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@firstworldgypsy treated herself to some facial rejuvenation acupuncture AND managed to take this selfie. Get that glow! ✨ Book online using the link in bio. .
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Today my acupuncturist increased the gage of the needles and went into some Transformer sounding muscles (murgatroyd? Tergatroyd? Lol). Not gonna lie, one of them kinda hurt, but I sucked it up. Beauty is pain right? You can see the flushing in my cheeks which she says is a great reaction. This alternative to Botox is said to reset the neuromuscular junction so certain muscles will tighten and others will loosen up to get the desired anti aging effect. I gotta say, I'm starting to see results. The cheeks are lifting which means my 'nasal labial folds' are diminishing. Woo hoo. Thanks Julie @phreshspavancouver I will mention however I felt spacey for the 2nd time after treatment, almost drunk like so really don't recommend biking after as that's how I got into my accident last week. #naturalbotox #acupuncture #facialacupuncture #antiaging #alternativetobotox

@live.love.juice_ using your sea moss today as a facial. Making sure my SKIN is going into the new year ready! #naturalbotox #skintight #seamossfacial

When you have had big lips for 20years and society think that it's a new thing...😒 #naturalbotox #straightouttaafrica 💋

Антивозрастная сыворотка с ботокс-эффектом оказывает глубокое воздействие на изменения кожи, вызванные постоянным напряжением мышц лица. Стимулирует выработку коллагена и эластина. Эффективно разглаживает и подтягивает кожу, повышает ее упругость и эластичность. Восстанавливает защитные функции липидного барьера рогового слоя. Максимальный эффект достигается при регулярном применении в течение месяца. Напряженные мышцы, ответственные за формирование мимических морщин, расслабляются, кожа выравнивается. Регулярное применение сыворотки обеспечит значительное уменьшение глубины морщин. SYN-AKE- аналог пептида змеи. Формула разработана для блокирования движения мышц, которые вызывают морщины. РЕЗУЛЬТАТ СЫВОРОТКИ - разглаживаются мелкие и средние морщины., предотвращает появление новых морщин , восстанавливает упругость кожи.
В отличие от уколов ботокса, сыворотка действует мягко, не замораживает мимику полностью и не меняет обычного выражения лица. Сыворотка наносится только на мимические морщины, на возрастные морщины она не действует! 🐌Сыворотка также содержит слизь улитки в состав которой входит коллаген, витамины А, С, Е, В6 и В12, аллантоин, эластин, хитозан, фермент протеаза и гликолевая кислота. Коллаген и эластин способствуют поддержанию упругости и молодости кожи, удерживая в ней влагу и насыщая кислородом.
✔️эффективное средство для борьбы с антивозрастными изменениями. ✔️альтернатива инъекциям ботокса
ЦЕНА:800 руб.

This beauty 🌺is blossoming for only a day, and this morning she greeted me with this enormous smile. Thank you for your pink beauty.

Did you know that hibiscus is treasured in skin care industry? Hibiscus has a sort of magical reputation in skin care because it is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). Chemical forms of these acids can be overly harsh and damaging to the skin, but natural sources such as those in hibiscus can help provide the same benefits without the harsh drawbacks. AHAs are known to help exfoliate skin, speed up cell turnover, and help control acne breakouts, all of which can encourage fresher, younger, and smoother looking skin. They also increase moisture and improve flexibility and elasticity—the reason why hibiscus called the Botox plant.

On top of the AHA activity are the antioxidants, which are called “anthocyanocides.” These not only protect the skin from free radical damage, but have astringent properties that help pores to appear smaller. They have an anti-inflammatory effect as well, which soothes inflamed skin and helps calm conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Finally, the plant has a high mucilage content, which makes it a great skin moisturizer. Combine all these properties together and you have a wonderful anti-aging ingredient that with regular use, helps skin to appear more supple and flawless overall. Plus it has a lovely, natural scent which adds a delicious aroma and provides a boost of the most beautiful pink hue to the PETAL Mask.

