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A pink sewing machine?! Yes, please! #NationalSewingMachineDay #MakeItWithMichaels #linkinprofile

So today is #NationalSewingMachineDay. We'll admit that the invention of the sewing machine was a big a deal, but around here we do have a thing for handcrafted items. There was already some mechanization occurring in the 18th century, of course. But did that have any effect on people in Williamsburg? Click link in profile to read today's blog, which looks at how colonial tradespeople might have viewed the other coming revolution--of industry.

National Sewing Machine Day!!! Who knew! So (Sew) this is one of the ten machines we use to test all the Simplicity patterns and sew those gorgeous garments that you see on our patterns!!! Happy Sewing Machine Day! #nationalsewingmachineday @simplicity_creative_group

Happy National Sewing Machine Day!!!
This is not the machine that I use to sew but I would love to learn one day! I inherited this machine from my amazing great grandmother who received it from her mother Lavonia, my great-great-grandmother​! It is dated to 1907 by the original certificate
This machine is pretty special because it was one of the few belongings that wasn't destroyed in a tornado over a hundred years ago that uprooted their home. The machine was lifted from the house and placed in a nearby farmers field, not hurt at all! Lavonia had saved up her money from strawberry picking to purchase this machine so it was truly incredible that it was still intact and usable!
All the drawers still contain the sewing machine things from my great-grandmother which I don't think I will ever empty out ❤️

Whoa it's #nationalsewingmachineday ! Give thanks to the sewing machine. We have 12 machines here- plus 1 one that ape carries around with her all the time courtesy of @jdenmat_tattoos ✂️❤️🔥

#nationalsewingmachineday #toysewingmachine swipe to see all the colors I own.

My mom texted me even before I woke up this morning to wish me a Happy Sewing Machine Day! Here's one I repurposed into a planter a few years ago. Tag a friend who loves to sew! #nationalsewingmachineday #isew #reuse #gardening #succulents


Few days ago it was national sewing machine day. Why is there a day dedicated to it? I have no idea, but thought about how amazing this little machine is. It must have made life so much easier, with less time spent per item. Making things is joyful, but to make clothes that is a different kind of satisfaction; something I felt in the little bit of sewing I've done so far. Here is an illustration done on my iPad.
#sewing #nationalsewingmachineday #illustrations #ipad #vintage #digitalpainting #painting #thread #needle #machine #etsy #art #ipadart #commuteart #sewingmachine #illustration

I missed National Sewing Machine Day on the 13th, (and I can't skip that!) so I'm celebrating my buddies today. In order of appearance, meet Lucy, her side-kick Ethel, and the workhorse, Beethoven's 5th. #nationalsewingmachineday #gammillgirls


I am the proud owner of 3 currently.....

Last day of our 3 days of #nationalsewingmachineday giveaways! Day 2 winners will be announced later today on our Facebook, but head over there now and sign up for today's grand prize! #makeitcoats #coats #dualdutyxp #janome #schmetzneedles #dritz #handmadewithjoann #makeitwithmichaels #acmoore #shellrummel

Can't wait to see those uni's bringing home the hardware this summer!! #Repost @boathousesports
All of our gear is made right here in #Philly 🇺🇸 Happy National Sewing Machine Day! #GreatGearMadeHere #Madeinusa #UnitedStateOfAthletes #nationalsewingmachineday

Yesterday was #nationalsewingmachineday and I never got around to posting this. This is special to me because it's the second machine my awesome mother gave to me (and probably the coolest!). #sewing #ripmom #brotherinnovis

Apparently I missed National Sewing Machine Day yesterday! We were away for an early birthday celebration for this big guy and got sidetracked!
Sew... this is my version of the power tool. I love the #brother machines. I have three in my fleet. I also must sew barefoot. Anyone else?

In 1755 Charles Frederick invented the first sewing machine taking the labor out of hand sewing. Today we celebrate him and every sewing machine inventor after him helping to develop and improve one of the coolest devices to this day 😎#nationalsewingmachineday

Going to backstitch in time to June 13th, which is #nationalsewingmachineday to celebrate this beautiful #singer we inherited from Brett's grandmother. Hoping to make it a part of our home decor once again. #sewingmachine #antiques #sewing #vintage

My trusty machine "pfaffy" is going to get a workout today 20 wonderful bags on order...and go!#goaskalicebags #wip #inmystudio #pfaffsewingmachine #nationalsewingmachineday

Sew, they say it was National Sewing Machine Day yesterday. Who knew there even was such a thing? Nevertheless, I am sew, sew ready. LOL. These are three of my five beauties. They each serve somewhat of a different purpose. On the left is a basic, all-purpose machine that I taught many students on at my former art studio (Pics to come later). In the middle is the computerized Brother Project Runway "knock-off" (Translation: the same exact machine as the Project Runway Limited Edition for a whole yard less. Further Translation: #Winning!) And on the right is a Singer Heavy Duty for those times when you want to sew thick stuff and not damage your regular machine. Not pictured is my Mom's Morse (Now you know that's old school) that she received for her 18th birthday that she passed down to me. (Yes, it still works! 😄 ) And last is my Nana's old, old school classic, a true antique - you know the kind that's mounted into the fold-out table? (It's a Singer too. Singer has been out for a LONG time, right?) Even though Nana's gone Home to be with the Lord, her machine really makes me feel like a part of her is still here with me. It's the most memorable thing that I remember from going over her house. She used to make all of her outfits herself - WITH NO PATTERN! Of course she made some for me, and that made me feel all kinds of special (Kid Couture Matters ☺) And even though we can buy just about everything ready-made, I still have THE UTMOST RESPECT for this skill, this art that has been passed down from generation to generation. I love the way people who sew put their own spin on things, and there's always more to learn. Major shout out to all of you within my IG Fam who also sew and/or teach sewing. (Too many to tag, and that's a good thing!) You guys and girls keep me inspired! Let's keep this art form alive! ❤💜💚

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