Looking for some #mondaymotivation? Here is one from one of our most popular practitioners at IMI, Cristina Rodenbeck.

Cristina Rodenbeck is an Executive & Wellness Coach (ACC, ICF) and licensed wellness practitioner who brings together Coaching and wellness therapies - Iridology, Bach Flower Essences, and Crystal Healing.

As a global advertising professional turned corporate trainer and executive coach with 20 years of corporate experience with a wide range of executives across different industries and continents, Cristina has a unique insight into the challenging lives of professionals, whose personal and professional well-being are threatened by long working hours, high levels of stress and a pressure to perform.

Many people are unaware that most of Cuba’s economy is based on Biotechnology. I thought #Cuba did not have GMO’s but then I found out that they make their own GMO’s. They also are developing vaccines, etc all while having a #respect for natural medicine. This pharmacy sold herbal tinctures (SWIPE LEFT) which I never see in the states. I will report back more on this on my YouTube page: TheBodyScientist81


So stay tuned and make sure you follow me on YouTube!! #NaturalMedicine #HerbalMedicine #HavanaCuba #Havana #MedicineInCuba

Two million dollars later... last week of June, let’s do the shit! #foodprep #eatingclean #idokale #naturalmedicine

Guys, amazing Naturopathy + Nutrition Clinic offer from @naturecarewellnesscentre
I have space at these rates in the clinic or Zoom on Tuesday’s for Nutrition until August 21st + Naturopathy on Saturday’s on 7th July (AM), 28th July (PM) and 4, 11, 18 + 25th August.
#repost HARMONISE with winter’s energy at the wellness centre ☯️ SUPER SPECIAL: REFRESH TREATMENT PACK

Purchase 4 ingestive consultations for just $50 (valued at $85) and receive 10% off any nutritional or herbal supplements prescribed*. Available for Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine & Homeopathy student clinics. *To be purchased at first consultation; treatment pack special is non-refundable, non-transferable and must be redeemed within twelve months.
BOOK NOW: 02 8423 8444

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made tinctures of edible crysanthemums and leaves ginkgos and metasequoias🌿

#smellgood #naturalmedicine
#metasequoia #ginkgo

Because there was a ton of bugs outside tonight 🙃

Almost 12 months ago these ten oils and a cold mist diffuser changed my life forever ... it change my whole families lives forever and I will never live without them again ... join my FB/IG live on Thursday 28th June at 11am as I share what these oils did for us and what they can do for you ... We currently use all ten of these oils everyday and for the past year we have used 8 out of the 10 every single day ... We have saved thousands of dollars on pharmaceuticals, chemical & toxin filled cleaning products and household goods.
I have built an incredibly fulfilling and life changing business in which I empower, mentor, inspire and support others to do the same. While changing peoples lives, all over the world, for the better.
As a family and a team we have contributed to global philanthropic projects, fresh water, new schools, medical centers, homes and we have saved thousands of children from illegal sex trafficking and helped put 100’s of perpetrators behind bars ... I know you care.
I can show you how you can experience all of this too ... whether it is just becoming a toxic free household or building your conscious empire ... It all starts with these 10 oils and a cold mist diffuser 🙏🏻 #changinglives #changetheworld #naturalsupport #naturalliving #naturalmedicine #naturalsolutions #familyhealth #familylife #childrenshealth #mindfulness #philanthropy #entrepreneur #savetheworld #mothernature #mentor #coach #empoweringwomen #empower #bethechange #aroma

Welcome to Launch Day 3 of 5!
💫Who are these "helping professional" clients that I serve?
My clients are primarily women who I like to call "helping professionals." These are women who serve or help others as a primary responsibility in their line of work. They give of themselves in order to help others.
Examples include nurses, health care providers, massage therapists, PT/OT/RT, business professionals, healthcare workers, lightworkers, and professional caregivers aka moms!
But you do NOT have to be in the above list to qualify! If you are someone who spends most of your time contributing to the lives of others, you are IN! As I like to say, if it's your job to help people, it's my job to help you - because I know what that's like.
I know what it's like to prioritize other's wellbeing above my own. I know what it's like to KNOW what I need to do but never be able to do it. I know what it's like to always feel drained. I also know that wasn't a sustainable way for me to live.
It can be so much better. You can have energy, eat well, be active, sleep well, be emotionally balanced, be spiritually connected, have healthy relationships... you can have balance in your life. It takes a willingness to show up for yourself, and openness to try new things, and accountability. I can help.
(And ps I work virtually so you don’t have to live in Seattle! We can connect from anywhere as long as you have a phone or WiFi).
--> I have a LAUNCH SPECIAL right now - a HUGE 70% OFF SAVINGS - for a few more people. Check it out at link in bio or send me a message ✌🏽 I look forward to connecting!
Pic from @greatspiritmother

