Flowers have a way of making everything better 🌼🌸🌺

This is my story in a nutshell❤️ A little over a year ago I was in the darkest spots when it was suppose to be one of the most exciting parts of my life. •

I was a high school senior. I was getting so excited to be going on my newest adventures in my life and I could not wait to graduate! High school was not all jazzed up as it was suppose to be. •

I quit playing basketball after my junior year. Keep in mind I grew up playing and loved every minute of it. I quit because I felt like I was not good enough. I didn’t fit in with the rest of the players. I wasn’t welcomed. I felt awkward and no matter how hard I tried, I sat on the bench game after game. I asked what I could do to get better and all I got was “just do what you are doing”🤷🏼‍♀️ Okay, so practice after practice I showed up and tried my hardest hoping to get some playing time the next game. I got nothing. Do you know how hard it is to walk out after a game giving your mom a hug and just trying to hold back the tears? To go home after practice and after games just crying because you aren’t good enough and will never be? To look your parents in the eye and say “I’m done” after all these years of playing. Feeling like I failed and let them down. I was embarrassed. •

So fast forward. I wasn’t going back and gave up something I loved❤️ •
•I lost my grandma and watched her fight till the end. Not a week later, I lost my great grandma who I also watched fight till the end. These two ladies are so dear to my heart because they made me who I am today. They made me realize I didn’t want to spend my life in a hospital bed. I want to be able to enjoy life and not miss a second of the biggest celebrations in life!

A couple weeks later.. my boyfriend at the time broke up with me. I was miserable. With all the emotions building up I couldn’t go a day without crying. I learned I lost myself. I had no love for myself because I leaned on him to give that to me. •
Fast forward again, I joined a group of ladies who helped build me back up through working out and reading personal development. Each day I fought to become a better vision of myself. I began to love and free myself from all the hurt❤️

Joggins Fossil Cliffs 💕 beautiful and messy 👌🏽🐚 #explorens #getoutside #naturephotography #naturegirlatheart #needtogoagain #outdoors #outdoorphotography


Some people take for granted that I was gifted with dancing skills. Some others wished they were as strong as I am, as resilient as I look, that they endured sports as I do. So people wondered how I make harsh things look easy, that I hike like a machine, that I get out of my physical confort zone with quite a good mood. I always giggled and say that I was not gifted with anything special. It is just a question of HOW BAD YOU WANT THINGS and HOW MUCH YOU WANNA PUT IN TO ACHIEVE THOSE GOALS.

I never used to do sports when I was a kid or a teen. I was grown up with piano lessons, to become a 'señorita' to get married, grow children and talk about shopping and senseless staff. When you are a child or a teen, you don't wanna let people down. You don't understand what is the wrong in you, you don't know how to make your way without hurting others. It took me a long while to undestand that the first person I had to show respect to is MYSELF. In my early 20s I started doing one of the things I wanted the most: dancing. With no technique nor previoua knowledge, you find a lot of initial physical boundaries. But I put in all. Not just I attended classes, but practiced, attended workshops, congresses, watched videos and looked for ways to improved my skills. Over the time, I made it to become a dance instructor myself and inspire others. Perhaps due to this harsh way, I take no shit. I want people to commit and give their best in whatever they do.
In my early 30s I started taking my dancing skills to another niche: dance fitness. Let's talk honest. In the beginning, most of my attendees were fitter than I was, stronger, endured more... So, I took it serious, lost some weight, started training with other activities at the gym that took me out of my confort zone and... voilá! Now, I am a well reputed fitness instructor bringing my passion and motivation to several places.

Last but not the least, I have started hiking tough mountains under severe weather conditions. This new acquired hobby has taken me to Iceland and the scottish Highlands. Those were real life test to my fitness condition.

I have this sticker on my laptop to remind myself everyday that I can do anything. I can do my homework. I can workout. I can go to class. I can do anything I set my mind to! I will do my homework. I will workout. I will go to class☺️ •

Some days we don’t want to be responsible and do the things we should. •

But, when it comes down to it you can do anything. And you WILL do anything you want BAD enough no matter the circumstances🤗

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When was the last time you did something for the first time? ••• Detour, Joggins it is! Because... why not 🤷🏻‍♀️ #selftimerfun #mudfun #jogginsfossilcliffs #whynot #explorens #getoutside #trysomethingdifferent #naturegirlatheart #nature

•🌿🐾• Hiking is the best. The views never get old.

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Surreal is an understatement when it comes to nature.. no matter where we go, who we meet, what we see, hear, touch, smell, no matter the experience we’re individually and collectively going through, there will always be beauty around us. We just need to take a moment to look around.
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Fun Fact Sundayz🤪 🤟🏻
• I did triathlons growing up

I've been a black belt for 13 years

I enjoy coloring in my spare time

I live and breathe the water

I love being around kids

My favorite color is purple

I am the middle child •

My hair is normally up in a bun because I'm too lazy to actually straighten it everyday💁🏼 Because it is soo thick and curly it takes at least 20-30 min to do

I carry a bag with me almost everywhere I go

#beyourself #collegegirls #wisconsingirl #love #collegelife #studentathlete #swimming #militarysister #epilepsysister #chosehealth #happiness #selfacceptance #lifestyle #dreamergirl #foundmytribe #whyD3 #weareone #halfmarathoner #postivemindset #iamcapable #naturegirlatheart #naturegirl #beachbabe #countrygirlatheart

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