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So... you didn't really think winter was over, did you?!😉 This icy hot sunset view was captured back in December at the Great Salt Lake by @darlenesmithphotography ❄️
Visit Darlene's page for more lovely views!
The winner of our Spring (Sprinter?) giveaway by @interstatebait will be announced tomorrow... still a bit of time left to enter! See that post for details.
*personal note... I placed an order with Interstate Bait on Monday night, which was shipped Tuesday and received Wednesday. Everyone who has tried these sunflower seeds loves them... and I will definitely be ordering more!🌻 _________________________________________________
Photo selected by @momentsofblonde
Keep tagging your awesome photos of Utah #weRutah and thanks for your support!🙏🏼

Cable beach, Australia. By: @paulmichael

This bedroom is too much 😍🔥 Tag a friend you'd take here and follow @timberdaily for more!

📍Hidden Paradise in Mexico
📸 by @monique_trips

Happy #RhinoFriday
Sadly it's not so happy for the rhino as poaching for their horn has escalated to unthinkable levels. Add to that a captive rhino at a zoo in Paris was shot several times then had its horn hacked off and was left to die.
The only way we can stop these brutal killings is to stop the demand for rhino horn in the first place ... remember ... never buy or accept any rhino horn products and educate those around you to also do the same.
When the buying stops, the killing can too.

Username: @kevinka - Just choose one of the last pictures 😊 VqtKcQ


Whatever you do, do with kindness.

In keeping with the theme of warmer weather dreams. The calendar says it's Spring, but I think otherwise.

While living in Alaska the outdoors was a plant persons paradise. I want to share some of my pics periodically. I miss wildcrafting for projects. 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿White yarrow is growing in the stump and either the wild strawberries that were nearby or some kind of other kind of flowering plant.
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Men of Marrakech 🇲🇦|@superchargeagency #superchargetrip

Mountain sunrises are always worth getting up early for 🌄

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