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YY'AAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!! THIS IS THE FUNNIEST STORY <~SWIPE FOR PICTURES!--So I'm out spraying for bugs (RIP) and came across this strange looking beetle. I thought to myself, "That looks kind of cool, let me take a pic." I pull out my phone and kneel down to take the picture(Pic 1). Mind you, I'm super concentrated on trying not to scare it away...."let me zoom in...this could be a new species! National Geographic would want that.", I think to myself (Pic 2). Mind you, I am SUPER focused on getting it right at the "2x" zoom cause that's where the optical zoom ends, duh. Nat Geo's also going to want that clarity ya know? ...RIGHT as I snap the shot a f*ucking Fly...Moth...Wasp...Dragon...or a damn Pterodactyl flew RIGHT INTO MY EAR! It scared the fuuuuuuuuhh out me (Pic 3-Unintentional)! I damn near dropped my phone as I booked it to my back patio to asses the damage (Pic 4-Also unintentional. The phone is upside down here. That white pipe you see is sticking out of the ground). Luckily I escaped without a scratch. Narrowly. Here I am. A survivor. Thank you for reading. By The Way...any of you guys have any connections with @natgeo??? They might want to see these pictures and/or read the story about me dodging death...until next story time boys and girls.👋👋#LoneSurvivor #NatgGeo #Discovery #IWouldntSayISurvivedIdsayIThrived #ILivedToTellTheTale #DragonAttack #NatureCanBeDeadly #IWasHaulAssin' #ItCouldHaveBeenTinkerellFlyingInYyEar #IllNeverKnow #StoryTime

Today's Sunset on the West Coast of Oahu was unbelievable. God painted the sky with such beautiful colors :) #kitv #hnnsunrise #hawaiinewsnow

bamboo forest walks 🎋

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