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From Maiden to Queen
Do you like her change over the seasons? πŸ‰

Kit with a fan in Brazil!


#DaenerysTargaryen. πŸ‰πŸ’š Which one is the best season for Daenerys? Mine it's the sixth and third ones! ✨

In which season Jon Snow is your favorite?
We know that Jon has many changes, he's a bastard and always received rejection least Ned and his half-brothers. I'm glad a lot that he could find his place in The Night's Watch and become a man. He had his bad moments but made a family next to Sam and others. Then he was elected Commander to defend the Wall. Some traitors murdered Jon, he returned to govern Winterfell as his first duty to defend the Family Stark. Now his duty is fight against the White Walkers...hope he and the others win the battle.

"This audition process is what I mean about holding a steady path and networking and everything happening for a reason."
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The Rose of Highgarden

My new collection in the making, there will be a full set of these avalible on my Patreon, but ofcourse I want to share this with you also. If however, you want to see the whole collage when it comes out, you can find them there.
Some of them will be alittle NSFW-ish, still tastefull and I am not naked in any haha, but very close,

Photography by @timeforlemontea
Also did ny makeup and the whole thing ;) link to patreon

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day 10: wearing blue πŸ’™
1: as #MargaeryTyrell in #GameofThrones season 3, 2013
2: Game of Thrones season 5 premiere after party
3: as #AnneBoleyn in #TheTudors season 2, 2008
4: as Sarah in #TheForest, 2016
5: as #SeymourFleming aka #SeymourWorsley in #TheScandalousLadyW, 2015

Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer (born 11 February 1982) is an English actress. Born and brought up in Berkshire, she was educated at Chiltern Edge Secondary School and Reading Blue Coat School, and trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Her first professional acting role was in the Shakespeare comedy The Comedy of Errors in 2003. She made her screen debut in Lasse Hallstrom's romantic film Casanova (2005), followed by a small part in the dramedy Distant Shores (2005). She received widespread praise for her portrayal of Anne Boleyn on the Showtime series The Tudors (2007–08), and was nominated for two Gemini Awards for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Drama Series.

She made her stage debut at the Young Vic in 2010 in the play Sweet Nothings, and portrayed Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Duchess of York in Madonna's film W.E. (2011) and Private Lorraine in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011). In 2012, her lead performance in After Miss Julie at the Young Vic attracted widespread critical acclaim. Dormer gained international attention with her performance of Margaery Tyrell on the HBO series Game of Thrones (2012–16), for which she was nominated for two Screen Actors Guild Awards (2014–2015). She is also known for playing Irene Adler/Moriarty on the CBS series Elementary (2013–15), Cressida in the science-fiction adventure films The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 (2014) and Part 2 (2015), and Sara Price/Jess Price in The Forest (2016). #gentlemanboner #gentlemanboners #prettygang #beautifulgirls #prettygirls #beautifulwomen #fineassgirls #baddies #eyecandy #sexyashell #babe #hottie #babes #gorgeous #hotgirl #nataliedormer

Guys. 5 months ago, Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie passed away and Willow dedicated her support and thoughts. 😒

β„Ή Day 29: Idol Cute Face βœ… 😍 🌻

Willow Shields's cuteness and adorableness is literally the best things in life especially her super cute and adorable expressions! 🌺 πŸ’—

Cara de lunes. #nataliedormer

"To live in a world of flesh & teeth, you must learn to kill what you love & love what can die"
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Q; What's your favorite book series of all time? β €β €β €β €A; The Reckoners by Brandon Sanderson β €β €β €β €β €β €

The Starks are grown up 😍

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