This body of mine...Instead of being ashamed or embarrassed of it; I felt like I needed to take a minute and honor it today. It’s been through so much due to my vanity or poor choices in life. It’s been abused, misused and worn down. It’s been through major stresses, disorders, illnesses, weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy and at times, downright neglect. I’ve compared it to other body types and hidden it because I was made to believe that it wasn’t sexy or good enough. And yet, it still works and functions and performs when I ask it to. To this amazing body of mine...Thank you for loving me and taking care of me, when I didn’t always take good care of you. Here’s to honoring our bodies and cherishing everything that they do for us. Cheers! #mybodyisamazing #talkaboutittuesdays #browngirlswhohonortheirbodies

Oh, heeey! It’s just me and my S3 (Stainless Steel Straw). This little daddy gets cray-zay attention everywhere we go. People want to know, the what and the why.

I keep him in my purse, tucked away in my "say hell naw to plastic straws and plastic cutlery" pouch. Anytime I am out, I refuse a plastic straw and pull this little daddy out instead. (I’ll share my pouch and it’s contents with you on another post). I am on a mission to live a less wasteful lifestyle. I am not going to say zero-waste (yet) because…my life is not quite ready for that full-blown pressure and commitment BUT it is important that I do my part as much as possible in caring for the earth.

For the past 4 months I have chosen to use less, one-time use items, especially plastic. It’s polluting our world, big time you guys!
Oh! I got my buddy, S3 from @thezeromarket.
#lesswaste #plasticsucks #reusablestraws #littlechangesmatter #itsmyworldtoo #lowwaster #plasticstrawrefuser #browngirlswhoreduce
#bustingthroughstereotypes #reducereuse

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