A quick little Sunday stocking. I used up the very last of the ghost fabric. 👻🎃😿

There is just so much for your body to combat during the winter season - cold temperatures, rain, minimal sun, high winds and therefore, often a lowered immunity. It seems that colds, flu, upset digestion, sniffles and coughs are everywhere at the moment. And I’m talking a LOT of coughs. • • •
Not to worry, Ayurveda has come to the rescue with a super simple, all natural and highly effective little cough remedy that will pacify symptoms of both a dry and productive cough. It will take you no longer than 5 minutes to make and can be stored in an air tight jar for across the season - great for when adults and kids alike are recovering from a cold or bug with a lingering, persistent cough. However, like always, if your cough is chronic or associated with other symptoms please refer to your chosen health care professional for medical advice. Full recipe link in profile. Light and love, T xx • •

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@purehealthyliving_ asked me for some tips that might help us feel and look more vibrant (oh, and younger!). Can you guess what they are? Find out over on purehealthyliving.net

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a fresh star

Deer (2) 🦌 is a little more challenging, this movement took me a while to learn and like some of the others the feeling of mastery can often elude me 💯
I didn’t realise my misalignment in part of this movement until I saw the images… more practice, more practice 😁 📷 @nickelisseos

You are not your mind and you are not your thoughts. . . “Watch your breath. Watch your mind. It’s like a meditation. Be still and just let it all pass from your mind to the paper.” - Julia Cameron .
I came across this quote in my @nutritionschool material tonight and it truly resonated with me. 🙌 .
It’s about #morningpages - which is journaling right when you wake up to allow your subconscious stream of consciousness to be captured and to refocus on the things we are grateful for. .
I’m excited to give this a go. .
Life can be anything or nothing, and we have the power to decide exactly what that is. Here’s to journaling, meditating, and letting that $*@% go.👌
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🌞 🌝 💗 #yoga #kundaliniyoga #naturalhealth #sunworshipper the more I learn my body, the more I see my true self. The deeper I innerstand what I want and need from love and life. The deeper I fall in love with my existence.

I’m reading that peppermint is the most antioxidant-packed common herb. I don’t usually have the fresh herb available but I do have peppermint essential oil. It can be added to water, tea or anything chocolatey. #peppermint #antioxidants #healthyliving #pepperminttea #peppermintoil #essentialoils #naturalhealth #herbs

My next 30 Day Challenge starts Monday September 3rd!!! Find your accountability partner and let’s do this together! 👊🏻 :
You are provided with recipes, grocery lists, meal plans, FB support group, etc! Enjoy free shipping, a free gift of your choice, and 40% off!! :
Comment below if you’re participating in my September 3rd challenge group 🤚🏻🤚🏻🤚🏻
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One of our favorite people! Shop now.

#Repost @terrythetrainer ・・・
Cooking up a hearty meal for the dude who founded @9essential, so of course I put some of his goods in there! Wok tossed veggies & vegan “meatballs”. I love that hot yellow glow up. Also love that this meal fights cancer, Alzheimer’s & haters. Okay maybe not haters, but those are figments of your imagination anyway. Go be great!

We started Pure & Lovely because we were inspired by the connection between what we bring into our home and how we feel.
🌿 We got tired of being misled or confused by companies who tell us their products are safe or natural, only to find out they have ingredients that are known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and so many other nasties?! UGH!
🌿 We were disgusted to realize we had been wiping our counters with bottles of chemicals labeled as poisonous!
🌿 We were sick to think we were using products on our hair and skin that contain toxins.
🌿 We wanted to create a home environment that was safe for our family. We wanted the people we love to have the best possible chance at a long, happy healthy life.
😷Maybe you feel the same, but are overwhelmed with WHERE to start to make these changes. We feel ya!
🎉THAT is exactly why we have the Dwell Well Collective for our members so that we can learn and cheer each other on to adopt healthier habits and stay above the wellness line 🙌🏻
⭐️All you have to do to join us is grab a wellness kit (from us or any one of our members) and you’re in! No fees, selling, or future purchases required! That kit will comes with everything you need to get started on an amazon wellness journey! Then we will get you access to our resources and community so you know exactly what to do with it!
🌱The link in our profile has all the details for joining or you can just send us your email address and we can send you instructions 💗

By now, most of us are aware that diet has a profound effect on our health. On that note, studies have shown that a ketogenic diet reduces seizures in epileptic patients, but how it worked to reduce seizures was still unclear.
A recent study done to understand how the ketogenic diet works shows that the bacteria in our gut change the metabolism and thus the seizure susceptibility of epileptic patients. The gut-brain connection is real and must be taken seriously in the role of your health!
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👇 Message me & I’ll send you a sample of our new vegan soy Life Shake in vanilla or chocolate! No obligation, just give it a try to see for yourself 😊

Here are the top benefits of our new Life shake mix that was preferred 9 times out of 10 over a leading brand in a blind taste test:
🤱🕺🏽Increased energy and satiety
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Life Shake 🍃 is non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, Kosher and Keto-friendly.
Starting at 130 calories, it’s a healthy base to build on.
Customize your Life Shake with your choice of milk or water and your favorite ingredients including fruit, vegetables or nut butters.

Available in Plant and Soy Protein formulas to meet your specific needs:
•Life Shake™ Plant Protein with pea protein plus a proprietary blend of chia and pumpkin protein.
•Life Shake™ Soy Protein plus a proprietary blend of chia and pumpkin protein.

Choose a 15 serving canister or 30 serving pouch. New, improved easy-to-reseal 30-serving pouch preserves freshness and flavor.
Life Shake is Powered by Leucine® 💪
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• More muscle means a stronger, leaner looking you 💁🏻‍♀️💁‍♂️

The natural healthy shape of a human spine evolved with a variety of hanging. Here is a look how you can achieve this in your home. #mindinmovement .
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Did you know grapes have an abundance of health benefits in addition to their nutritional value? Discover 4 amazing health benefits you can enjoy from grape seed extract on the Airloom blog. Link in bio to read.

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Brittney's story..........
I have major mood swings, euphoria, and racing thoughts. I feel very sad and worthless most of the time. I'm always anxious, I have ADHD, epilepsy, achy swollen joints, and chronic pain (due to knee and ankle reconstruction in 2008). I was on the search for CBDs every brand I tried did nothing until I found HW! Now I'm not having manic episodes, my anxiety is gone, I always have a smile, I'm more focused and functional, pain is a problem of the past, and I have been seizure free!
🌱Order here: www.cbdwins.com
FDA Full Disclaimer: Statements made on this product, website or sales materials have not been evaluated by the food and drug in administration. These products are not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease these products are not intended to replace medications or eliminate the advice of a competent healthcare practitioner.

Meditation lets us get more done by doing less. .
When you sit down to meditate relaxation may not be what you feel. This means you are doing it right. Relaxation is only one aspect of meditation. The point is to just notice what is there.
Visit the link in my bio for more tips to get started on your meditation journey. •

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