Making the #bantuknots 😎. These videos are made for those having difficulty maintaining their natural hair and for those thinking of going natural. Mastering twist was all I needed to maintain my hair. Again, you don’t have to be perfect but mastering #twists #twistout and #bantuknots alone can go a long way without having to rely on a hair stylist😉 The reality is this, #naturalcare takes patience, dedication and a little of TLC😉😜, but with a little bit of motivation, you will be surprised how well you can do👍🙌🏼💪🏾. So if thinking of going natural, just give it a try with any of these styles and see where it takes you..👍. Products used: The Simply Shea soft line: Sulphate free shampoo, silicone and Paraben free hair conditioner, hair serum and hair butter. #gonatural with Simply Go Natural Cosmetics products #sgncp @ www.simplygonatural.com #naturalhaircareproducts #naturalhaircare #4cnaturalhair #4c #naturalhairrocks #naturalista #naturalhairjourney #chemicalfreeliving #hairserum #healthyhair #healthyhaircare #healthyhairgrowth #hairbutter

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"AG's Natural line is 98% plant-based, and celebrates wellness and self-care, which you know I’m all about! " - @thestylecat

Check out this wash day+styling from @iamcherishfrazier featuring @novaanaturals

Switching from regular haircare to natural products wasn't the easiest transition. When I stopped taking the birth control pill my scalp not only got super oily but very very itchy as well. Therefore I felt the need to wash my hair more often and while regular shampoos could get rid of the oil, they would leave my scalp even more itchy and flaky (by completely stripping the scalp of its natural oils). I was aware that washing my hair with natural products would be unusual at first, because my hair follicles were used to overproducing oil and because it takes a while for the hair to shed all silicones that occupie it. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
During this transition my hair barely felt clean and in fact, it often was looking almost as oily as it did before I got in the shower. What kept me going was that the itchiness was completely gone after one wash! Although it took a little while my hair and scalp now feel super balanced and I finally don't wash my hair every day anymore. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Have you tried natural haircare products? I would love to know what your thoughts are 😊

La trichotillomanie est la manie de s’arracher les cheveux. Cela peut être les cils, les sourcils, les poils corporels ainsi que les cheveux capillaires. Plus de 11 millions de nord-américains sont affectés et la majorité sont des femmes. Similaire à un tic nerveux, les victimes sont incapables de s’empêcher de s’arracher les cheveux un à un causant souvent des démangeaisons, des chutes de cheveux majeurs ainsi que de la perturbation psychologique. Tout cela peut vous sembler très étrange car c’est un phénomène que nous entendons rarement parler, mais si vous ou quelqu’un que vous connaissez êtes atteint de trichotillomanie, ne souffrez pas en silence ! Vous n’êtes pas seul et il existe des traitements très efficaces pour vous aider à surmonter cette maladie et être bien dans votre corps. Consultez ce lien pour connaître des solutions et pour plus d'information :
Trichotillomania is the disorder of pulling out ones own hair. It can be your eye lashes, your eyebrows, body hair or the hair on your head. Over 11 million North Americans are affected by trichotillomania and most are women. Similar to a nervous tic, the victims are incapable of stopping themselves from pulling out their hair, one strand at a time, often causing major skin irritation, balding and psychological scaring. All of this may sound very strange because this disorder is rarely spoken about, but if you or someone you know suffers from trichotillomania, don't suffer in silence! You are not alone and there are treatments available to help you fight this disorder and feel good in your own skin. Check out this link for a few tips and resources: http://www.ementalhealth.ca/Canada/Trichotillomania/

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Customer's who attended my 2016-2017 fall/winter vendor events are requesting to know when I will make the Country Apple available again.

This scent started out as a free sample in 2016 for customers who purchased Yetta's Shea Mixture. It was the birth of Yetta's Body Butter for customers who wanted an all natural body moisturizer without any harsh chemicals.

Should I bring Country Apple back as an ALL year round fragrance and not just for the Thanksgiving/Christmas season? I will let my customers decide.😊 #yettasbodybutter
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I love traveling to tropical places, but always know that my natural hair won’t hold up in the humidity (barely does in Atlanta). After several years of trying, my hairstylist @mrs_downes1 finally talked me into a #chienviro smoothing treatment to help with frizz. It’s the best thing I’ve done for my hair since going natural. Not only has my hair withstood the heat and humidity, it is more smooth and more manageable. Thanks @mrs_downes1!! It feels really good leaving the ponytail holders in the accessories bag while on vacation. ☀️🌊☔️🌴💁🏽‍♀️ _____________________________________________________________
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College: ‘17 Graduate of Florida International University in Miami, FL, US 🇺🇸🏙🎓.
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Witch hazel can reduce irritation of hair follicles and inhibit new hair growth! It is also helpful in relieving itchy scalp conditions!
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