My little cabbage patch doll 😍

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116/365: When you score the best seat at Bill’s Burgers, you order two and enjoy the view. Thank you! #project365 #BillsBurgers #VanNuys #LosAngeles #mydayinla

It’s about time Vancouver give us some of that Vitamin D☀️ Can’t help but keep smiling over the beautiful weather we are having this week. Thank god for @carboncocoau all all natural charcoal teeth whitening kit for making my pearly whites on fleek😁

So I had the opportunity to try out and play with a Sony a7 camera. I have been wanting to try one for a while. I have heard such amazing things about the quality and color. I love my Canon and would never change it, but I am definitely opened to trying something new and maybe a possible second camera in the future. I have attached 2 photos I took using the Sony a7 and my Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens. My settings were 1/1000 , f/1.4 , ISO 250. Absolutely loved this camera! @sonyalpha @sigmaphoto #pursuitofportraits #bravogreatphoto #portraitphotography #portraiture #portrait #sigma #sonya7 #lifestylephotography #lifestyle #naturallight #myson #model #mymuse #greatcamera #nyc #nycphotographer #newyork #newyorkcity #life #takeyourchildtoworkday

Enjoying cocktails at Latitudes over the water bar at Sandals South Coast. #sandalsresorts #party #allinclusive #naturallight #jamaica #sandalstravelagent #luxury

Find someone who speaks your language so you don’t spend your life translating your spirit. ~04.26.18

A “headshot” doesn’t always have to look like a headshot. For this image of notable costume designer Camille Benda, she specifically requested a “moody” portrait and I agreed wholeheartedly. Camille is designing for the new Hammer Horror films, so it wouldn’t exactly be fitting (literally and figuratively) to just give her a color splashed bright color palette. Although, if you swipe to the third photo, you’ll see that’s exactly what I did for her best friend Jessica, who also hired me, on the same day, to shoot her commercial headshots. These are all taken in the same room. Same white wall, but in the b&w image of Camille, I closed the shades and manufactured all the light, using a gridded beauty dish and I "killed" the light on the white wall with my exposure, making it go dark. For Jessica, I simply reversed the setup, cut the strobes, opened the shades and used diffused window light and a reflector. Photography is all a big magic trick. 🎩 💡📸 But, the shooter must be able to pull the hare out of the hat. If your headshot photographer does not have this command of the stage, and of the clients brand, how are they going to be able to help you get on the stage or sell a brand? They aren’t. Hire a professional photographer. You’re worth it. #headshots #legacyportraits #onelight #studiolighting #naturallight #costumedesigner #creativedirector #augmnentedreality #natural #monochrome #color #oldisnewagain #newisoldagain #magic #vintage #advantage #losangeles #headshotphotographer #freberg

These dresses are the most beautiful shade of blue!! Love all the shots I got while second shooting with @shelbydickinsonphoto 💙✨

Petrichor | 📷 @paigeelizabethphoto

Two posts. In one day?! This is serious, y’all. At least for me it is. Especially since I’m usually terrible at posting. I promise, that’s going to change! May is almost here and it’s bringing with it some exciting sessions and weddings! There’s going to be so much to share with you! Anybody else excited for May?🙋🏼‍♀️

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