Baby on board 😍💛 @_livingforjasmine

Poppa 💙 being a new mom is challenging so I’m truly grateful for my support. When they say it takes a village to raise a child, who ever stated that quote never lied. I’ve been home with bean for going on 3 nights and boy is he demanding. I haven’t figured out a nursing schedule that works nor do I know if I want to. Although breastfeeding 🤱🏾 is tough I enjoy our boding time so I suck up the cracked nipples, the engorged breast, painful latching and the sleepless nights. I’ve developed a nice support system of moms who breastfeed and encourage me to keep going. These little people really teach you patience and the power of prayer because it’s always something that’s just out of your control. To all women I respect ✊🏾 you, I love you ❤️ and know that y’all are the ishhhhh 😘😘

I just want to say thank you for all the love and support I’ve gotten these past few days. I can’t thank everyone individually fast enough but I have seen some of the inspiring messages and some of the concerns. Don’t be afraid of chid birth just be open minded about some of your opinions. Love you Queens ♥️😘😘. ___________________________________ 📸 @nonpareilphoto

This by far was the hardest accomplishment I’ve ever made. Kayden Amari Pyles born 4-16-2018 weighing 6 lbs 3oz. 72 hours of trying to get him here. I went to the hospital with my mind set that I would have a natural birth. I turned down all meds, but after 28hours I began to get discouraged. Lying in that hospital bed strapped up couldn’t eat nor get up to use the bathroom. I was told I could be in that bed for days. I eventually decided to take platosin to speed up the contractions. Still my mind was made on doing things naturally but as I the contractions got closer and closer and I breathed through each one I finally couldn’t take it and yelled “give me that epidural”!!!! By that time I was already dilated 8cm. A few hours later it was time to push. I pushed for 6hrs ( of course I rested in between ). Tried every position you could think of (squatting, all fours, child’s pose, laying on my side and nothing. He wouldn’t turn his head even with the Dr going in and trying to turn him. He even used a vacuum to try and little man had his mind made up. The position he was in wouldn’t get him pass my pelvic bone so I had to go for an emergency C section. I felt like I failed and as I heard his heart beat dropping I decided to go ahead and get cut. Throughout all the pain hearing him cry and knowing that he made it here safe made me cry. I couldn’t see him at first because I was being put back together. I was able to do skin to skin once I was done. When it was time to nurse him I was so weak and changing him was a task. Today I walked after 4 days of being in the bed. I was able to wash myself and feed and change him confidently. I was blessed to have a supportive support system. Seeing him with his dad melts my heart. He’s so beautiful I will share him soon. My message goes out to those mothers who have a birth plan but the plan doesn’t seem to go as planned.... don’t feel like you’ve failed nor beat yourself up because you couldn’t bring your child in the way you inVisioned. What matters most is you did it. You tried your best. The reward is seeing that precious face. Love every woman and moms because I see it takes a lot but it’s so worth it.

Little bean decided he wants to get this show on the road. I wish I would’ve ate this morning or had something to drink at least. He woke me up out of my sleep really wet. I guess he was up kicking and his juicy butt ruptured my bag. I thought I peed on myself but the fluids kept coming down. I’ve been contracting and haven’t even noticed. I know it won’t stay this way but so far I’m thankful for how everything is going. I did my last maternity pictures with him yesterday and I know I said after that I didn’t care if he came but dang. Well thanks everyone who’s been apart of this journey thus far. It’s been a ride, one that I can only be grateful for no matter what was going on. Thanks for the prayers as well 💙

Deep squats to prepare my body for labor. I aim for 1min a day, you can always use a wall for assistance if you choose to try, or sit on some yoga blocks. #squatsfordays #squateveryday

Almost to the finish line. Come on Buddha bring your chunky azz 🧘🏾‍♀️

Happy National Bump Day Ladies!!!! #bumpday #babybump #nationalbumpday 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 what color heart are you?

Today has been a great day 💕 time to meditate and prepare myself mentally for my king. 📸 @rashadmphotography

Hey fat man your considered full term now 💙 your due in 2 weeks but I can tell it’s getting crowded in there. I cherish these days because your already a miracle and if this is my only chance to experience motherhood I want to take it all in. I love you and I’ll see you soon until then I’ll keep enjoying your light rolls and kicks. 🙏🏾 #continuetocoverhimgod

I know I will be all that I need to be for you. Mother hood doesn’t come with a manual but my king I’ve been waiting for you. I’ve gone through everything I’ve gone through in life just to gear up for this moment. I’m forever grateful. Thank you for choosing me 💙 📸 @rashadmphotography

Learn to silence the noise. Shake off any negativity. And listen to that voice from within that tells you “your simply amazing” 💕 📸 @nonpareilphoto

Elevate me even more to the woman I need to be as a mother to a king 🙏🏾 📸 @nonpareilphoto

Never let someone else’s fears and ignorance determine what you can and cannot do. I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME 🙏🏾 #namaste #limitless

King Kayden Mommy love that baby 💙 📸 @philsartandphotography

Meditation 🧘🏾‍♀️ is the only thing I can do to prepare me mentally for this labor. I get anxiety thinking of child birth so to ease my mind I have to meditate and just breathe. 📸 @philsartandphotography

#wcw with #mce hi handsome ♥️. 📸 @philsartandphotography

I like to turn things upside down, to watch pictures and situations from a different perspective. 📸 @nonpareilphoto

They say ask and you shall receive. Well for years I’ve always wanted my own but was told that I had a slim to non chance. This is a gift no matter how it came packaged I will always be grateful for and forever serve you 🙏🏾 #happyeastersunday @nonpareilphoto

Pregnancy can get a lil messy sometimes but throughout all the changes and challenges, beauty can still breakthrough 💙 📸 @nonpareilabigail

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