I am literally obsessed with my romper from @salleganteboutique!
📷: babe

😂😂 no me hagan bullying es un chiste k me hizo mi hija 😥 #familytime #managerdelcaos #naturalhair #naturalshesdope #afrolive #amomipajon #chistesmalos

Jajajaja sigue de guapo 😂😂😂 #onlydominicanrepublic #naturalshesdope #naturalhair #losmina

I see you, baybee! Did you tell yourself something good today?? You. Are. Amazing! #feelyourselffriday #happyfriyay

No weaves in Wakanda? Cool
It’s my one year big chopaversary ! 🙈💇🏾‍♀️🎉👏🏾
It has been one full year of growth, product hoarding, split ends (cause not trimming regularly), fights with hats, thin edges still 🙄, no leave out, no heat, and looking into the mirror seeing such beauty and a crown I can truly be proud of. I can hear the negativity/questions around why I don’t embrace this more just like I hear IRL and even though I normally just ignore it when ppl choose to assume, I’m choosing to address it with truth. So… 3 Reasons. This natural life isn’t for the low maintenance and lazy, and when it comes to hair…Im definitely both of these things. 2… my hair grows more when I don’t touch it and play in it every day. I’ve known this for years which is why prior to my big chop I had a full head of hair(Protective styles will always be bae) And 3…I like what I like and I said what I said LOL I love my kinky curly crown no doubt but I refuse to do anything I don’t want to and wear my hair this way just to appease those who find it more appealing and/or for the culture. Honestly though, I get it (I really get it ✊🏾)...but stop boxing people into your preconceived notions and ideals of why they do the things that they do. It’s annoying lol Now, back to her. The main reason why I love this pic so much (outside of me looking amazing and ready to be an extra on Good Times/ the token black girl in ‘that 70’s show’ 😂)is b/c this is with no product, no twist out, no manipulation to texture, only natural oils and that’s beyond beautiful to me. Definitely not against ANY of those WHATSOEVER because going into year two, I’m gonna be getting into all of these things more once I get past the struggle pony phase lol I’m also about to start incorporating more nutrients and hair growth vitamins so I could definitely use some suggestions guys. Oh and since I heard Wednesday’s are for like crushes or something, I decided to be cliché for a sec post mine 😊 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#WCW #Naturalista #bigchop #bigchopaversary #oneyearlater #blackgirlmagic #wakanda #wakandaforever #blackisbeaufiful #naturalshesdope #naturalhair #kinkycurly #mamaimadeit #kekewho

Oh yes crazy me again..... I’m so #happy I’m #natural now, no more #chemicals in my #hair #blackwoman #blackwomen #blackgirls

The name of today's game was "HUMILITY"!!! If I've never turned the other cheek before...I just did that, all of that! Sometimes you have to take one for the team, especially when you're the only member. #lifelessonslearned #growth #character #integrity #teamofme #savemejeebus lol!


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