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Barefaced. ❤️ .
Check out my ig stories for my skin care routine! @moraessential

Ώρα για ομορφιές 🎀 #beautyday #relaxday #spaday #towelseries
Και ξεκινάμε μ ένα απίθανο scrub προσώπου #facescrub @avgerinoscosmetics #naturalproducts #noparabens #myproducts #avgerinoscosmetics
Καλή ξεκούραση αγάπες μου #saturdayrelaxday 💆🏼

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! We launched a limited sale of our Holiday Trio and two new gift sets on our website today!! The Holiday Trio consists of (full size versions): NEW Egg Softening Mask for the face and hair, our Chlorophyll Mask, and our Sea Moss Exfoliator...in the cutest holiday packaging! The perfect stocking stuffers or gifts for you or your friends. *****The eggnog mask is the new product here...it has egg, cacao, and nutmeg. That’s it! Btw the egg proteins, fatty acids, and astringent properties, you can expect softer skin and shinier hair. I️ use it when I’m feeling dry, need a little more plumpness, or before a night out (helps to temporarily reducing appearance of pores). Mix with water and apply to skin or hair for at least 15-20 min before washing off. More on stories to come and website (link in profile)! We love you guys, happy holidays! ***PS: we will NOT be having a Black Friday sale. This sale is it while supplies last! Enjoy that time with your family ❤️

Journey with @skaijackson and @ankhholistichealers as we take u behind the scenes through achieving Skai's Fabulous Box Braid Hair Style!!! #Naturalhairnews #pressrelease 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #extensions
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with LaShondra @www.styleseat.com/StylistLashondra

Thank u for Allowing me to #slay your braids

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hairby: LaShondra
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Hydrate ~Happy~ Healthy~Hair~

No one wants to deal with their little ones being sick! Having these natural solutions on hand to be able to grab, swipe, and see almost immediate improvement is priceless! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Frankincense and the Breathe blend are so supportive to the lungs and airways. They help to clear breathing, break up mucus, and soothe distressed respiratory systems. 😊
Digestzen and wild orange are so calming and soothing to little stomachs! They bring almost instant relief. The wild orange is especially good if the stomach upset could be related to anything emotional. Digestzen brings relief from nearly any digestive issue or discomfort. My kids love when I use it on them because they know it makes them feel better. 😊
The prediluted rollers are so handy that they are almost all I use on my kids! They are safe, effective, and easy to use! Perfect right! 😃
Message me if you are ready to get these natural solutions in your home! I have great deals right now and would love to help get some oils into your home! 💜💜
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Surprise! We have a new business that is open today! Welcome @maisonapothecare to Wilson Street. #naturalproducts #downtownguelph

Wasn't the best hair day. I put too much oil in it which made it a little stringy. But hey, that's the natural journey, live and learn 🤷

Dealing with skin issues?
Being pregnant, dealing with extra hormones, and unwanted texture, my skin has never looked worse. I started mixing Melaleuca and lavender with a bit of fractionated coconut oil due to my skins sensitivity, and have had AMAZING results. This has now become a part of my daily skin routine. •Melaleuca is best known for its purifying qualities which makes it useful to cleanse the skin. (Apply 1-2 drops onto affected area, or add 1-2 to facial cleanser for added cleansing properties) •Lavender provides soothing comfort to the skin while relaxing the mind and known to help any skin irritations. (Apply 1-2 drops, or combine with Melaleuca for best results)
This combination has helped me tremendously and I’m hoping to help some of you who may have a similar problem!


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Get your Organic #LipBalms for only $1 Reg.$3

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Note: ⏳ALL specials on services and product must be paid for on or before #BlackFriday . Product and services purchased on or before Black Friday must be picked up or services scheduled by Dec 31st, 2017 but not before Black Friday. Any questions just shoot me a message!

Ice Body in the house with all your natural and organic bath and body products!! Come on out for a fabulous show. And the music is on point!! Bling Fashion Show and After Party!

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🖤Black Friday Special
#Jade Skin Roller $5!!!!!😍Reg $20 75% off!!! Wow!!! Don't miss out!! Message to purchase yours today!!!! 🤣⏳🎆🎁 Great #stockingStuffers! ✨This handy little #holistic tool does wonders for all skin types including improve blood circulation, reduces redness and improves overall skin tone and elasticity. It also promotes lymphatic drainage and can even tighten pores and reduce acne over time since the jade remains cold even when in direct contact with the skin.

Note: ⏳ALL specials on services and product must be paid for on or before Black Friday. Product and services purchased on or before Black Friday must be picked up or services scheduled by Dec 31st, 2017 but not before Black Friday. Any questions just shoot me a message!

November is the month to join doTERRA!! 🤗 If you have had the slightest inkling to start your journey on a more natural and holistic path it’s the time. Most of my favorite enrollment kits are 20% off so it like getting a couple fee oils for joining as well as a free wholesale membership. 😮
Not only will you get these amazing starter oils but you will get way more from our team. • doterra Wholesale Membership - no selling or monthly ordering required. • Access to Oil Camp, a 13 day email series to educate you completely so you're an expert in now time. • Welcome Package. • Beautiful Essential Oil Guidebook

Email or DM to get started!!!! 😘

#saturdayfun #saturdaynight #saturdaymorning #saturdayvibes . Glow baby glow. Fresh as the sea breeze. #nobadhairday for me.am one girl that can rock my shuku 2 club. #notime for #packaging see me as u see me.😀#selflove . #just #alittleplay . #freshskin #naturalhair #skinglowing #skingoals #skintherapist #lagos #ceo #naturalproducts #nofilter #noedith

Pet soap is here..Finally! A combination of olive oil and shea butter with activated charcoal swirl together in a superb formula designed for your best friend for optimal canine care. ON THE SITE!!

Healthy eating, provides a healthy complexion!
Feed your skin from within, while protecting your skin by using high quality skincare products, with a good daily skin routine 🙌🏼
#sunday #smoothiebowl #inspo

Calming Aloe Cleanser & Tonic.
Pembersih wajah dengan kandungan utama aloe vera, sangat baik untuk kamu yang memiliki kulit sensitif, dan banyak aktifitas outdoor. Tidak hanya membersihkan namun juga menenangkan kulitmu.
Kandungan essential oil di dalam produk ini akan membuat kulit sehat & relax, selain itu juga membawa “wellness” dalam ritual pembersihanmu.
Calming Aloe Cleanser 50K.
Calming Aloe Tonic 50K.
#localproduct #naturalskincare

NATURAL BEAUTY⚡️ (via: oums_16)

Our Beautiful Green Beauty Expert & MUA Sarah P. making a fabulous Saturday evening glam look!✨
We love the gorgeous @ritueldefille Anthelian cheek bone highlights she used!✨ Her stunning eye look was created using mostly @kjaerweis eye colors. Starting with the Inner eye Cloud Nine was applied. Middle and outer eye was the shade Green Depth. Middle and Corner eye area was layered with @janeiredale 24K gold dust!✨✨ Sarah topped off the eyeshadow with @janeiredale Liquid Eyeliner in Black. Then dressed her natural lashes using Monroe 3D by @battingtonlashes Her lips are in the lipstick shade Siren Knockout 405 by @vapourbeauty then given some shine with @janeiredale Lip Gloss Snow berry✨❄️💋✨ Other products used to give Sarah such flawless skin coverage and depth were @kjaerweis Like Porcelain foundation & Contour was @vapourbeauty Luminous Foundation 150. We hope you love Sarah’s look for tonight! Click link in bio to find any of these products for your next night out! 😘✨💚

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