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National Gallery of Canada educators take Museum Selfie Day very, very seriously. And it's not done yet! Can you take a better #museumselfie?

Les éducatrices du Musée se prennent au sérieux pour la journée Museum Selfie. Et ça continue! Pouvez-vous faire mieux avec le vôtre ?

A Jorge Pensi chair at the National Gallery of Canada. #wantlesessentiels #jorgepensi #nationalgalleryofcanada #chair

Rhiannon Vogl is Associate Curator of Contemporary Art at the National Gallery of Canada. (shown with part of Kiki Smith's "Born" // photo by Julie Oliver / Ottawa Citizen) @rjayev #rhiannonvogl #curatorascat #nationalgalleryofcanada @ngc_mbac #ontarioartcat

empire of light #ottawa #nationalgalleryofcanada #ngc #architecture (one of my sisters, @joannecmoffatt )

#canadianpavilion at #venicebiennale, thoughtful, powerful, inspired. Congratulations #geoffreyfarmer and the #nationalgalleryofcanada

While Rome burns. A boomerang view of Geoffrey Farmer's deconstruction of time, memory and place at the Canadian pavilion. Titled "A way out of the mirror." Congratulations @anhourbeforesleep for the breakthrough, in every way. A pleasure to be here to see the work, to hear your expressions of gratitude and to dance by your side. #geoffreyfarmer #canadianpavilion #biennalearte2017 #nationalgalleryofcanada


#Tulips in the grass in front of the #nationalgalleryofcanada

My wish for you today is that you happen upon art that inspires and comforts you ♡ @pattifriday xo

One of my beloved art heroes said this about his work: "My paintings, in most cases, show a quite obvious love of Australia. I make paintings to give people pleasure. To give people joy. We see suicide bombers and strange political things happening in the world, so there is a need for beauty." @kendonegallery Excellent advice ♡♡♡

"Collecting is an important human condition and so we want to create and sell works that allow everyone to do this." - @adam_bridgland

Hello Green Sneaking into my blue blue heart ♡ @pattifriday

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