🇫🇷 The Paris Agreement 🇫🇷
🇫🇷I don't know much about Politics to be honest 🙃
🇫🇷But I researched this because I think it's important to stay on top of what's happening in our world 🌎 🇫🇷We all live here 🏡
🇫🇷We all breathe the same air 🇫🇷We are all in part responsible for the damage that has been caused 🚗
🇫🇷So here's a little afternoon reading for you all👌🏾 📖
🇫🇷The Paris Agreement is an agreement that brings all nations together to fight one common cause:
🇫🇷The Paris Agreement was set out to:
➖Help combat climate change
➖Help all countries adapt to the effects of Climate Change ➖Strengthen the global response to Climate Change ➖Assist developing countries with adaptation & providing clean energy 🇫🇷As apart of the agreement all countries were asked to:
➖Put their best effort forwards
➖Report on carbon emissions ➖& help to keep the global temperature rise well below 2 degree Celsius 🇫🇷It could take the USA up to three years to completely leave the agreement 🇫🇷Activists and supporters of the Paris Agreement are urging American's to continue to support it despite what #trump says / does 🇫🇷I agree... If you support it make your own life choices, do you and what's best for the Earth & don't listen to him (in my humble opinion)
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🍯 Manuka Honey 🍯
➖Manuka Honey is really one of nature's miracles ✨
🍯It has an amazing nutritional profile...
🍯Its full of:
➖Amino Acids
➖B vitamins ➖Zinc
➖Potassium ➖Phosphorus ➖Manganese + more 🍯Some strains of Manuka Honey are especially rich in:
➖Hydrogen Peroxide ➖Methylglyoxal & Dihydroxyacetone
➖These three together are called the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF)
➖The UMF is used to measure the ANTIBACTERIAL STRENGTH of the honey ➖Manuka honey has a considerably HIGHER level of enzymes than other honey varieties ➖It is one of natures richest antimicrobial sources 🍯Manuka Honey can be used for loads including:
➖Helping with Acid Reflux
➖Acne, Rosacea, Eczema ➖Wounds & Ulcers ➖IBD / IBS
➖Sore Throats ➖Allergies / Sinus problems ➖Shampoos & Face masks
🍯Going to put up a Manuka Honey Uses / Recipe ideas in days
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🇨🇷Wanted to tell you a little about clean green living this morning... So here goes 👌🏾 🇨🇷Costa Rica is an example of a country leading the way when it comes to all things
N A T U R A L & sustainable power 🥇
🇨🇷They use Micro hydro 💦
🇨🇷Micro hydro is a form of hydroelectric power- basically power created from a water source 🙌🏾 🇨🇷Micro hydro produces 100kW & less...
🇨🇷But is still powering small villages in places like Costa Rica in a sustainable, clean way 🌇
🇨🇷 Proper Micro hydro systems have NO negative effects on the local water source... 🏞 🇨🇷They simply make use of a flowing stream, river or waterfall... 🇨🇷The flow of water is then altered or diverted slightly 〰
🇨🇷Sent through a turbine where power is generated 🔋
🇨🇷Before being returned to the original water source 🌊
🇨🇷Sustainable Power 🤤
🇨🇷It is possible to generate this type of power in counties likes the UK ... 🇨🇷And it is possible on a large scale... But all that is for another post
