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I was never into the whole “princess” thing- not at any stage of my life. In today’s piece on @GrokNation and for #NationalPrincessWeek, I talk about why I don’t subscribe to this cultural phenomenon, and why it’s not built into our DNA to want to be a princess. (Link in bio)

Today's the last day of #NationalPrincessWeek and I thought it'd be nice to do Disney's forgotten Princesses. Do you know them all? And yes Megara isn't a princess according to her movie, but in Greek Mythology, she is daughter to Creon, the King of Thebes, so I'm counting her 👑 #Eilonwy #Megara #Kida #DaughtersofTriton

@mario_falcone17 in action at the #RealLifeRapunzel longest hair donation competition!! He's a natural, right?! #NationalPrincessWeek #littleprincesstrust #shreksadventure #starbucksuk

Only 5 days left until #NationalPrincessWeek! 👑✨
Who'll be spending it in a tiara, at a princess party or maybe even at #Disneyland? I know I'll be spending it with my best friends at #crystalcastleentertainment 🌹
Speaking of princesses: my BFF, Belle, hopes you all enjoyed her movie! 🌹 .
bookings: @crystalcastleentertainment
photo by: @amywaters11

We’re celebrating #NationalPrincessWeek by crowning some of our fans the Princesses of Pampering! Share this post and tag a friend for you both to have a chance at becoming Luxe Royalty. The two lucky princesses will receive a #giftbasket of Luxe products fit for a Queen (just because we love to spoil you). Good luck and let the pampering begin! #Luxe #MrBubble #SomeGirlsHaveAllTheLuxe

Let me share this whole new world with you. Here's a little throwback to Jasmine and Aladdin's old outfits. Also back before Moana kicked Aladdin out of his own oasis. I don't know why, but I just find it hilarious that Aladdin no longer meets at his own oasis. #nationalprincessweek #aladdinsoasis

Hanging out with Rapunzel. She was so looking forward to this one but we learned super long heavy hair is overrated. #DressupWithJ #Rapunzel #DisneySide #DisneyPrincess #NationalPrincessWeek

Evie is excited to celebrate #NationalPrincessWeek with her new #MermaidMagicSofia! It's available now at Target and TRU! #ad

We are SO lucky to know so many beautiful Princesses! They're such bright spots in our lives! Have a princess in your life? Leave 'em some love below! Happy #NationalPrincessWeek!


My favorite from my 2012 #nationalprincessweek #tbt #belle #disneybound

The first time I disneybound was was for National Princess Week in 2012. Julie Andrews partnered with target and I disneybounded to promote her message: "a princess is a perfectly fine person for a young lady to emulate" because "It's what you feel inside, and about being generous and helpful and adventurous and creative" #rapunzel #nationalprincessweek #tbt

"If you keep on believing the dream that you wish will come true." -Cinderella✨💙 #cinderella #soundsational #mickeysoundsationalparade #soundsationalparade #nationalprincessweek

"They say if you dream a thing more than once it's sure to come true." -Aurora 💗 #nationalprincessweek #soundsationalparade #soundsational #mickeyssoundsationalparade

It's the last day of National Princess Week (yes, that's a thing)! So we're reading about all the women in history that you probably wouldn't call typically princess-y 👑 #rejectedprincesses #jasonporath #womenshistory #princess #ifthetiarafits #nationalprincessweek #queen

I wanted my last post for this year's National Princess Week to be for the fairest of them all, the one who started it all, Snow White. She will forever be one of my favorites. 💎⛏👑🍎❤️💛💙 #nationalprincessweek #snowwhitesaturday #mainstreetelectricalparade #msep

“I don’t know what I can do. Still I know I’ve got to try.” –Pocahontas 🍂 #nationalprincessweek

Day 7: Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) I feel that Aurora is the one who looks most like me!! And she's one of my favorites. So sad that National Princess Week ends today! But I'm always looking forward to it next year :) #nationalprincessweek #disneybound #disney #aurora #princessaurora #sleepingbeauty #makeitpink #onceuponadream

It's national princess week! Here's some of our princess fam! 👑 #nationalprincessweek #princess #zetaalpha #phisigmasigma #oncealways

All of the princesses have at least one quality that makes them a good role model. Anyone can be a princess, so long as they strive to do the right thing. Here is a little project that I made this week using pic collage. Unfortunately I did not have any pictures of Mulan or Sofia. However I still wanted to include them because they are still just as important as any of the other princesses. #nationalprincessweek

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