SWIPE to see how I do my 3 strand twist outs. I start the base of the twist like a braid and then transition to a twist. Here I used Camille Rose Naturals curl maker and honey leave in. #curlygirl #threestrandtwist #naturalhairdaily #naturalhairdoescare #proud2benatural #camillerosenaturals

@luisasimonas How to get softer and voluminous hair with Mayonnaise! 🥚
I do this mask once a week, it reduce frizz, moisturize the hair, helps dandruff and makes the hair more voluminous! l also love to use Olive Oil on my blow-dried hair for a extra shine and moisture 🌞
To style my hair I used @cantubeauty Coconut Curling Cream. . ▫️
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My trip to LA came to an end yesterday. 😞 I had soooo much fun though... some of it made it to my IG stories ⬅️SWIPE ⬅️. We were able to hike part of Runyon Canyon to catch the sunset... LA is really smoggy so the sunset want as clear as what I pictured it to be. After filming @mahogany.mary event on Friday. I had the chance to visit Es Swon book store... which was AMAZING. Next time I go back to LA it’ll be specifically for their bookstore. ... Ohh... I also fell down a few flights of stairs Friday night and hurt my back and shoulders 😒 I can be a bit clumsy sometimes. ❤️❤️ P.S. thanks to everyone that commented and DM’d me recommendations for things to do in LA 😘😘

I am so excited to show you my wash 'n' go routine!!
(Mirror on the left to help me see what I'm doing)
Although I haven't really changed the products much or anything that I do, the only difference is, I twist my hair loosely after shingling. This helps my hair to stay stretched, volumized AND defined! Ain't God good? 😂😂 I got this idea from @onlyonejess. Once I saw her do it I just had to try it!
Products used:
☆Aunt Jackie's Curl La La
@jamaicanmangoandlime Black Castor Oil Original
⬆I always use these two to moisturize and seal any style. ⬆
☆Black Castor and Flaxseed Oil Eco Styler Gel
This took a day to dry due to the heavy amount of gel used and how wet my hair was. So I blowdried to cut drying time down about 10%. But if you want to go the no heat route I suggest drenching your hair in water so that less gel would be used.
Music: www.freekvanworkum.net

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