple because they love eating it. It has immense health benefits. It's #antifungal and #antiparasitic properties are excellent for the gut. Builds #immunity and much more...#naturehastheanswers
Wood apple Sherbet.

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Just a thought!!!! I’m a spiritual teacher.... everything I learn and share comes from some thought of judgement. E.g my hormones (chakras, mood, thoughts, etc etc etc)are out of balance so I need to balance them, but it is only my perception of what balance is that makes me think I’m out of balance. What if nothing is ever out of balance!!! But it is simply doing its thing. What if I just allow whatever is happening internally and externally to just do its thing, without judgement. Without judging if this should be this or that.
Ummm if we just allow it all to just be then what is there to do, to learn..... There’s nothing, everything just is... Just like this flower, just being.... Simple 😊❤️

We come in all colours, but we are one egg. How stunning are these? Blown away by this mornings gifts. Need a new # = #Organiceggphilosophy. #naturehastheanswers #unitednations of eggs.

Something to remember is that meat has hormones that we get addicted to similar to caffeine. Our adrenal glands are stimulated by the epinephrine and nor-epinephrine in meat. When quitting meat, one can feel fatigued for months depending on how weak the adrenal and kidney function is. When we remove stimulants, the weakness of the organs and glands become apparent. It is vital to support the kidney and adrenal function until the body is adjusted and strengthened, and the adrenals can learn to produce the proper chemistry on their own. That is why it is so important to address weakened glands with the support of tissue specific herbs. It is very common to have your energy tank when removing animal products, it’s not the meat that you need to keep your energy, it’s gland function! Restore this through regenerative detoxification so your body can absorb, utilize and eliminate the proper chemistry that you are now giving it! We need baseline chemistry = alkalization in order to run our vehicle properly! Meats are on the acid side of chemistry. Acids burn = inflammation. Never invite an immune/inflammatory response into your system just because you like the taste of something. It’s not worth the damage it’s creating. You may not feel it immediately but you will eventually. Stay alkaline, keep your glands strong, clean out your organs and your tissues of toxic residues and parasites that built up from improper eating and medication use, move your lymph and keep the lymphatic fluid clean in motion and circulating through healthy and OPEN elimination channels (gut, skin, kidneys, lungs)!✨ It’s quite simple yet we all want to make it over complicated. Our bodies were designed to be our protective vehicle to carry us through this life. It knows exactly what to do to heal if given the proper fuel and environment. It is a complex machine but we have had the answers to how to make it run optimally for so long. You won’t find those answers in Allopathy which is only about 125 years old. You’ll find them in Nature which is 1000’s of years old where the answers are more simplified, true, less hypothesized, & proven over and over again to work. Return back to Nature 🌸

Brewing up Pretties
...All with Pure Essential oil blend of Ylang Ylang, Rose Geranium, Rosewood, Peru Balsam, Palmarosa & Rose 💟Tooth Polish w/ Organic Virgin Coconut oil & bi-carb
💟Face Oil w/ Organic Virgin Hemp & Rosehip oil
💟Eye Cream w/ Organic Virgin Coconut oil, Beeswax & Organic Matcha Green Tea powder
💟Solid Perfume/Lip Balm w/ Organic Virgin Coconut Oil & Beeswax (not pictured)


Woke feeling super sluggish and run down. After a stressful week all those stress hormones and emotions have taken their toll. Add to the mix some cheese, ice cream and chocolate and I’m feeling it! Away to take myself for some lovin, Healing and support my body naturally. Here’s my go to rituals: 🛀 run a bath with some Epsom salts and doTERRA zendocrine detox blend. A wonderful blend of tangerine, rosemary, geranium, juniper and cilantro supporting healthy liver function and cleansing. 🍋 Whilst this is running pour a cuppa of warm water with a drop of lemon essential oil. Tummy settling and detoxing. ✨body brush with some invigorating and lymph boosting smart and sassy oil. 🛀lie in bath minimum 20mins with a good read. I’ve gone for @naturalhealthwellbeing . ⭐️hair washed and conditioned naturally via doTERRA salon essentials range, dry myself 💜apply spirit and Soul natural deodorant @susimcwilliamspiritandsoul (launch party coming your way soon 😉) , followed by tropic summer skin natural gradual tanner @tropicskincare. A day of juices, smoothies and soups, a trip to the beach (getting bare foot in the sand) and I’ll be back to my super sparkly self in no time! What’s your rituals to help you feel at your peak? Want me to help you create some? Want to get started on your doTERRA or healing journey? Get in touch if love to be of service. Love and Live Your Light Susi xxxx #naturalproducts #loveyourself #loveyourbody #naturehastheanswers #listentoyourbody #nourish #selfcare #love #zentime #doterraeveryday #susimcwilliamspiritandsoul

Always look up even when you wanna look down it's such a powerful thing to embrace the unknown and take a leap of faith. Make the change, be the change, see the change.
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☀️ Warmer days are bringing color to even our desert vegetation, SPRING is here 💐!!! We are proud to collaborate with prive hair care. We’re talkin’ bout clean fruit and plant ingredients, in every bottle, jar and can packed with natural superfuel antioxidants, revitalizing natural oils and strengthening proteins. the result? strong, shiny, gorgeously vibrant hair. Try prive hair care in every service at Bazaar studio & parlor. #springtime #privesalon #naturehastheanswers 🌱

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Up to 2m high. Thin edges pointing north-south and broad backs east-west. Minimises their exposure to the sun, keeping the mounds cool 💙

Let me just check the date....April 6th. Grey with more light snow this morning, -12 at midday and a biting wind.
Making my own sunshine this morning with a cup of Botanical Golden Milk and coconut milk. Turmeric has been shown to prevent depression in clinical trials and the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil support your very best brain health. Fighting the Seasonal Adjustment Disorder brought on by a very long winter this year. Will swallow my vitamin D capsule with this deliciousness. #brainhealth #fuelyourbody #yycfood #yycwinter #youarewhatyoueat #realfood #naturehastheanswers #deliciousinacup #stayingpositive #womenshealth #midlifehealth #rockingmidlife #rockingmidlifeandbeyond #

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