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Hello Fall 🍂 Leaf Hunt counting by sweet mama @yogapantsandpearls | #homeschoolcollective

We went to our friends garage sale today and admired the lovely peacock pair tjey had. Nyah was so impressed she made her own as soon as we got home. She wanted to watch a documentary about peacocks but sadly I couldnt find any.
#peacocks #naturallearning #unschoolaustralia #interestledlearning #claymodelling

A work day doesn't get much better than this 🌲 #fieldtrip #naturallearning #exposure #getoutside

I love natural learning! Margo (7) found this lined letter page stuff laying around the house and when she looked at it, said to me that she thinks her handwriting is sloppy that she needs to practice. 😅No heckling. No wasted time. Kids will really learn something if they want to, it's such a cool process! Anyway, will neat handwriting even be necessary in years to come 😂. (I think I should also practice, my handwriting is atrocious!) #naturallearning #homeschool #unschool #quickgetthecamerashesdoingsomethingthatlooksassessable

The best kind of nature study. #naturallearning #natureschool

Learning happens naturally, you don't need a next textbook, a curriculum, a teacher, a classroom and a set time. TS : Amma can I oil your hair?
DN : Yes, please.
TS : Amma, why is oil sticky and not like water?
DN : come on, let's find out. Go get some liquids you find around the house.
TS : Amma, this is all I could get - water, milkshake, oil and honey.
DN : Touch and see how each one feels
TS : some are running, some are not running.
DN : Yes, each one have their own weight, texture, color and smell.
TS : Amma can I mix them.
DN : why not? (after 10 minutes)
TS : oil is not mixing with water!! DN : Yes, each have a different weight, that's why they don't mix. (how can I explain density and attraction of molecules at this stage?) (after 10 minutes)
TS : No Amma, oil and water can mix.
DN : No kannu, it can't
TS : come see here, it mixed.
DN : Yes kannu, but how is it possible? Let me check on the Internet.
Emulsification - oil and water can mix on sever agitation.
Yes, Thanvi, it's true, it mixed because you kept on stirring. (Next time I should make mayonnaise and show her) Thanks for teaching me this today. I learned a lot from seeing you play.
TS : hmmm.



#秋のお散歩 #散歩道 #モンテッソーリ #シュタイナー #自然派育児 #naturekids #montessoriathome #montessori #homeschool #naturallearning #steiner #fallcolors #waldorf # aturetable

Spring bonfire! Our last before the fire bans begin. Nothing beats sharing toasted marshmallows with good friends. 😊

These galah chicks fell out the chimney. 😰 They've been adopted by two lovely girls and they're doing ok so far.

Breakfast outdoors. What bliss.

The hot summer days have hit us in early Spring! So we filled the pool yesterday. Mr 2 was excited but he was certain that he did not want to swim alone for fear of sinking. He kicked his legs and gripped on to me tightly. Today - "I want to swim by myself!" And he did, all day long with the biggest grin 💙 #swimming #pool #childledlearning #nolessons #noforce #spring #hotdays #unschoolers #wildandfreechildren #mulberrychildhood #kidsforreal #unschooling #respectfulparenting #naturallearning

Helping out in the garden 🌾🥀
#happinessis #unschooling#naturallearning #homeeducation #gardening

Gardening with my littlest miss. Of course she was never going to be interested in sitting on the mat with her toys. 😂
#natureplay #muddykids #kidsinthegarden #naturallearning #unschoolers #permacultureliving

"Play is the highest form of research."

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday. 💕 I love this photo, taken by my son (age12). He seems drawn to details and the small things that we might typically overlook. It's so neat to see his talent developing so naturally.

A little support can go a long way. Working on postural endurance, upper extremity endurance, grasp and fine motor precision. Coloring on a vertical surface encourages correct wrist placement! .
#occupationaltherapist #pediatricoccupationaltherapist #finemotor #littlehands #naturallearning #newworldoccupationaltherapy #posture

Early morning walks 💛
Little Wolf finally likes going in the pram which is great in this weather as he gets really hot and stressed out when we baby wear when it's hot 🌞 so do I to be honest 😅

💚 these beautiful early morning walks!
After 4 months he will finally go in the pram. I was starting to think we would never even use it 😄 Still prefer to baby wear but he hates it when it's this hot 🌞 #pram vs #babywearing

In teaching children about nature, nothing beats real life experiences. #makeeachdaycount

one day we'll build a beach teepee together and sleep in it under the light of the moon. mama's promise 💫⛺️🌝✨
#motherhood #childhoodunplugged #naturallearning #sacredmoments #slowliving #teepee #beachcamping

When I was in Belgium, I unexpectedly found some new language objects in one of my favorite stores, Dille & Kamille. 🙂

We only have a couple of letters left for which to find some objects. I am struggling though with finding objects for words that start with 'u'. Any suggestions? (In Dutch) 🙂

#montessori #montessoriathome #montessorihomeschool #montessoripreschool
#homeschooling #homeschoolingmom #homeschoolingpreschool #naturallearning #followthechild #dilleenkamille

What are the benefits of forest school for children? Part 1
There are numerous benefits to children attending this type of provision, the most obvious is the opportunity to improve physical development. Children build upon their gross motor skills, whilst using their whole bodies to navigate space, squat and crouch down to explore. Forest school offers many opportunities for children to climb, balance and practice fine motor skills. This is done through the use of one handed tools and equipment, working on grip and using natural malleable materials to sculpt and create.
There are an endless number of benefits children receive from attending forest school sessions. I hope to share these with you in this little series. if you have any questions or anything to add, please feel free to share. I would love to hear your thoughts. 🌿

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