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A sophisticated make over with CertainTeed Natural Clay (specifically D5DL Natural Clay)- swipe to see the transformation!! #exterior #naturalclay #certainteed

Today is Today.
I have done it / I have found it / or I have discovered it What is there to be discovered if it's been there all along? (I'm a North American of European extraction it's a part of me lay claim to that which is and has been and would have been). It: clay. Clay from Austria. Clay that may or may not be right I'll have to test it first, but it passed the first test: it is clay. It came from the hills and the ditches and the cuts of land, and it is only a layer in their those cuts and it is now a layer in mine.

What I learned:

There is clay.

I'm able to find clay out there without needing all the right and proper maps, but with some maps and a bit of Maps.

Barely any of the land is clay.

Identifying clay: get it wet. Clay is because its particles are small. On the order of single-digit microns small. Dirt>Silt>Clay. Get any of them wet and they'll be wet but nothing sticks to itself like clay. A handful of the quarry and a handful of water and if it slimy sticks to itself and your hands and everything: take a hammer to that area.

Speaking of which: I need a pickaxe.

And most of the clay I got was grey, most of it was dry or at least not sloppy, and I've seen grey clay before. What does that tell me? It might be useful. And it was always in just a narrow little sliver of the rock i.e. sand face, never a face of clay but clay in a face. Was it a lakebed? Where I found granite I didn't find clay, but clay comes from granite.

And I went out with 8 buckets, 10-liter 2+-gallon, and I came back with 8 buckets of. 264 kilometres later. I stopped at
1. x: Forstweg quarry, 1x clay
2. x: Quarry, fenced, ergo nothing
2. x: Quarry (extension campus of the above), around the gate, 2x clay 1x kaolin (!)(I don't know if it's real, it's a white powdery not-a-stone)
3. x: Sand mine, fenced, nothing
4. x: Sand mine, public, 1x white sand and 1x decomposed granite with some amethyst mixed in
5. x: Quarry, 2x clay

I wish I had more time I wish I had more sun isn't that always the story. Tomorrow. Now I need time to test if any of this is useful.

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Upcoming Summer Workshop! To register, visit ✨www.manifesto13.com✨. Ages: 7-12 years
Days: Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays
Date: May 20, 22, 24, 27, 29, 31
Time: 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Facilitator: Azad @to_azad
In this workshop participants students will learn relief carving and modeling in natural clay. They will learn how to build, illustrate and compose a story through relief sculpture.
We will have an introduction to relief sculptures (It is the process in which the compositions are raised from a flat background to give a three dimensional effect). It will include clay modeling, carving, coiling, slab and pasting technique. Participants will learn how to process meaningful life events that reflects aspects of their identity through sculpture. •

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I am sometimes so focused on making everything I create look as good as I possibly can that I overlook the importance of play time. So today I allowed myself a couple of hours of good ol' muck around. We were recently given an extra flower bed to look after, which we were over the moon about until we discovered that it consisted of nothing more than thick, sticky, heavy clay. It took us all of Sunday afternoon to dig out the clay and replace it with a mixture of manure and sand - meaning we now have rather a lot of clay to use up. But that is how 'Ben' the owl was born. Without any references to make sure he was 'right', I set to work outside with just my imagination. And you know what? It was bloody lovely. He might only last a short while (he's drying naturally in this nook in the barn, so I imagine he'll crack or get washed away in the rain) but his ephemeral existence has already taught me a few things: one being that worrying about perfection really doesn't do me any good. In the words of Kate Bush: "I think it's important that things are flawed...that's what makes a piece of art interesting sometimes - the bit that's wrong or the mistake you've made that's led onto an idea you wouldn't have had otherwise." So thanks Ben, you wise old owl, for reminding me about the importance of play.

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Just one of the benefits of ROCKCOTE Clay Decor is you can add almost anything you can think of. Here we show ROCKCOTE Clay Decor with crushed Pāua shell (abalone), the White clay lifts the range of colour from the shell. Truely brining outside in. #rockcoteclaydecor #clayplaster #naturalclay #pauashell #rockcote #shellfeature #interiordesign #featurewall

Rainy day today meant a super productive day. Was getting tired of looking at so many unfinished projects, especially some of the first ones I ever made. No idea what they are, just know that the short guy in the back promises he won’t smash you with the hammer he’s attempting to hide behind his back.😂 #sculptures #sculpt #sculptor #naturalclay #resin #monsters #stupidsculpts #stupidmonsters #resinart #claysculptures #horrorart #pumpkins #devils #vampires #aliens #frankenstein #homersimpson

First test piece of the local clay made it threw the glaze fire!
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