🇨🇷If your interested have a look at Eco Tourism- it's happening all around the world but Costa Rica is 👌🏾for nature so saying there in a Eco Lodge or Hotel would be out of the world 👽 🔚
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🐉The Jade Face Roller 🐉
🐉Hailed to have been used by the Chinese in their beauty regimes since at least the 7th Century 🙌🏾
🐉It is now being featured in #vogue and used by some dermatologists all over the world 🌎 🐉The Jade Face Roller is said to:
🐉Boost C I R C U L A T I O N 🐉Clear F L U I D 🐉Improve E L A S T I C I T Y 🐉Reduce P U F F I N E S S & W R I N K L E S
🐉Tighten P O R E S (due to the fact the Jade is cold and stays cold even when in contact with the face)
🐉I'm looking for a good one at the moment... I really want to give it a try ☝🏾
🐉Ill review it when i find the one i want 🕵🏾‍♀️
🐉They are meant to be amazing to use after a facemask or scrub for an extra
⭐️ G L O W ⭐️
🐉Let me know if you have tried it..! 🐉Combining beauty and crystals - two of my favorite things
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🍋Lemongrass Infused Coconut Oil 🍋
🍋I keep my skin summer time fine with my Lemongrass Infused Coconut Oil 🌴 🍋Its really affordable - the coconut oil itself costs a few £ and the lemongrass is 80p from Sainsburys 💰 or free if you grow it (one day, one day 💭)
🍋Its light but still moisturising which is perfect for summer ☀️ 🍋Lemongrass can repel mosquitos & insects due to its high citral & geraniol content 🐛
🍋It also has antimicrobial / antiseptic / bactericidal / anti-fungal & anti inflammatory properties to name a few 🙌🏾
🍋Hopefully the video is self explanatory...
🍋Let the lemongrass infuse into the coconut oil for about 2 hours. I simmer them for about an hour and then let it sit for another hour without the heat on...
🍋You can crush the lemongrass with a pestle and mortar and drain with a sieve if you like instead of chopping it up... 🍋I added a few drops of lavender essential oil which i didnt show on the video... love the smell of the two together 💡 🍋You can do this with any essential oil you choose... 🍋Next videos: Lemongrass & Rosewater hair rinse & homemade, hand pressed Soursop juice 👐🏾 🍋Happy Sunday and let me know if you make it 👌🏾
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🐘Oh Kham-Lha!
🐘 Firstly- Its Friday Tomorrow!! 🤤
🐘Now, here are a few facts about the largest (and one of the loveliest animals) on 🌏
to supplement tonight's entertainment 📽
🐘 African elephants are usually larger than Asian elephants 🐘African elephant's ears slightly resemble Africa (the Continent) whereas Asian elephants ears are usually smaller and rounder ⚪️⚪️
🐘Elephants make large, low frequency grumbling sounds to communicate with each other over long distances 🐘Similarities have been made between the brains of elephants & humans 🐘Elephants show signs of grief after the death of a member of their herd 🤧
🐘They have been known to revisit the remains of their dead & touch the bones with their trunks 🐘I'll upload some real easy ways to help elephants over the coming weeks... I know you want to 😉
RP from @dilute_the_power #elephant #saveelephants #stoppoaching #stoppoachingelephants #stopcrueltytoanimals #elephantsareawesome #goodnightpost #videooftheday #naturaldentaldoyenne #saveelephant