Happy Aloha 🌺 Hibiscus 🌺 Friday to you!!! ⠀
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For the first time yesterday, my lips swelled up like I'd gone into anaphylactic shock after I'd dived for a few hours in fairly cold water. I didn't notice any jellyfish. Weird, but my natural duck lips entertained everyone else ☺️ #spearfishing #freediving #ducklips #naturalbotox


Hibiscus is one of my favourite flowers and since I was born in Northern Canada, I'm still in awe that I live in a country where it grows! 🌺
But my mind was blown when I recently learned that in cosmetics it's known as the Botox ingredient! So now I love this magical plant even more.🙊
Hibiscus has potent antioxidant properties, which helps fight free radicals and premature aging. It's found in the Arbonne eyeshadows and our new anti-aging concealer. .
So now you and I are not only blessed by the Hibiscus flower's natural beauty, but also how it can enhance OUR natural beauty. How special is that? I freakin' LOVE plants! 🌱💓 #plantpower 📷 Image from Pinterest

The Beauty Nectar Mask: Rich in gamma linolec acid essential fatty acids (omega 6,3,9) Make this skin "treat" extremely: hydrating + anti aging + anti inflammatory + exfoliating + vitamin rich +uplifting + antibacterial + antioxidant rich.
Packed full of organic Red Rose Petals + Manuka 16+ honey + Organic Rhodiola Rosea+ Organic Red Raspberries + Organic Raspberry Seed Oil + Organic Rose hip Seed Oil + Organic Hibiscus Petals + Jasmine + Neroli + Wild Orange.

BOTOX in a bottle (as this little beauty is known 😍) but without the expensive price tag!! 💷 ❤️ Our Forever Mask Powder & Aloe Activator tightens, smoothes and cleanses 👌 🙊 You can FEEL & SEE it working on your skin! My skin is so smooth right now its amazing!! It's up there as one of my favourite Forever products 💜 #botox #naturalbotox #skincare #tighteningmask #facemask #glowyskin #gettheglow #aloevera #business #beyourownboss #livelife #follow #earnonline #earnmoneyonline #cleanse #foreverliving #health #nonegativity #opportunity #products #uncappedincome #earnmoney #job

We are so proud to share that our Hibiscus Rose Firming Cream is a product in May's Satva Beauty Box! @satvabeautybox 🌺🌹🙏💕 #satvabeautybox #firming #naturalbotox #plantbotox #naturalbeauty #naturalskincare #firmingcream #madewithlove

Another great session with @shen_men_acupuncture this week. And loving the Gua Sha aspect! ⠀

Reposting @shen_men_acupuncture: ⠀
"Pins followed by Gua Sha 👌🏽 #facial #acupuncture #guasha #qi #healingenergy #naturalskincare #nochemicals #facialrejuvenation #naturalbotox #finelines #wrinklesbegone"

ATTENTION!! Did you know that vitamin C is a very good antioxidant that helps fights aging, sun damage,  melasma, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and more?  If you need to address any of these issues try eating fruits high in vitamin C such a as oranges and pineapples.  In addition, supplement your diet with at least 1000mg Vitamin C daily. Topical forms of Vitamin C are also very good to target specific skin problems.
Quincy Herbals Skin Illuminating C-Serum with Hyaluronic Acid has 20% of the most potent, stable form of Vitamin C with Hyaluronic Acid, with is one of the best anti aging ingredients in the market.  It also contains Licorice Root Extract which helps with inflammation from acne and rosacea. Other ingredients include Alpha arbutin which is a potent natural skin lightener, and Glycolic Acid which helps correct rough, dull and uneven skin.  This serum helps reduce the appearance of dark spots, melasma, fine lines, wrinkles,  uneven skin tone, age spots etc.  Start seeing results FAST. All Natural and Paraben Free!! Order on Amazon.com at bit.lyQuincyAmazon or slide us a DM!
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คุณหมอกิฟท์ เจ้าของคลีนิคชื่อดัง
ยังยกให้เป็น "Botox Maintenance"
ลองรึยัง ลองสิ อย่ารอ เดี๋ยวสวยช้า
ทักแอดมาได้เลยจ้า รออยู่นะจ๊ะ..! #MineralLiftingSpray
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Blood orange essential oil and dried hibiscus flowers 🌺 🍊 'the all natural Botox bar'
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