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Hello! I’m Jillian Kaye (@pbandjillian) and I’ll be sharing my artwork on Sakura’s Instagram this week. I just LOVE writing letters and, even more so, I love creating envelopes that will make the recipient happy. Moonlight #GellyRolls look so amazing on dark paper and I love pairing them with a white Gelly Roll as an accent color. And what better time to get creative with your envelope art than April; it’s 
#NationalLetterWritingMonth and it’s not too late to join in the #write_on campaign! I’ll be writing a letter each day of April. It’s such a great challenge and not only is it rewarding as the writer, but I haven’t heard any complaints from the recipients. :)

Need a few more cards and pens for #NationalLetterWritingMonth? Our friends @goldenfoxgoods have a fun giveaway going on today including #pigmamicron and #gellyroll pens – head over to their profile to enter!

What happens when you rediscover lost stickers and you're sending your son at college a package #nationalletterwritingmonth #nationalcardandletterwritingmonth #sendmoremail #pspleasewriteback

Letter 14/30 for #nationalletterwritingmonth + #write_on // A floral themed washi envelope and her card of choice for this month's card raffle winner, Betty! 🌷To keep the snail mail fun going after National Letter Writing Month is over, I will be doing monthly card raffles over in the newsletter: all subscribers are automatically entered and the winner gets to choose a card of their choice to be mailed to them in a decorated envelope. It's also my way of showing my appreciation for keeping in touch! If you'd like to join in, you can sign up by clicking the link in my profile--you'll also get access to free monthly downloads, new products, and more! 💌

PS: I can't believe we are already half way done with this month and challenge!

PPS: I'm really bummed that I got a letter I sent back in my mail the other day! :( The only thing is that there is no note that anything is wrong (like too little postage)--it just looks like they sent it to me instead of the person I addressed it to! Going to see what happened at the post office on Monday 🤔

Did you know that we have expanded our paperie offerings? Charleston Street is now a Crane & Co. Signature Dealer, offering new custom engraved plates, re-orders using your existing plates, boxed sets, and everything in between! We have an entire room dedicated to social stationery, invitations, calling cards, and all that our wonderful lines have to offer. In honor of #nationalletterwritingmonth, come visit us and refresh your paper trousseau. ✍🏻

All you have to do now is write a letter to get a(nother) letter... #write_on #nationalletterwritingmonth #themet #oilpaint

For that someone special who is generous with her friends, her experiences, and her champagne. Plus, she's a firecracker. #nationalletterwritingmonth #30lettersin30days

Beautiful new boxed letter writing sets from the Netherlands in the shop for #nationalletterwritingmonth. These sets will be 20% through the weekend + stay tuned for more specials throughout the month for #nationalletterwritingmonth #shindigpaperie #letterwriting #stationery


So grateful for a beautiful upcoming FALL

The love of FALL is here! Pumpkin Spice, treat your neighbors nice, mail the letter out with love, your kindness will suffice.

Adding some magic to downtown Courtenay SummerNight Market with our Wish Tree interactive art installation. @denysedansereau brought the character to life in such a graceful way, holding space for our community to put their dreams and wishes in writing. As each wish was tied on the tree, they added a blossoming quality to the branches. #dcbia #cvarts #streetperformer #wishtree #communitywishes #writeitdown #nationalletterwritingmonth #islandhulahoopla #wishfairy #costumecreation #wings #performerlife #yqq #summernightmarket

Look at the awesomeness I found in my mailbox today!! Where oh where did you find Moomin comic strips, Mags?!? 😍

I can't stop with these sticky nooooooootes! 😆 Workin' on that #outgoing pile. 💌✨

One more #outgoing to a new penpal! I thought I'd be able to get it out this morning, but the mailman was too quick for me 😭 But I am really loving these cactus sticky notes that I keep turning into stickers and return address labels! ☀️😎

Saturday's #outgoingmail! I always get worried and add more postage at the last minute... 😆🏣💌✨

Stitched up some goodies to send out to penpals soon! I love it when I can combine two hobbies!! 😁

Wow! Against all of my own expectations, I managed to get caught up on my #snailmail backlog in one day!! That Every Little Thing She Does is Creative challenge? Check! 😁 #TRGCampReset

