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Love ❤️. #nationalhuganewspersonday When you love what you do and you love the people you work with. #grateful @lisamateotv @msmarissat @scottstanford1

I am truly amazed at how easy I've been able to get on set. Put a badge and a polo on, walk with confidence, and you can get in anywhere 😂 thanks @fox13now! #NationalHugANewsPersonDay making my way to @kslnews next. Are you guys ready over there?

It's #nationalhuganewspersonday so who else would I rather hug tonight than @cbslasuzie!! Hugging it out before our @cbsla #kcal9 newscast at 10!

Cold rain and warm hugs here at NBC Connecticut! It's #NationalHugANewsPersonDay....what isn't there a holiday for these days?? #nbcct

Thanks to Pinnacle Bank in Belle Meade for dropping off all these awesome goodies for #NationalHugANewsPersonDay! (Food never lasts long in a newsroom!) 🙌🏻🤗#Nashville

A HUG attack from the crew and glam squad on this #NationalHugANewspersonDay
#michaeLA #hugsmaketheworldgoround


Love these 2 amazing women 😘😘 regram @michellernews
Seems appropriate to share this on #NationalHugANewsPersonDay.. here I'm hugging my lovely @leticiaestradatv who is her way to a bigger, a very positive and promising future.. I pray and wish her all the best. Thanks for all the fun & mischief! Dios bendiga tu camino amiga!! 😘😘😘🤗 #NewsyPeople

#Repost @melonyroy ・・・
#TBT #nationalhuganewspersonday with @ianthebush. Look at that smile 🤗 YAAAS

#TBT #nationalhuganewspersonday with @ianthebush. Look at that smile 🤗 YAAAS

In case you missed it... #NationalHugANewsPersonDay was this past week @lynzvanstone was really in for a day of sweet JJ embrace #Toronto #News #NewsPerson #Hugs

ميگن امروز روز ملى بغل كردن يك آدم خبرى تو آمريكاست. به آمريكا و روزهاى ملى عجيب غريبش كار ندارم ولى فكر كن اين روز تو ايران بود. از صبح اول صبح كلى آدم جا هاى مختلف از جمله صدا و سيما جمع ميشدند تا فلان خانم يا فلان آقا رو بغل كنند. تازه هر كى دوست داشت يكى رو بغل كنه به اين بهانه بغل ميكردو بعدش اگر طرف شكايت ميكرد😦 مى گفت ببخشيد فكر كردم شما هم يه آدم خبرى هستيد. 😂يا شروع ميكرد در مورد خبر سفسطه بازى تا برسه به فرد مورد نظر،به هر حال خدا رو شكر🙏 كه از اين جلف بازيا اينجا نيست و همه همكاران خبرى من و دگر مردم كشور عزيزم بدون هيچ چالش و دغدغه اى ميرن سر كار
#روز ملى#بغل كردن#آدم خبرى

Ryan Houston came to work with our team today. I may be a day late for #NationalHugANewspersonDay, but #shoutout to @9onyourside for making it happen! #Cincinnati #CelebrateEveryDay #BetterLateThanNever

We had a fun webinar shoot for @theoxfordclub at @ventana_productions yesterday! Airs next week... (April 12, 1pm) #finance #investing #webinar #nationalhuganewspersonday

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