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Random reference from Pinterest and when I started drawing her I realized her shirt was #nationalgeograohic #drawing #cintique #pintrist #refrende

Aurora boreale fotografata da Fotografia di Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen per National Geographic.
#fotografia #nationalgeograohic #aurora #auroraborealis #natura

Happy it's friday and I am proudly wearing the lovely pins from @Toms. Each of them has a great message. One of them is amazing. Can you belive that? Toms has already given 70 million shoes to children in need. Wow. Let's grow that amount ! #StandWithToms

First hours after sunrise at Tegalalang Rice Terrace.
There was just a silent noise of rain and wind. ✨

Cuando el #RMStitanic se dividió en 2 partes, se empezó a hundir muy rápidamente, la parte de proa, en una velocidad de 30 nudos, se hundía manteniendo una posición estable, mientras la parte de popa, con aún un poco de aire en su interior, empezó a dar vueltas en si misma, dejando ir bastantes placas de acero del casco por el camino, el resultado fue una popa y una proa a 600 metros de distancia, cuya popa mucho mas deteriorada que la proa.
La proa mira hacia Europa y la popa hacia América, se giraron.
Teoría de @natgeo
#Pecio #Historia #RMS #Titanic #Natgeo #Hundimiento #NationalGeograohic

When the #RMStitanic was divided into 2 parts, it began to sink very quickly, the bow part, at a speed of 30 knots, sank maintaining a stable position, while the aft part, with even a little air in its Inside, began to turn itself, leaving enough steel plates of the helmet along the road, the result was a stern and a bow 600 meters away, whose stern is much more deteriorated than the bow.
The bow looks towards Europe and the stern towards America, they turned.
Theory of @natgeo
#Wreck #Hisory #RMS #Titanic #Natgeo #Sink #NationalGeograohic

Well, I get overstimulated so easily. Now university has began and I found a new job I feel like my head is exploding.. 💥hah, What's your best tips to calm down and relax? 😌#tomsspringtrip #toms #OneForOne

The beauty of paradise ✨🌊 #lombok #lombokisland

Take a deep breath and get present in the moment 🙏🏽 Do you want to participate the #fableticsfreebie contest?
Comment on the photo with using the hashtag, tag your best friend and follow @fableticseu to win your own sport outfit for you and your friend! Have fun! 🌴


- she once had me. She showed me her room---->
#tambourineplaylist #norwegianwood #the beatles #leicam240 #tambourinetravels

Twinkle twinke little star... point me to the nearest bar... Ha, but this place not only offers good food and quality drinks, also some amazing surf vibe and hippie feeling. Hang lose!

I love kitesurfing. What a tremendous experience it is to fly your kite between two powerful natural forces wind and water, which impacts your whole body. As a child I always dreamed of flying. Dreams can come true.
#OceanTarifabyBrugal #brugal


Today we celebrate World Elephant Day let us conserve these beautiful animals in the wild! For this event Amarula created a limited edition of their bottle where they left out the elephant logo to express that the beauty of Africa won’t last forever if we won’t protect their unique creatures! Africa is home to the most iconic wildlife. But illegal poaching might destroy it forever.

Thanks to @amarula_official and @wildlifedirect to be part of their work which makes me so proud and happy.
The steps and work of them have already started bearing good fruits. I am hoping to achieve sustainable goals for the iconic wildlife in Africa even if it takes more time, struggle and patience. That one day our wildlife will be not disappearing and the next generation after us still can enjoy the wonders of the true wildlife.

#Amarula #DontLetThemDisappear #MadeFromAfrica

Ночной #релакс

Who can see Marocco? After a walk through a parque natural close to Tarifa we found a calm beach where we enjoyed the sun, salt and view. Spending the whole day with my best friend from school to celebrate 10 years friendship! Talking about ex boyfriends and fun stories and let the good old times roll with a sip of Brugal. #OceanTarifabyBrugal #brugal

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