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Not the best application, but you get the idea. I really appreciate everyone who donated for my ride yesterday. Relaxing today, but kind of looking forward to the next big ride. Thank you all! (If your name isn't there, it's because I had to order this two weeks in advance). #bikems #nationalmssociety #eastlansing #centuryride

TCNJWBB got muddy this weekend to support the National MS Society! Working hard to support important causes...that's what we're all about!
#mudrun #nationalmssociety #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

It's official! Couldn't be more proud to be on The Board of Directors for @candomultiplesclerosis and The Young Professionals Board with the @mssociety 💪🏼🎗💛 These two incredible organizations work hard in every way possible to improve the lives of all those with Multiple Sclerosis. I'm so grateful to be a part of their team. #BeatMS #NationalMSSociety #CanDoMS

View from the stage at #walkmspittsburgh with @millgrovescrossing this morning. @mssociety #nationalmssociety

Even the @mssociety staff is getting muddy to support the end of MS. #mudzone #muckfestms #mudrun #nationalmssociety #nationalmssocietysf

Once a year I put on a kit and raise money for MS. Wanna throw a few bucks my way and help out? Link in my profile. #bikems #bikems2017 #nationalmssociety

#happydiagnosisday I love these cuties for hanging out with me tonight! It's been 4 years since I was diagnosed with MS and I feel so lucky to be able to keep making memories with people I love ❤️ #spoonie #nationalmssociety #kickmsbutt

I can't get enough ❤️❤️ last night the MS Society held their annual gala - in honor of my Auntie Linda and other friends that had/have MS, I'm thankful we could attend and support! I couldn't have asked for a better group or a more fun night


calorie-restricted diet which mimics the effects of fasting may reverse the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and help repair the damage caused by the disease.

Scientists are so excited about the finding that they are moving to large human trials and are already recommending it for very ill patients ‘who cannot wait.’ The regime simply involves cutting normal calorie counts in half for three days in every seven.

Although it is unclear what causes MS, it is thought the immune system attacks the protective coating on nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, leading to inflammation and pain, disability and in severe cases, death.

But scientists from the University of Southern California showed that, in mice, the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) significantly lowered the percentage of damaging immune cells, while allowing the protective coating to regrow.

Human MS patients who were put on the diet to check that it was not harmful to their health, also reported improved quality of life and scored better on the Extended Disability Status Scale (EDSS) which assesses movement, tremors, speech and swallowing.

Prof Walter Longo, the study’s lead author and professor who directs the USC Longevity Institute said: “The effect on humans was improvements for both quality of life and EDSS, which is remarkable because we only did a single cycle of the FMD for humans and tested them three and six months after. “Since the pilot human trial was small, now we are setting up a large multi-center clinical trial. However, because we have already tested this and similar diets on hundreds of patients with various diseases, I believe this can be tried now by MS patients who cannot wait.” #mssociety #multiplesclerosis #nationalmssociety #calories #diet

Slowly but surely getting vendor fair ready!! Fundraiser on Saturday, October 14th 9-2pm @ the Whitinsville Christian School to support the #NationalMSSociety #ShopLocal @melissa_hadley4

Don't forget to come to the Team Ox dine and donate at the New Britain Inn tonight from 4-10! We'll be enjoying great food, raffling off some great prizes, and supporting an even greater cause! Present this flyer and 20% of your check will be donated to the National MS Society.

Bringing the bike back to NYC for the 2017 MS bike ride with @hope1288 ... 50 miles BECAUSE I CAN! #bikems #nationalmssociety 🚲💕👭Make a difference today by donating on my behalf to support the National MS Society! http://bndfr.com/7Y9cY

I had the pleasure of being the MC this evening for the Austin awards party for 2017/ kick of for 2018 of the BP MS150. This is the biggest fundraising ride for the National MS Society and I am honored to be the chairman of the Austin committee. We're going to have an amazing ride this year! Now if you flip though the photos really fast, it's like you were there! 😂 #bpms150 #nationalmssociety

I love riding alongside my brother as we fight through MS! While I'm sad we both suffer from this stupid disease, I am glad we can make a difference together! 🎗🚴🤗❤️Thank you for the great action shots @eddie_mckeon #bikems #siblingswithMS #mssociety #nmss #nationalmssociety #fightMS #cureMS #multiplesclerosis #multiplesclerosissucks #msmessedwiththewrongfamily #brother #weridewithMS #bikemscountrychallenge #teammates #curemultiplesclerosis

After a very successful first year for the St. Andrew's BP MS 150 team, Adrian was awarded "Rookie Team Captain of the Year" this afternoon. 💙💪Very proud of all of their hard work!
#cycling #ms150 #nationalmssociety #multiplesclerosis #service #communityservice #austin #texas

This is how we do! Out on the road rockin my "I Ride With MS" jersey at the Bike MS Country Challenge, thanks to @primalwear What an AWESOME weekend 🤗🎗🚴! #bikems #msbike #bikemscountrychallenge #countrychallenge #morristownnj #nmss #mssociety #nationalmssociety #iridewithMS #lyndsayrideswithMS #lyndsayfightsms #lyndsaysjourney #msmessedwiththewronggirl #giantbicycle #giant #giantavailliv #giantliv

Thanks to all that came out to support the #nationalmssociety #fourmoontavern #msmisfits #fuckms

#thisgirlwithMS is hoping to be sent to #strongcamp 2018 by @strongfitnessmag and @amyjofitness - here is my submission for the #iamstrongcontest - thank you for the opportunity to participate in this contest - anytime I can raise awareness to #cureMS and bring attention to the @mssociety I feel honored to do so! This #journey off #medication has been amazing - #healingmyself has changed my life! #jennsjourney #70weeks #medicationfree #nationalmssociety #greaternwchapter

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