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Saturdays are for the hoes. All pictures have been taken specifically on Saturdays. I would like to thank my side pieces for tolerating my terrible jokes, and constant stupidity... .
thanks for being my friends, no one else would :(

Me: "bitch I'm not ready for the pic"
Mook: "Idc I look sexy"

Went on a trip that I’ll never forget, with a group of guys always buy my side. #daylate🤷🏼‍♂️ #natinalbestfriendday

Thank you to all my besties for your loyalty and willingness to hang around all my weirdness.✨

#natinalbestfriendday to the cast and crew of Grease the production was amazing thx to everyone helping out and working there hardest it was auch an awsome play also this to @kaptainkurk and ms.Collen for putting this whole production together and not giving up on me also thx to my class and grease cast and crew for being such a good family to me and i hope i was a good member

#natinalbestfriendday LIKE GINA & PAM HEY BESTIE BESTFWEND! 👯😘😍 @fashionistasoooclueless

#natinalbestfriendday 🤙🏼love these dudes

There is no better best friends with out your sisters 😘#natinalbestfriendday


National best friends day part 2. #natinalbestfriendday

National BFF day part one #natinalbestfriendday

My little babes today on Twins Day👭 in Twinsburgh,Ohio! For their annual twin festival. #twins #Lexi #Kenzi #Twinsday #nationaltwinday👯 #identicaltwins #bestfriends #natinalbestfriendday #loveyalltothemoonandback🌙 💜❤

Happy late/part 2/these aren't all my friends, I have more/sorry you're not mentioned, they were the only ones on my phone gallery national friends day☺️👌🏼 They are the best. Honorable mentions- the rest of my many friends and that dude I meet yesterday. Many of y'all wondering...why posting this..tbh....it's cuz I feel like it🤷🏻‍♂️...but then again they're really good friends that need a shout out....but do they deserve it. Idk, but they do........I think. But anyway done typing cuz my hand are hurting, and I don't wanna get arthritis 🙅🏻‍♂️#friends #friendshipgoals #friendship #goodfriends #goofy #natinalbestfriendday

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