~Al and the Dude in Attack of the Cologne #theneverendingfinale~
[Ed.’s Note: Al has grown eight legs! The Dude has an arm growing out of his back! They both are a hundred feet tall and can shoot lasers from their eyes! But is the most horrific transformation yet to come?!?]
Following the lunch recess (Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Coke, M&Ms), Pitbull continues to read from the prepared statement detailing the fate of the Swole Bros:
“They trammeled the once untrammeled Amazon rainforest firing their laser eye-guns at ‘lame AF plants’ and ‘trees that did nothing.’ They encountered an indigenous group of people who had never before been exposed to the outside world, much less Al and the Dude in mutated form. Al and the Dude were deeply saddened to learn that these people did not possess television nor the internet nor a Gold’s Gym. ‘Hnztly,’ promised Al, ‘we’ll have someone send you a tv and a blue pillow you can lay on and sleep on. And a stovetop too. You’ll just need to hook it up to the gas-line.’ The Dude, also in an altruistic humor, pledged ‘to build a road out to your huts and sh*t so that you can get technology and stuff. We’ll put in some strip malls, get you guys a dry cleaners and a Pizza Hut. Maybe even a Blockbuster until you get a secure internet connection. No offense, but basically your lives suck right now. But don’t worry cuz soon they’re gonna kickas$. There’s like a ton of room here for asphalt and concrete and malls. Just speaking from the heart here but you guys stink at utilizing space. Also, I guarantee that the Cheeseburger Big Bite from 7-11 will rock your world. You can thank me via Skype, SON. Don’t worry, yo, you’ll be all hooked up faster than you can say 52-inch plasma screen tv with dope bass speakers.’ #swolemuscles #swolehearts
The Amazonian tribe waved good-bye to gargantuan Al and behemoth the Dude and then packed up their lodgings and moved deeper into the jungle.
Al and the Dude, like a 21st Century Godzilla and Son, son ...
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The #trombone may be my favorite instrument in jazz but you don’t often find many trombone leader albums. You don’t hear about many trombone players really except #jjjohnson and #kaiwinding. But here is #RoswellRudd and his album #Everywhere on #ImpulseRecords from #1966! Produced by #BobThiele and Engineered by #BobArnold. With #guiseppilogan #lewisworrell #charleshaden #beaverharris and #robinkenyatta! Essay by #NatHentoff #natch #newarrivals #newdiscoveries #nowplayng

We hire only THE BEST models money can buy! 😂😂 This pic makes me lol @lhil013 ‼️ just a few of this dress left in stock!

Asking for a friend, #Natch 😂🙈

Packing suits for LA 😜✌🏽 #LESSGO
PS I took my hair extensions out. Was planning on putting them back in tonight but I’m kindaaaaaa digging this look.🤔 Thoughts? #Natch

Send it over bitch 😉👍🏻

Vaya cacho gazpacho muchacho me harto y me empacho como un macho me enracho y no me agacho cuando tiro rimas ya sea por abajo o por encima sin tarima en el cuarto en el baño o en la cocina en cualquier esquina no te imaginas cuando caminas que la felicidad termina cuando se acaba el vaso así que ni caso que arraso con todo el gazpacho fresquito con su hielito que me bebo sorbito a sorbito aunque de tiempo ande justito pero si quieres te invito aunque seas feo cortito y tontito porque excluir no está bonito asi que contéstame prontito: quieres un poquito de mi gazpachito?
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~Al and the Dude in Attack of the Cologne!~
[Ed.’s Note: Yesterday’s post ended as Pitbull described how during the portage of the Toyota Corolla, and after drinking 250 3-oz bottles of Warlock’s Mist, the Dude sprouted a third arm from the middle of his back and Al grew four more legs (bringing his current total to eight) ...]
Pitbull continued reading from the prepared statement:
“The Dude said to Al, ‘I think you’re gonna have a super intense leg day, son.’ And Al said to the Dude, ‘Brosepher, you got a freaky bicep workout in your near future.’ They lowered the Toyota to the ground and stared astonished at one another. This wasn’t necessarily unusual itself. Often, at the gym, an entire workout would consist of them gazing at their reflections in the floor to ceiling length mirrors which adorned one of the exercise studios. Outside of classical statuary (or the musculature chapters of Gray’s Anatomy [book and TV show, #natch #McDudey] where else could these Swole Bros observe masculine physical perfection?
But these new appendages were masculine physical mutation. And while definitely badas$, also a little troubling.
Al scurried about the Colombian countryside like a furry tuxedo crab. The Dude performed one-armed pull-ups. And then scratched all those parts of his back he could never reach.”
Pitbull paused and took an eight-hour nap. He realized that he hadn’t slept since he started this briefing. The journalists, poets, dreamers, and chicas also got some shut-eye. When they awoke the next day they had lemon ricotta pancakes with lemon curd and were each served a glass of GC’s special breakfast shake, turmeric included. Once everyone had eaten and made use of the restrooms, Pitbull cleared his throat, thumbed through the prepared statement, found his place and began again:
“Also, Al and the Dude had grown to a height of nearly 100 feet. And they had acquired the ability to shoot laser beams from their eyes—something Oly cat has been trying to attain for nearly six years. Turns out all you need to do is drink a few gallons of Warlock’s Mist, lol.” [Pause for laughter.] “At this point Al and the Dude had become fully mechanized ... [CONT’D TOMORROW!]

She got dat glo.... . Tried a new foundation routine and I am IN LOVE with this incredible glow. I’m thinking of doing a new video on how I got this look. Let me know if you would watch!! #youtube #glowup #glowing #glossyeyes #ultabeauty #ultabeautyadvisor #brows #bushybrows #natch #freckles #shecute #youtuber #subscribe

When you ask your brother to take a photo of you. #natch

Deviating from the norm a little bit here. I’m here at the @wsop main event sweating @tee_miles as he goes heads up for a bracelet and an $8.8m prize. I had to bust out my favorite hat and one of my favorite gifts of all time. My good friend Ian Ross got me this in 2004. So, “natch” is something we say when something good happens. It’s an interjection. It’s kind of just short for “naturally”. For example, if someone said to me “Hey Jgro, Tony made the final table”, then I would reply “NATCH!” Anyway, it’s dear to us. And here it is, in front of 8.8 million US dollars.
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It’s gonna be a gorgeous day in the #pnw and#mom and I are sitting out in our #backyard. She’s drinking her #espresso, #natch ... and I’m #exploring. Heyyyy, there’s a new #cat in the #neighborhood. #WTH, I have to go check it out.

Okay I’m back. Ran that nasty intruder outta my yard. Ima #classy #sassy and yes, I’ll say it, big #badassy kinda #furbabe. Yikes he’s back. #Mama I’m coming #home!

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