Muckfest was a blast! In just 18 days I'll be biking 35 miles to #findacure for MS. I'm so close to meeting my fundraising goal of $500. Just $50 more! Help a girl out and donate to my fundraising page 💛http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR?fr_id=29858&pg=personal&px=11803703
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Many who suffer with MS need a wheelchair, because MS attacked there spinal cord. By attacking the spinal cord this disease takes away a persons ability to walk or even stand up without support. Please help us end this, to help donate to the National MS Society. #nationalmssociety #nationalmswalk #ms #findacure #endms #donattothenationalmssociety #pleasehelp #letsfight #curems

(All of our photos/videos from the walk are saved in my story highlights). This last Saturday was our #WalkMS event in Missoula. I am so proud that our team “Myel’in My Shoes”, was in the top 5 fundraising teams with $1395 raised. We were missing 6 walkers who could not attend for various reasons, but we know you were with us in heart and spirit. Not pictured are 4 team walkers and their lovely relative with MS, who wished to remain private. I am so excited to participate in this community, help fundraise for research for a cure, and assist those living with this chronic disease.
For me, finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis is less about myself, and more about my children and their children. God forbid, if I pass this disease on. I will fundraise and push for a cure with my every last bit of energy.
Lastly, it is not lost on me that I am lucky to have a large support system, access to healthcare, and am still able to physically complete this walk. I want to thank each and every one of you who donated money, offered your time, sent me kind messages, continue to be an active participant in educating yourself about MS, and most of all being a witness to my journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 💛

Thanks for walking a mile (or 2) in my shoes! #myelinmyshoes

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WorldMSDay is next week! World MS Day is a global rallying point for the MS movement with more than 50 countries coming together to raise awareness. #BringingUsCloser #MSawareness #nationalmssociety @theqonfox

This is a photo of us with Aidan McGovern. Aidan was diagnosed with MS 5 years ago, and has to take special treatment everyday to live a “normal” life. Even with treatment Aidan’s has a chance of being paralyzed or even dying every minute of his life. Please donate to the National MS Society to help Aidan and many others be cured of this awful disease. If we can donate so can you! #aidanmcgovern #helpfindacure #nationalmswalk #nationalmssociety #donatetonationalmssociety #bcmsclassof18canchangetheworld#ms

It’s go time! I’ve trained for 20 weeks and raised over $17,000 for the National MS Society! Track me with bib 25900! As I run through the rain and wind for the NMSS, please consider making a contribution to the cause! #bostonmarathon #heartbreakersrun #msams #mssociety #nationalmssociety

June 8th is National Best Friend Day. Grab your best friends and join us from 5pm to 8pm at Kendra Scott in Southlake town center to enjoy champagne and 10% off your purchase. Plus 10% of all our proceeds go directly to the National MS Society to fund further research for better treatments and a cure. Can't wait to see your lovely faces there 💎

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MS Walk 2018 year four! Go Team Moosetracks! #walkms #nationalmssociety #raisingawareness #multiplesclerosis

The past 12 months have been excruciatingly difficult for me and it’s been defeating. After being diagnosed with MS, it’s hard not to lose a sense of self worth, with thoughts that plague you like “what do I even bring to the table.” Or “I feel like I’m wasting away” and you don’t have the energy to do anything about it. As someone whose always been active before my body went on strike, it’s infuriating and humiliating BUT this event has been my saving grace in so many ways. It helped me push through because working on this event was going to help me, as well as others living with MS, finally feel better. It was a way of utilizing whatever energy I did have and there were days I couldn’t make it in to meetings because I couldn’t get out of bed but the committee was so great. It is SO INCREDIBLE to be working with a group of amazing individuals who are passionate about working towards a goal that greatly benefits so many people. I am so thankful for how great the event turned out despite the weather and even more grateful for everyone who came out!!#preaknessatthepiazza #preaknessfashion #MultipleSclerosis #aworldfreeofms #phillyfundraiser #derbyfashion #preaknessfashion #phillyfashion #partyforacause #msawareness #MSSurvivor #nationalmssociety

Since May began I have thought very deeply about my mental health since it is Mental Health Awareness Month. I decided I wanted to share my own experience with mental health. With my MS diagnosis and prior to it I struggled with depression.
One experience has been going through my mind a lot lately. I was just diagnosed and I was in my first semester of graduate school. I was in the middle of an optic neuritis attack and was on an IV solution of solumedrol. Yet, I was determined to go to classes and act as if nothing happened. In the middle of one class, the power point was on and the lights were out and I felt so nauseous and my body hurt so bad. I finally convinced myself to go home. I remember gathering up my things, making sure the IV tubing wouldn’t get snagged on my bag and I started to cry. I got up but kept my head down and delicately tiptoed through all the backpacks; noting how a tear fell on one. I remember thinking how grateful I was that I sat near the door, and hoped that no one would see the tears coming down.
My heart changed that day. I became weaker and stronger. I was sad yet still determined. I somehow got through graduate school with the blessed help of so many amazing people! The isolation and sadness felt crushing at times. Now with Plegridy I have experienced some depression, which is one of the crappy side effects. It got worse over February and through March and April.
It can be so healing talking to a friend who is so empathetic and caring. That gave me the strength to talk to a doctor about going on a medication to manage my depression. This medication has changed my life. I feel like myself and I have interest in doing what I love to do again.
I’m sorry for the long post but life is hard, everyone is dealing with something you don’t know anything about. Don’t judge others because they struggle with mental illness or with something you may not struggle with. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. My MS makes me weak at times but I find strength through it as well. Some days I let it suck and other days I find the silver lining. That’s just life. Sometimes let it suck, it’s okay. Try not to stay stuck in the suck.

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