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There isn’t much for pictures of these two together, but happy birthday day Agent May! @mingna_wen
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My fav friendship ❤

-day sixteen-
Favorite season finale:
Season four; finale was all that and a bag of chips. I lived for this episode.
#nataliacordovabuckley #nataliacordova #yoyo #agentsofshieldseasonfour #agentsofshield

And my favorites 😆❤
SkyeWard Forever in My Heart ♥

May & Tripp 💕
I miss Tripp 😢

I said I would post a SkyeWard sequence but then I had another idea 😂💕

Day 13: Favorite guest appearance - Ok, first off, sorry I haven’t been on in a while. I’m not gonna lie and give you guys some bs on personal problems, but let me be real. I was reading fan fiction. That is the truth. It was really good fan fiction. Anyways, sorry! My favorite guest appearance was Yo-Yo, played by Natalie Cordova-Buckley. I love her character from the moment I saw her, and now she’s a part of the ‘real’ cast! Oh, I’m probably gonna be spamming for the rest of the days that I missed, btw @yosoycordova @shieldacgents #agentsofshield #agentsofshieldmonth #yoyorodriguez #elenarodriguez #nataliacordova

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