👌🏾Your skin is the largest organ on your body
💪🏾It's not just a covering, it's a complex system
🤚🏾It's protective - preventing entry of certain pathogens (bacteria or viruses for example)
👉🏾It also protects underlying structures such as organs, nerves & blood vessels
👂🏾It's one massive sensory system, helping us to perceive:
➖Heat ➖Cold ➖Pain ➖Touch ➖
🙇🏾‍♀️It helps us to regulate body temperature
🖐🏾It repels water 💦 💪🏾And prevents water loss from the body 🖤So look after yours... This applies to both Males & Females... We all got skin! ➖Some Real Easy Tips ➖
☝🏾Eat right - plenty of fruit & veg 🥝🌽 ✌🏾Drink water 💦 (about 8 glasses a day is ideal & it makes a difference)
☝🏾✌🏾Try to keep your skin care routine simple:
👍🏾I use warm water & a clean flannel am/pm to open my pores & gently exfoliate
👍🏾I sometimes use Rosewater infusions on my face 🌹 👍🏾I recommend a simple cream that doesn't clog pores or cause excess sebum build up but that IS moisturising (I use a range of oils and butters like coconut / almond / shea / carrot / Brazil nut... literally whatever I have in the house)
👎🏾Try not to touch your face throughout the day... Our hands pick up so much bacteria throughout the day so keep them away ⛔️
✌🏾This weekend I'll upload a lemongrass & lavender coconut oil recipe that I use on my whole body including my face (it's so easy to make and it's got ++skin benefits) 🌴
🤞🏾I'll also upload a few water infusion ideas to make that 8 glasses a day easier 🚰
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🌋Red Clay Face Mask 🌋
🌋Red Clay (which is just one type of Clay) is rich in iron oxide which gives it reddish colour 🔴
🌋It's formed over millennia from volcanic ash and various minerals
🌋It's my go to face mask whenever my skin is feeling dull and I'm need of revitalising 🏆
🌋It's full of:
🌋Silica &
🌋Clay masks are excellent at absorbing 🌋They detoxify 🌋They are also said to boost enzyme production & blood flow 👌🏾
🌋I get mine from @akomaskincare 🌋100% natural, really affordable (it's like less than £3 for a bag and it lasts ages)
🌋Go and try it..! I added a few drops of Frankincense Essential Oil to mine today
& it was just what I needed 💆🏾
🌋A word of caution though- it really tightens as it dries so no moving a muscle while it's firming. Trust me!
🌋To wash off I use warm water and rub the dry clay... It becomes an exfoliant and eventually all rinses off 💦 🌋Mask was already setting in the pic ☝🏾it was setting so quick and blends in with my skin tone when dry 😊
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🐐Epimedium Natural Aphrodisiac ! 🐐
🐐Epimedium AKA Horny Goat Weed AKA Rowdy Lamb Herb 🐑 is known to be an ALL NATURAL APHRODISIAC... 🐐It is said that it's nicknames were given after goats and sheep living where the herb grew were seen to be a little more... perky after eating it (if you get me 😉🌱)
🐐But is there any evidence behind it I hear you cry!! 👂🏾
🐐Icaritin & Desmethylicaritin - 2 active ingredients in Epimedium have been shown to increase estrogen in post menopausal women
🐐Estrogen is a sex hormone that regulates things like sex drive, reproductive cycle & mood 👌🏾
🐐It has also been shown to have the ability to increase testosterone in MALES 👍🏾
🐐 However no human studies exist on this it was all on animals 😔
🐐It has been shown to have good pro erectile properties 💪🏾
🐐& a beneficial effect on neurons that may extend to the pelvis 🐐In shops it's often sold as Icariin which is the main active ingredient
🐐An all natural aphrodisiac for men and women with pro erectile benefits... 🙌🏾
🐐Enjoy 💋
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➿Kinky Hair:
➿Follicle shape in cross section is a Flat Oval or even Kidney Bean shaped ➿Kinky hair has the curliest, tightest curl
➿It can be so tight that it even zig zags 💤
➿ As for sebum you know the deal by now... 🔮
➿It finds it very difficult to navigate down the shaft of Kinky hair resulting in this hair type often being the most dry ➿Kinky hair can be fine or course & is often fragile especially towards the ends (Sebum finds it very hard to get there)
➿Kinky hair appreciates protective moisturising styles 👍🏾 butters / oils / plaits / twists/ natural curls / treatments / silk pillow cases & head wraps 👎🏾excessive heat / chemical treatments / vigorous brushing / tight hair styles that pull / gels & products that dry instead of moisturise (consider Lush they have some really good ones or make your own..?)
➿Kinky hair usually holds style with volume really well 🙌🏾
➿I would appreciate any tips from anyone with Kinky hair reading this if they have any!
#kinkyhair #kinkychicks #kinkytwists #kinkyhairdontcare #kinkyhairgirlsrock #kinkyhairgirls #naturaldentaldoyenne #understandinghair #curlyhairprobs #naturalhair #hairtips

