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Do you know today is National Doppelgänger Day? I was told I look like Michelle Yeoh from Crouching Tiger. Do you think so?

Have you also been told that you look like someone else? I'd love to know! Leave me a comment and tag your look alikes as well.
Anyway, always remember that no matter what people say about our looks, all of us are beautiful. Happy National Doppelgänger Day!

#nationaldoppelgangerday #nationallookalikeday #doubletrouble #lookalike #doppelganger #belo #belobeauty

So apparently it's #nationallookalikeday

Twinning on #NationalLookalikeDay. Tag your doppelganger.

Tell us in the comments which players you think have celebrity dopplegangers! #NationalLookALikeDay


I'm just your average gal with big eyes!! Check out my eyes, fifth from the right. #Repost @elvira.mistressofthedark ELVIRA, ELVIRA, ELVIRA ‼️🖤🖤🖤#nationallookalikeday #elviramistressofthedark #elviralookalikes #elviracosplay

Apparently today is #NationalLookAlikeDay. Aside from my fine ass mother... Here is who I get all the time!! My sis sent me this and I see it. Now!! Yall know thats sis!!! #RemyMafia

Fucking missed the #NationalLookalikeDay by two days, but had to share that everyone tells me I look like that chick from Californication, Natascha McElhone! #fuckyeah 😏❤

"There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger, and live just a little bit better." #nationallookalikeday #twining #loveher #KSfamgram

Resulta que hoy es #nationallookalikeday y nunca he visto a alguien a quien yo sienta que me parezca .. pero durante los años estas son las chicas a las cuales a la gente me a dicho que me parezco.. no tengo sus cuerpazos y más bien digo.. tendré alguna gemela por ahí? La han visto? .......
It is #NationalLookALikeToday and I have never seen or met anybody that I think looks like me but these are the girls that people tell me I look like. Well I definitely don't have their bodies ha ha, I wonder do I have a twin out there? Have you seen her?
...... #megangale #jacquelinebracamontes @angiecepeda #angiecepeda @megankgale @jacqueline_bracamontes

Oops, I meant this one...#NationalLookAlikeDay #KatyPerry #Vogue

The closing crew ROCKED twin day! #1242kohls #d30kohls #lifeatkohls #nationallookalikeday

‪can't believe I missed the chance to do this yesterday! #nationallookalikeday #webothcansing #bettywho#evinmusic

"You know who you look like? Debra Messing!"
"You look just like Amy Adams!"
Well here ya go, people.
I'm getting out in front of it.
I know.
I remind you of them or some obscure actress from that one movie no one but you has seen. Yep. Thanks.
Also, honorable mentions, less common but still gotten quite a bit: Julie Andrews (isn't it really just the name and that I'm white too? And also sing-y?), Jean Seberg (points for people who know who she is), Taylor Swift (just bc I'm white, tall, blond and red lipstick - really?), now here's the kicker - CHARLIZE Theron (yeah right - I wish!!)
[Yes, I'm also fine that this is a #humblebrag 😂] #hollywoodproblems

Can't resist #nationallookalikeday

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