#Outgoing tomorrow! My creative project for this week (and let's be real, probably next week, too 😂) is to catch up on my snail mail pile. Choo choo, let's get this snail mail train out of the station!! 😀💌🚉 #TRGCampReset

meant to send these out for #nationalletterwritingmonth yet here I am 🌸🌹🌼🌻 #snailmail

Another #happymail going out today! I may not have hit 30 letters for 30 days of #nationalletterwritingmonth, but I did write more than I thought I would! #snailmail #writemoreletters #30daysofletters #mailmorelove

Today is #snailmail Saturday! More to write later, and some already sent out. April is #nationalletterwritingmonth! #mailmorelove #30daysofletters #happymail

On Sundays, we listen to the Moana soundtrack and write letters. #Outgoing on Monday! 😀💌🎉

Catching up on July birthday cards today! They are all going out in one fell swoop, so some will be late, others will be early, and just a couple will be on time 😅

I thought my mail week was over, but look at this pile of treasure that was awaiting me when I came home from work today!! Among them, a postcard from Nepal, and one each written in French and Japanese, so I had to flex some brain muscles 💪🏼 And it looks like my Ma found some vintage stamps, circa 2006 😁💌

This week's #incomingmail! Such a pretty envelope (and a wonderful letter inside!) 😄

This morning's #outgoingmail! All about them #tropicalvibes recently ☀️🌴🍹

Last week's #incomingmail! 2 penpal letters and lots of #postcrossing postcards. Including one from Australia with a first day of issue stamp and cancellation!! 😍 #postagenerd

The first @qandaletterbox since they've gone quarterly just arrived! I'm bummed that my book is a bit dirty and scuffed on the cover, but the inside looks awesome! Can't wait to dive in. Very cute cards; I think the strawberries one is my favorite. While I miss getting cards from them every month to feed my snailmail habit, it will be a nice, 4x/year surprise now. 🎁🎉😌 Tap photo for makers!

My favorite local used bookstore must've recently gotten a shipment from @chroniclebooks, and so I used ALLLLLL my store credit on stationery 😆 The cashier commented that it was a lot of cards, so I mentioned letter-writing is kinda my hobby, and they gave me a discount for having "such a charming hobby" and "the best dress of the week!" 👍🏼😁🎉

Finally finished up some mail art for the lovely @marisol.ortega 💕#mailart #illustration #lettering #sketchbook #nationalletterwritingmonth

outgoing three #lydraws or letter eighteen in #nationalletterwritingmonth #30lettersin30days

Still playing around with my new washi. It's the simple things 😊 Also, loving the new tissue confetti from the latest Happy Mail (or was it Messy Box?) from ABM! 🎉

I collaborated with @designsponge today to create three downloadable backgrounds from @dearwomenproject featuring inspiring quotes from strong famous women of action 💪🏻- I was really thrilled to be featured on the blog because Grace has been such an inspiring advocate for women's rights and celebrating female business owners. Her book, In the Company of Women, is one of my all-time favorite gifts. Click the link in my profile to download these pretty patterned tech wallpapers!

Today on @designsponge, we're sharing 3 downloadable desktop wallpapers featuring watercolor patterns and inspiring quotes from women of action!

The loveliest stationery wardrobe for a wonderful senior gift!

Welp, sorry budget, but I picked up some new washi today 😅 Working on some super secret birthday snailmail! 🤐😊

#outgoingmail for penpals is all caught up! (for now 😊) I love my Eric Carle washi tape! I think I startled the lady at the register at the Picture Book Art Museum last fall with how excited I was about it... 😆

Complementary colors and #beachvibes!

Last chance to shop the Final Sale before we close for summer! *TODAY ONLY* I will refund U.S. shipping charges for any order $40!!! (Don't forget to enter the stamp giveaway, too!)
- - -
COUPON CODES (expire today 6/11/17):
- "FINALSALE15" for 15% off any order
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P.S. If you send me a postcard or letter in the next month, I'll send you some fun mail in return!
9818 Fry Rd., Suite 150 # 105
Cypress, TX 77433
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We are getting excited about our Father's Day Lamy event on Thursday, June 8! Stop by from 10-2 to see some top of the line products and get a pen for the dad in your life. Get one for yourself while you're at it! 🖋

Tomorrow's #outgoingmail! Bright and colorful and ready for summer 🎨☀️😄

Got a nice card from a recipient during #nationalletterwritingmonth!

