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When your mother thinks you added kinky extensions to your natural hair 😂😂 who else will believe I didn't? I have achieved my hair goals 😜. #teamnatural #naturalhair #naturaltwists #nigeriannaturals #lagosnaturals.

Fantastic Friday!!! Popcorn crumbs ✔️IPad✔️Do Not Disturb Look✔️. Enjoy your Friday. #seriousmodelface #shinyhair #naturaltwists #twistout #reagansanai

Step by step..
Day by day..
Learning me.. 👸🏾 #NaturalTwists


Smile. It's Friday! Natural Twists are the hottest style out right now. Light, versatile & bold for any season.

True Life: I've kicked my coffee habit☕️.
Let me preface this by saying there's nothing wrong with coffee. I just needed it to go. 🙅🏽.
The caffeine was fueling my sleeplessness and my anxiety, 😫leaving me cranky, tired, and I had more headaches💆🏾.
What my body really needed were nutrients, not caffeine. When I started my journey I decided to fuel my body with healthier foods🍎. Instead of drinking coffee I drink superfoods - my health has improved so much from this one small change. Superfoods and a balanced, nutrient rich diet have completely cut my food cravings + I've gain a ton of natural energy by working out each day🤸🏽‍♀️...after doing this for a few weeks I quickly found I no longer need coffee. 🙌🏽.
Plus by cutting my daily coffee habit and my pit-stop fast food runs has saved me a TON of money......I shifted what I was spending on that stuff to healthy groceries and superfoods - a clean eating lifestyle does not have to be budget busting! ☺️.
Have an awesome Friday everyone and remember putting yourself and your health first doesn’t mean you don’t care about others. It just means you’re smart enough to know you can’t help others if you don’t help yourself first.😉.

Open slots are available now. Don't miss your opportunity to book!

Special price on these beautiful super long natural twists. You must book today for this weekend only #sale. Enjoy your twists on the #beach or #poolside and do it effortlessly. Workout and do you because #guesswhat?? They are the lightest protective style around. 😇😇so don't wait till last minute😒😘😘

I almost fell off the wagon this morning. I slept an hour past my alarm 😣⏰ then didn't want to get up because thunderstorms + snuggly blankets = reallllllllly comfortable 🛌.
As I was going back to sleep for a second time I thought of me three months ago, the me who was out of shape and 20 pounds heavier. 🙍🏽That me ONLY turned into this me by getting out of bed when she was supposed to and pushing play 👉🏽📺. I don't want to go backwards, I have to continue to SHOW UP to life every day. So I got up.
Fortunately I workout at home so sleeping in didn't really impact my workout time...if I had to shelp to the gym, hahaha no way that would have happened. I had to hustle a bit, but I still got it in.💪🏽🤸🏽‍♀️ Now I'm 👌🏽and ready to take on this stormy day with positivity and sunshine from within ☀️.
Next time I want to skip my workout I'm going to remind myself that every moment I stay in dreamland is a moment I loose in working towards that dream....that'll get me moving ☺️. Have an awesome day, friends!

Fiery Marley Twists. Never tight and super easy to put up after install.

Who else's fearless leader regularly broadcasts LIVE after hours taking his message to the people???
Oh...no? Yeah 😏loving this positive, healthy community I'm a part of. No crazy funny business. Just love, support, and healthy vibes. 💕.
If you want to know what I'm watching DM me 📲 it's actually pretty cool!

Sometimes we focus so much on what makes us 'un'happy, that we miss all those great things that we should honestly be thankful for. #dontworrybehappy

Up do w/a twist ➿➿➿
Cute for all ages 💁🏽 #naturaltwists #updos #kidsbraids #flattwists

Received the most amazing text today from one of my challengers this morning, he's lost almost 10 pounds since he's started his journey in our challenge group!
It is wonderful news, but we both know there's no stopping just yet! It's the small progress each day that's going to get him, anyone, to the finish line💪🏽. You have to fight for it, you have to want it, you have to work for it, daily.
Another challengers and I discussed WHYpower this morning. Yup that's right, WHYpower, not willpower. Willpower will fail you every time when things get tough but your WHYpower, the reason WHY you are doing something, won't. Especially when it's strong and burning white hot.🔥
It's never too late to discover your WHY and then use that as your fuel to power you towards losing those 10, 20, or 30+ pounds! When you combine and commit to fitness + clean eating + accountability that's when you can successful, just like these two challengers and be on your way towards your healthy goals.
My next challenge group is starting Monday, July 24 and I have 4 spots left 👫👫. Let's discover and work your health and fitness WHY together, because real talk...everyday you have 2 choices - to continue wish about your health and fitness dreams, or to DO something to achieve them. It's ok if you're nervous, or don't know where to start. I got you and will share with you exactly what I did to get to the point that I'm at. Let's work on YOU together.
Send me a message 📲 or comment 💬 below, if you want one of the spots!

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