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👑👑👑 #naturalhairloves

Love the results of my hair.
Step 1⃣- I started out on clean hair and used the @carolsdaughter Hair Milk which is a leave in moisturizer and rubbed it into my hair
Step 2⃣- grabbed a small section and begin to create smaller section for my flat twist on one side. With each flat twist, I used the @carolsdaughter New Pracaxi Nectar Style control gel.
Step 3⃣- Began two strand twisting as normal taking smaller sections and again using the @carolsdaughter Pracaxi Nectar style control gel for hold.
Step 4⃣- after 3 days of air drying (please sit under the dryer if you don't have patience to wait) I took down the two strand twists. I realized I did not want my flat twists to hang so i Bantu knotted it together.
Step 5⃣- for some added sass I decided to spice up my Flat twist/ Bantu knot by adding some loc jewelry to it.
Step 6⃣- after adding jewelry, pick your hair to desired fullness and then you're done ☺️

2 fros are better than one💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼 miss you girl!

Casual Sunday.
T-Shirt: @azriahboutique
Curly updo inspired by @joyjah

Hey Curls! Happy Friday! 💜
Video on my youtube channel + previous post showing how I got these curls. Link in bio!

I only used leave in today and didn't apply any to my roots, I usually apply less to my roots than I do to my ends because I don't like product build up on my scalp and my ends usually need more love anyways. This also always me to go longer between washes because product is not building up on my scalp thus no need to shampoo like crazy. #everydaymotivate


I was trying to figure out how I wanted to do my hair today and I ran across an old video tutorial on how I do one of my fav styles that I call "the goddess crown"...it's super cute and easy to achieve. I'll be showing how I do this on my current haircut on snap chat 👻be_elle so go follow and I hope you like! Music cred: @itstoian I LOVE THIS SONG 😩😍#teamnatural

Last night's Afro was bigger 😁. This room is not made for selfies 😂😂

Yesterday's Curls 🌀🌀🌀

From last week 💁🏽 #feyisetanidowu

This has been my go to hairstyle for a little while now, half up half down twist out. I love it ✨#sistertosistablogs

I did a bun with curly bangs for a wedding I attended yesterday 💕. #permrods #permrodset #naturalupdo

These colors + this fro = life 😍 @iamhannalashay

Easy like Sunday morning 🌸 @whitney_rene

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