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Siapa yang pengen liburan panjang ke Negeri di Atas Awan?? Gak cuma mimpi lho guys!! Besok My Trip My Adventure bakal ngajak kalian ke Negeri di Atas Awan!! Penasaran??
Tonton aja My Trip My Adventure, besok jam 08.30 WIB, cuma di @transtv_corp!! See you tomorrow guys!!
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[ #TellYourPollutionStory ]
The Beauty of Ugliness | Photograph by Panagiotis Gkasios | The sun rises over Greece’s biggest electrical power plant and its smoking chimneys in Ptolemais.
This Earth Day 2017, the focus is on environmental and climate literacy. We know that whether you’re 5 years old or 50, a powerful picture can grab your attention and help you understand the reality of threats to our environment. 9 million people die from pollution-related disease every year. It is the 3rd largest cause of death in the world with 92% of those deaths occurring in low- and middle-income countries. But pollution knows no borders, and travels the globe posing a major environmental health threat for the rich and poor alike.
@natgeoyourshot has partnered with @PureEarthNow — a unique environmental NGO that cleans up extremely polluted communities around the world. Pure Earth educates parents on the dangers of toxic waste in their midst, how to protect themselves and their children from exposure, and trains and hires them to conduct the actual cleanups. Join our Earth Day movement by sharing your photos and stories using the #TellYourPollutionStory hashtag to raise awareness about the #toxic pollution in air, water & soil around you. Together #WeCanFightPollution!

I can't say anything else than it was an amazing stay at @steigenbergerhotels Jaz in the City with a great location , far from the city buzz and at the same time 5mns walk to the metro station! And I just love room with original interiors, so this girl is even more photogenic than me 🙈/ А последнюю ночь мы провели в Jaz in the City @steigenbergerhotels вдали от городского шума и в то же время в 5 минутах ходьбы от метро 🚋 А арена, где играет крутейшие артисты находилась всего в минуте от нас 😍 Две недели назад там выступал Drake 🙏🏻 Девушка из нашего номер была уж очень фотогеничной 😊
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{ Dark Side of Venice } • As soon as I arrived in Venice I jumped on @marcovalmarana's boat along with @andyto and @nainoalanger videomakers at @beautifuldestinations, we explored the city at sunset and spent a memorable night, finding unexpectedly new supertalented friends.

When I was young:
I would restart the videogame every time I knew I was going to lose. I would sleep with all my plush animals so none of them got angry. I had that 4-color pen, and I would try to push all the buttons at once. I would wait behind a door to frighten someone, then I went away because they had taken too long to go out or I had to pee. I would pretend to sleep, so I could be carried to bed. I would think the moon followed my car. I would watch two drops of water slipping on the window, pretending it was a race.
Every time I Ingested fruit trees I was scared to death that a tree would grow in my belly. My knees were always scraped but they healed better than a broken heart. I remember when we were kids and could not wait to grow.
What the hell we were thinking?

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Spring in Istanbul 🌼 Happy Sunday!

Пост про измены и моё к ним отношение🥂
Первое, что я хочу сказать, это можно простить и с этим можно жить.
Второе, измена всегда предательство в первую очередь самого себя и своих принципов.
Согласно статистике, мужчины часто изменяют просто так, без желания портить отношения со своей половинкой.
А если изменила женщина, то она намерена уйти. Ибо женская измена редко произойдёт с человеком, который в чем-то уступает её избраннику.
Кто виноват в измене? Думаю, что оба. Ибо там, где царит любовь и гармонии данному действию просто нет места.
Если закрывать все потребности своего партнёра и отдаваться душой и телом и получать взаимность, то какой смысл искать что-то на стороне.
Измену можно почувствовать. Она ударяет по энергетике. Ведь Ваша пара стала тройкой.
Стоит ли рассказывать об измене? Если уж это произошло, а человека Вы безумно любите, то нет. Это просто перекладывание ответственности. Либо Вас грызёт изнутри, либо будет грызть партнера.
Да и не так страшна физическая измена, как реальное желание осчастливить чужого человека.
А какое мнение по этому вопросу у Вас?💫

Video by @tobyharriman // Float above the mysterious place called White Pocket, located in Arizona. Geologists believe the unique lines you see are the result of “soft sediment deformation” back in the Jurassic period. The patterns were made when the landscape was still sand, and frozen in time as the sediment hardened into rock.
Music by @jteveringham
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#NatGeo #10k Esquimbo presente en todos lados
Muchos Personal Best!!!
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NatGeo run 🏃🏻‍♀️🏁✅😎👏🏻 #natgeorun2017 #natgeorun #natgeo #running #happy

On the way home from @thefloridakeys. I'm looking forward to going through my @sealifecameras footage. I changed a few settings from the last time I used it so I'm expecting better photos and video.
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Did Quran pointed to these Black Holes?

Scientists say that these super-massive black holes are dead stars but they are very heavy within very narrow space, they are the cemetery of the stars, swallow, sweep everything coming close to it even light and they are swimming in the space.

As they have very enormous gravity they attract even light and do not reflect it and do not allow any light to leave, so, they are invisible.

Because of the greatness of these creatures, they are one of the very great cosmic phenomena.

Allah, Almighty swears by it (To show how great they are) and by their distinctive characteristics: (Invisible, swims in the space, sweeps and swallows anything close to it even light). Quran summed up these attributes in only three words. He almighty says: “So, verily I swear of that invisibles * that running and sweep” At-Takweer (verses 15,16)

Since Allah, The Almighty swears by these frightful holes, it is a must that these should be discovered by human one day to be evidence of the sincerity of the Quran.

And this discovery must be on the hand of unbelievers to show them a proof for the sincerity of the Quran and to be as an argument on them on the Day of Resurrection.

And of course the appeal is addressed to non-Muslims, because Muslims believe in all that came in the Quran without physical evidence on this. That includes three clear miracles:
1. had preceded the Non- Muslims scientists in talking about the black holes phenomenon.

2. Pointed to an implication that these holes exist and will be discovered, as everything that Allah swears by it is necessary to be seen whether by human in this world or in the Hereafter to be a proof on the sincerity of the Quran.
3 - There is an implication that who will discover these holes are non-Muslim, and this is what actually happened, as the Scientists who discovered these holes are non-Muslims, and Allah talked to them as an answer to his swear: “Verily this is the word of a most honorable Messenger” (At-Takweer-verse19)

Our question for those who denies these miracles: Do black holes have been described with such accuracy, accidentally? Or is there a scientific miracle in the Quran?

I loved the American spirit some of the foreign tourists had at the Grand Canyon! I may have to copy that idea sometime and pose with different flags around the world! I normally do a jumping photo, but I think I chickened out on this ledge;)

Today's mood #EarthDay #Japan #instagramjapan 🦌

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