Found some incredible murals in Cambodia Town! This was one of my favorites. Almost like I was back at Angkor Wat! ❤🙏✨

Ven baby, que despues de esta la descargo sudando como se quiere contigo🍁🍍 #weed #weedpics #weedlove #gras #hanf #high #stoned #instaweed #cbd #haze #amsterdam #ccg #flower #ganja #green #smoke #naturalmedicine #bigbuds #ommp #dope #hot #buds #budzf

I recently finished reading “The Amazing liver and Gallbladder flush” by Andreas Mortiz and I decided this is the week I would do my first liver flush! I also completed a few parasite cleanses over the past few months so it’s now time to give my liver some love. (Yes, I said parasites and YES you ALL have them. And YES, you ALL should parasite cleanse🐛😧). First off, I highly recommend reading the book before attempting one. You need to be your own biggest health advocate so it’s good to know why you are chugging epsom salt (and not just because I told you to.)
Secondly, I know some people might think “your liver is made to detoxify on its own” but our liver was made to detoxify our bodies living in a natural environment and we all know that there is nothing “natural“ about the world we now live in and alcohol is not the only substance that can cause a struggling liver. With the exorbitant number of people suffering from autoimmune diseases, cancer, and other chronic health issues there is no denying that our hardest working organ is needing some help. In fact, if you suffer from any of these symptoms it is recommended to do a liver flush: bloating and gas, acid reflux and heartburn, Constipation, Skin and/or eyes that are yellowish, Inability to lose weight, High blood pressure, Moodiness, anxiety or depression, Rosacea, Chronic fatigue, Excessive sweating, acne, unexplained back pain. There are also some people who would not be good candidates for a flush so be sure to do your research or work with a naturopath before trying one👍🏼 Has anyone else done a liver flush or am I the only crazy one 😏
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Eeeeek! I forgot about EOFY! Too much going on and leaving for holidays on Wednesday meant the sale got forgotten! So over the weekend I decided that starting Monday, you can get a further 10% off all the single flower essence blends (that’s an extra 10% off the bulk discount!) as well as 10% off all packs and my Note To Self affirmation cards until I leave on my holiday!
So for 3 days, grab yourself a bargain! It’s a great time to stock up your collection of flower essences or perhaps try them for the first time....
Quick sticks people 👉 http://bit.ly/nnmshop or go to the link in the @_naughty_naturopath_mum profile!

Holistic healing is not just about modulating hormonal levels, it is supporting the systems of the body that contribute to hormonal balance. This includes liver, gut, adrenals, thyroid and blood sugar levels. Fem21 hits all those targets with a couple of extras like the immune system, circulation, nervous system and general alkalising/antioxidant support. An all in one for women’s health ❣️

Every single time we eat we get to choose foods that either improve or maintain our health OR cause our health to decline.
It's our choice! -
The environment we create inside of our bodies will turn certain genes on and certain genes off. It will impact our gut ecology, or microbiome. We have the power to use food as medicine to truly heal ourselves one meal at a time.
Are you choosing foods that are creating an environment for health? Learn more about how food and our gut in particular impacts our health, including our hormones, at my talk at Trilogy Sanctuary this Thursday!
Sign up at www.Trilogysanctuary.com or www.Tribemedicine.com 📷 @brooke_ziegler_photography ~
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When the relief lands 📬💪 Hit the DM to snag yours, FREE SHIPPING EVERYWHERE, $10off FOR MILITARY, 2 FREE EDIBLES WITH ANY PURCHASE!👊 #highlymotavatedseeds #freetheseeds #dropseedsnotbombs #seedbank #seeds #weed #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #cannabiscan #thc #terps #terpsonterps #healyourself #naturalmedicine #growyourown #freeedibles
Regrann from @lw8k3nb8k3l - Cbn coconut oil roll on from @highlymotavatedseeds works great on sore muscles - #regrann

Amazing chai tea, check 5 rounds out in central, best chai ive had to date @5roundsrealtea @nevermind.93

After seeing the incredible benefits firsthand for the last 2 months I can see why there is so much growth in this industry! It has been nothing short of miraculous and I knew I had to share this oil with the world!🌱 I knew we couldn’t go a day without this oil after using it for two weeks and decided it only made sense to join the company to cover the cost of our oil. It has turned into so much more! Giving people a natural solution without side effects of medications and hearing their stories of relief has been worth everything!

Sign up with your email and you can get a free preview of what the business is like!

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