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sepetemer 21,2017
braley 🌷✨ dt: gabs, ily !!
cc:divxnes, ac:dacrimae

Why isn't today Friday 😒

Who is your favorite superhero? (It doesn't have to be one of the oth superheros lol)

#oth #onetreehill #brookedavis #haleyjamesscott #quinnjames #clayevans #nathanscott #bdazzle #shutterbug #babymama

nathan scott collab <3
cc oml baddies / #omgpage
season 1: @naleyton
season 2: @girlsofoth
season 3: mine!
season 4: @introvertized
season 5: @mercuria.ll
season 6: @peytinsawyer
season 7: @peysawyer
season 8: @brookesdavls
season 9: @braleythan
tysm for participating!!

i love this so much

#onetreehill #leyton #nathanscott #peytonsawyer #lucasscott

Since its friends 23rd anniversary here's a little crossover between my two favourite characters on each show 🎉

dt: @sophdimples @peytinsawyer @hilarieburton
The transitions suck at the end but idc

enjoy sorry this is so ugly
just needed something to post :/
ac ib scottwclf | cc wickdcolorings

the insta we all know and love ruins the audio

haley james scott’s
phone *:・゚✧
ac/ib | citric.cookie
cc | heartregui
dt | niamh & paige + @imnaleytrash @brookesdavls @xnaleys and @halesfilms because I love your accounts so much kskdkf
I worked for so long on this if it flops I will actually kms [ #omgpage #onetreehill ]


I couldn’t help it I love oth and greys parallels, especially when they’re of my two favs #naley #haleyjamesscott #nathanscott #oth #onetreehill #merder #meredithgrey #dereksheperd #greysanatomy

What else would she bring Nate, I mean cmon it's p Sawyer •
Qotd- s1 Hales or [s4 Hales]

#nathanscott #brookedavis #lucasscott #peytonsawyer #haleyjames #haleyjamesscott #haleyscott #skillstaylor #antwontaylor

someone teach me moving borders cus they suk

ac plotwistaudio
ib/tc hybridqueens
for patricia poot
fc 1649

+ #omgpage #omgtvd #omgoth #sirenagrp #moonstruckgrp #aeipathygrp #kiliggrp #cobgrp

1x07 || Life In A Glass House
Ha! Loved it 😂👌🏻😜 #OneTreeHill #Naley #NaleyMoments

2x11 (3/3) || yikes i haven’t posted in so long. i’m so so so sorry but anyways THANK YOU NATHAN for being a good husband!❤️😭🙏🏻

day 10, high school or adult life, i love them both the same but i went with high school as thats where so many amazing moments and naley started, and i loved the basketball and cheer moments❤
high school or adult life?
#lucasscott #peytonsawyer #haleyjamesscott #nathanscott #brookedavis #onetreehill #onetreehillchallenge

I'm so proud of what I've done with @fortheloveoflinstead and @linsteadscrabble and I've tried again and again to do that with so many more accounts, but I have never loved those accounts the way I love my original two, but I am trying this one more time! 🙈 You can send me requests for tv shows / movies and if I've seen it I'll make the edits! I had to start it off with one of the most iconic couples - Naley ❤️ So give me a follow for (mostly) daily edits of your favourite ships and friendships in all your favourite fandoms! Xoxo Olivia 😘

1x07 || Life In A Glass House
The way they look at each other 😍 what are you guys doing right now ? 😂👇🏻🤷🏻‍♀️ #OneTreeHill #Naley #NaleyMoments

eu não tiro ninguém da minha vida.apenas reorganizo as posições e inverto as prioridades ♡ [#peytonsawyer #peytonsawyerscott #peytonsawyeredit #onetreehill #fthere #openrp #openbrinks #bondedosdiferentao]

when did u start to like deb? I liked her but when that whole drug phase happened I lost love for her. she does make the show more funny and interesting though !

14 years ago since the show that changed my life forever, started❤️ words can’t describe my love for One Tree Hill❤️ I’ve watched it my whole life and I still love it just as much, if not more, as I did then❤️ this show has showed me and learned me so many things I know I would’ve never learned without it. It learned me the meaning behind true friendship, it learned me the meaning behind family, it learned me the meaning behind love, it learned me that with those three things, you have everything you could ever imagine. It didn’t learn me how to do the irrelevant stuff, like do my make up, or post a selfie etc... it learned me life lessons that I will forever keep with me❤️ this show has also showed me some of the things that keep me alive today, like the music of oth, Brucas, Brooke Davis, and Sophia Bush❤️ forever grateful for that. 14 years, fam❤️ it’s been amazing /m

Ahhahahahah this scene! 😂😂😂🙈#season1#onetreehill#oth#danscott#haleyjames#nathanscott

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