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...of course my pants would tear midday.

Anywho, this was Day 4! We...
- Visited the Foundation School, a school that emphasizes joyful learning alongside a Montessori style of teaching
- Celebrated #NationalChocolateDay 😛

And the winner isssss...
Lynn Baskin!🍫 🍫 🍫
#nationalchocolateday #cmlook

Come see us tomorrow for National Chocolate Day #nationalchocolateday

So it’s #nationalchocolateday but who needs a holiday to celebrate chocolate right 😬👀🍫 @hersheys Cookies and cream has been my favorite chocolate since I was 9 and first came to america , my little sister and I used to be facinated with vending machines and there was one by the lauderhill library and everyday we stopped with our leftover lunch money to get a cookies and cream bar and we slowly ate them to savor every cube ... y’all in hella extra I know but somehow the memory is nostalgic and reminds me of the simpler sweeter times in life... I don’t eat chocolate much nowadays but when I do it’s @hersheys

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A couple of days ago it was National Chocolate Day. I was waiting to catch her looking this chocolaty to post 🤤 She’s Brown Sugar😍 #nationalchocolateday #brownsugar #morocco🇲🇦 @nikelosangeles @travelnoire @blacklovepage @darkskinbaddiesdaily #chocolatedrop

Ingleby Care Home recently celebrated National Chocolate Day with the children from Barley Fields School. The home had fruit kababs and marshmallows with the choice to cover them in chocolate using the chocolate fountain. Resident, Margaret, said it was lovely to see the children here again! Brenda said she’s never done anything like this before so having melted fruit covered in chocolate was very different and also delicious. One of the school kids, Miller, said "I enjoyed getting chocolate all over my face!" And Evelyn said "I liked cheering the residents up by talking to them... and eating chocolate!"
Please visit us at www.hillcare.net
#NationalChocolateDay #YoureInCaringHands

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