Outgoing mail tomorrow for @han_le_flueff! I might've gone a little crazy with the stickers... 😂

My sweet, kind, strong, lovely grandmother is turning 94 (!) this month! Here's her birthday card--chose this one because it reminds me of summertime barbecues at her matriarchal homestead. 😌🍔🌭🍢🔥☀️🌳🌷 (Card from @snowandgraham in Chicago.)

This circular stationery brought out a lovely and serendipitous story. Definitely the highlight of the write_on challenge for me. Story here: carrotcondo.wordpress.com. #write_on #nationalletterwritingmonth @eggpress #stationery #letterwriting #snailmail

These ladies look pretty nice all framed up in white! What do you think, should we start offering framed prints in our shop?

Some major stampage in Monday's #outgoingmail! Also, an 11-year-old Disneyland postcard with a 24 cent stamp on it that was hanging around in my stationery drawer 😦Thanks as always to @mailmaidstamps, my tried-and-true vintage stamp gal 😊

Officially finished my 30 letters for #write_on with this therapeutic gem for @aauroralexandraa! I know I did more than 30 but I didn't count some of them. I feel less pressure to write now (more time for reading) but that don't mean the letters will stop! Will probably send more postcards 😋 #nationalletterwritingmonth @sakuraofamerica @mohawkpaper @eggpress @helloluckycards

I ended up sending or hand delivering 38 pieces of mail for National Letter Writing Month & Write On! Of course l had to journal a few pieces from the Kick Off Party at Soul Paper... ✒📖💙📮✉💙
#write_on #nationalletterwritingmonth #30lettersin30days #sendmoremail #snailmailrevolution #happymail #themousesjournal #journals #journaling #junkjournals #memorykeeping #paperloversunite

CHECKITOUT: I totally forgot to share here that I was featured on the @eggpress write_on blog. Please give it a quick read + share your thoughts and ideas with me too! -
#stampitsendit #penpalsarethebestpals #write_on #eggpress #nationalletterwritingmonth #mail #letterwriting #snailmailrevival #penpal

I finished my #30lettersin30days today! A little late but it turns out I had a lot more than 30 to write 🤗 💌 Thanks to everyone who requested a letter and a super special thanks to everyone who wrote back. My real life inbox has never been so full of colorful surprises! .
#write_on #sendmoremail #sendmorelove #seattleartist #redcapcards #letterpress #letterpresslove #ohsobeautifulpaper #stationery #stationeryaddict #dailydoseofpaper #dscolor #vintagestamps #penpals #sendcardsspreadlove #snailmail #nationalletterwritingmonth

Sharing the last video from last year's #write_on challenge!!! To one of my favorites who I just booked a ticket to visit!! #linkinprofile #nationalletterwritingmonth #30lettersin30days @wickchick310

Two more videos to share...this was one of my favorites because it's for one of my favorites!!! @zachemama617 #30lettersin30days #nationalletterwritingmonth #write_on #youtubevideo

Hooray hooray! Sherry's postcard made it all the way to her in Australia. Her prompt: "FLAMINGOES!!!! Or an illustration of meeee haha. I would like to wear a bow and a yellow coat." ✔️✔️✔️
Day 33/100. #100aquarelles #the100dayproject #watercolorsketch #illustration #watercolor #sketchbook #skillshare #postcard #nationalletterwritingmonth #flamingos #illustration #urbansketching #dailysketchbook
@stillmanandbirn @sakuraofamerica @davinci_artistbrushes_official

A farewell to the West Coast with postcard photography by the forward-thinking photographer and environmentalist Ansel Adams. These account for 18-21 of #30lettersin30days and remind me that if he could hike up mountains and stand on cars to capture an image, then I can surely help children find a love for letter-writing 💌 🤞#write_on #nationalletterwritingmonth #anseladams #yosemitenationalpark

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