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When you get to spend Sundays with your Sayangs, you take picture together!
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Såg fram mot en helg med rödtjut och mat och ultradöds. Tänkte titta lite på taket med och det ballade väl ur. Nu är jag takreparatör. Jag fattar väl inget om tak.
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Look you in the face, and it's just not the same...✖️#naturalelement #dressedinblackfromheadtotoe #snäpchat

• 1/2 • We found a guitar! •

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I'm back 🙆🏼
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Never too late to get started w/ @philipnozuka
Really looking forward to the content 😍

natural element the show: episode 12 ☝🏽
(Link in bio)

Samson Brown - on Theatre, Goals & Maleness ❤️🔥

• 1/2 • We found a guitar! •

#tulum #guitar #naturalelement #hashandcurtgotocentralamerica

SUN. MAY 21st
My Birthday + In what situations should you apologize for something?

It's one of those tricky things, but recently I've found so much peace in lowering my pride as much as possible and getting much more comfortable saying sorry.
Regardless if my intentions were "right" or "wrong".

SAT. MAY 20.
Feeling good and ready for another year.
This day is always a bit bittersweet but, in general, I'm ready for another year ahead.
I don't play into any of that "I'm so old shit".
I'm young as fuck, and I know it too.

This mama is tired and of course I can't sleep once he's finally asleep. Makeup from last night, bags under my eyes, worked the graveyard for the 8th night straight and I'm sure you can imagine when I get home at 7:30 am this little guy is ready to go. Weekends are tough, but honestly who am I to complain? Without this little boy I wouldn't be around, I probably wouldn't have a job, no car, not even a phone, no family, no self respect or love. I won't say he saved me, but he certainly made life worth fighting for. #naturalelement #mommyandbaby #JSM #numberone #mamasboy #tiredaf #wedoingit #myreason #NOTHINGELSEMATTERS

Succulents are the perfect thing to add a little color and warmth to any space! Today get 20% off all succulents in stores only! Our designers can show you all the ways to use our new favorite accessory. #succulent #greenery #interiordesign #freedesignservices #naturalelement #mypotterybarn

Dobe Village. 1962
📸 Richard B. Lee (PhD)

It's like I was bred to retrieve things from water or something! 🏝💕🏝🔥🏝 #swimming #naturalelement #lakemichigan #dogbeach #dogsofinstgram #labsofinstagram #labrador #labproblems #lovemydog #getoutside #letsplay #cute #aw #nofilter

Mountaintop - inquiring minds want to know... "Because I've been to the mountaintop, and I've looked over and I've seen the promise land"
Most of 2013 I spent laying on the ground and crying in uncontrollable agony.
The pain was so intense that I wasn't sure if I'd ever recover, but I did want to try, mostly because I knew others before me had done it and I didn't want to let myself down.

It would take a drastic restructuring of my life and a clear vision to help me heal, but it was in those moments, that mntntp took its first breath.

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