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Two summers before this, I was laying in a hospital bed with water in my lungs moments away from death. I was born into a swimming family, and spent my childhood surrounded by national level swimmers, so one would assume I wasn't at high risk, right? All it takes is one slip on deck, or a parent/guardian to look away for one minute to change everything. Learning to swim reduces the risk of drowning by 88%  #LearnToSwim #NationalWaterSafetyMonth

Swim team at Palm Spring North pool. #nationalwatersafetymonth #swimming #swimteam #liveaparklife

Did you know drowning is a leading cause of death for children under age five? May is #NationalWaterSafetyMonth—a critical time to raise awareness about the importance of #watersafety. One way parents and caregivers can protect kids around water is by taking the F.O.C.U.S. approach—Focus On Caring For Underskilled Swimmers. Watch for detailed info on each step throughout the month!

Today Miss Farron is playing Humpty Dumpty with these Y friends and teaching them how to swim and exit the water safely!
#wellnesswednesday #nationalwatersafetymonth #watersafety

May is #NationalWaterSafetyMonth & the perfect time to #Learntoswim. We offer programs at 18 pools this summer! www.ezeereg.com

"And for my next trick, i'll make the mountains disappear!" #NationalWaterSafetyMonth Weather conditions can cause a completely different set of challenges in any aquatic environment. (What you cant see in these photos are the high winds that came moments later and a private pontoon boat being swept back down the lake in the wind.) Plan and check weather forecasts before you embark and if trapped by fast approaching storms beach your boat and move to safety.

Dont forget! Tomorrow we're heading to @koolinaresort to celebrate #nationalwatersafetymonth! Bring your member ID to come and swim, slide, and paddle with us from 9am-noon! #kroccenterhi #krocaqua #krocatkoolina #watersafety

Thank you to the FSPA Northeast Florida Chapter for braving the rain on Saturday for the Safe Kids Day at the Jacksonville Zoo! #nationalwatersafetymonth


July is Water Safety Month! An average of 10 people drown each day in the U.S., according to @americanredcross and drowning is the No. 1 cause of death for children younger than 5. Fortunately, there are many ways keep your family safe around water this summer. The best thing you can do is to enroll in age-appropriate swim lessons. Check out our recent blog post for more information! #nationalwatersafetymonth #watersafety #summersafety #urgentcare #immediatecare #physiciansimmediatecare

June 22 is The World's Largest Swimming Lesson—a worldwide event to build awareness about teaching children to swim and prevent drowning. Waterparks, pools and other aquatic facilities will host local #WLSL lessons to make noise that swimming lessons save lives. Start times vary depending on participating facilities. Check out the WLSL website to find an event near you! More information and registration is available at http://www.wlsl.org.

Check out the winners of the #SwimSafer17 @swimsealsafe contest! Thanks again to everyone participated in our pledge for #nationalwatersafetymonth!

How many pools in #Irvine can we swim? 🏊🏼 🏊🏻‍♀️ #WaterSafety #SwimLessons
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As Summer approaches, remember to practice water safety with your kids. A life jacket can literally be a life saver! #nationalwatersafetymonth #brighterdaytheraplay

Nannyjess Day 312 Gabby Float. May is national water safety month. Gabby know she can't swim. So she busted out all her floaties. Now she won't drown in the living room. So remember when you go swimming remember just stay safe. #auntlife #niece #nationalwatersafetymonth #watersafety #poolrules #beachsafety #floaties #readyforsummer #readyforthewater #nannylife

National Water Safety Month Tip of the Day: Last day tips of Water Safety Month
#nationalwatersafetymonth #watersafetymonth #watersafety #neverswimalone #partnerup #safe #safeswimmers #happy #happyswimmers

National Water Safety Month Tip of the Day: Last day tips of Water Safety Month
#nationalwatersafetymonth #watersafetymonth #watersafety #neverswimalone #partnerup #safe #safeswimmers #happy #happyswimmers

#NationalWaterSafetyMonth Tip #5: Swimming is a life skill. Make sure your child knows how to swim well. The window to teach a child to swim well begins closing at age six; start lessons when children are very young. #watersafety

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