👊🏾Last of my posts on understanding hair types today... Curly & Kinky hair to go ✌🏾
➰Curly Hair:
➰Follicle shape in cross section is Oval ➰The follicle shape & curl of the hair makes it hard for the sebum to work down the hair shaft ➰This leads to curly hair being prone to dryness & brittleness, especially towards the ends 🔚
➰This can lead to breakage and the illusion hair isn't growing (it often is, but can be breaking at a faster rate than it grows if damaged)
➰Although, if well conditioned & treated, curly hair can be resilient and exhibit shine 🌟
➰If the ends are dry a trim usually works wonders in restoring the curl and getting rid of frizz ✂️ ➰Regular moisture is essential and I would recommend co-washing / silk pillow cases / avoid bf heat as much as possible & coconut oil 🌴 #curlygirls #curlyhair #curlyhairdontcare #naturaldentaldoyenne #naturalbeautyblogger #hairtypes #naturalgyal #naturalhair #curlyhairprobs #understandinghair #queen

Good Morning and Happy Sunday from me & Bae ☝🏾... Sending positive vibrations to everyone this morning... ✌🏾#positivevibrations #happysunday #goodmorningpost #curlyhairisdope #curlyhair #naturalchic #naturalgyal #naturalbeautyblogger #naturaldentaldoyenne #queen #naturalbeautycommunity #naturalmystic

🐝Propolis Sunscreen 🐝
🐝Earlier in the week I said I was going to give you 4 easy everyday uses of Propolis ... 🐝I'm kicking today off with a look at Propolis Sunscreen 🌞
🐝A variety of herbal extracts may have UVA / UVB protection 🙌🏾
🐝It has been found that both topical (applying directly to the skin) and systemic delivery (taken internally) of some herbal extracts can lead to UV Protection 🐝Green Tea and Golden Serpent Fern are two herbal extracts that have been shown to have promising photo-protective functions 🐍
🐝I will post about these two at some point in the future 🔜
🐝Recent research has shown that 16% PROPOLIS Extract as a TOPICAL APPLICATION provides an SPF of 20!!!! (Although, the research wasn't carried out on humans) 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
🐝Propolis Sunscreen was shown to:
🐝Reduce damage from UV light 👍🏾
🐝Prevent pain / discomfort from sunburn 👊🏾
🐝Reduce photo-ageing of skin ✌🏾
🐝Reduce the risk of various skin cancers 🙌🏾
🐝Seriously... go and get some this stuff is amazing 🤤
🐝Doing the research so you don't have to!
#naturaldentaldoyenne #naturalbeautyblogger #naturalsunscreen #propolissunblock #propolis #greenbeautycommunity #nontoxicbeauty #islandgirls #sunbathing #sunworshipper

🐅Gang... Where all my wild, nature loving, tree swinging, tropical smelling sexual women at?? Love this... Daily mood #wildwoman #naturalchic #naturelovers #gang #divinefemininerising #divinefeminine #mood #schmood #naturaldentaldoyenne #naturalbeautyblogger

🌊Morning... Rise & Grind! 🌊So my hair basics tutorials continue with a look at Wavy Hair Types.... 🌊Wavy Hair: 🌊Follicle shape in cross section is a Semi Oval 🌊Sebum can navigate reasonably well nearer the roots of wavy hair, less so towards the ends, especially if it gets wavier...
🌊This can lead to wavy hair being slightly dry or fragile at the tips
🌊Wavy hair can be straight at the roots and increase in wave towards the ends 🌊This is due to the weight of the hair + gravity pulling down down on the hair
🌊Wavy hair can normally hold styles better than super sleek straight hair 👊🏾
#wavyhair #naturalhair #naturaldentaldoyenne #greenbeautycommunity #nontoxicbeauty #hairtips #hairtypes #hairfollicles #hairdiaries #healthyhair #healthynaturalhair

➖Straight Hair: ➖Follicle shape in cross section is round 🔘
➖This enables sebum from the scalp to work down to the tips of the hair with ease ➖As a result hair can appear oily & it can be hard to achieve volume without heat and / or products ➖Most resilient hair type ➖Harder to damage through styling & heat but consequently...
➖Can be difficult to hold styles created
➖Reflects the most light and thus can have the most shine 🌟
➖Tomorrow- Wavy Hair (and some more Propolis🙌🏾) #straighthair #nontoxicbeauty #naturalhaircommunity #naturalbeauty #naturalbeautyblogger #hairtypes #naturalhair #naturaldentaldoyenne #greenbeautycommunity #hairtips

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