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💓 Happy Mother's Day 💓
💓 21.3.2018 💓
كل أُمّ(ـن) تنـــهــدى باقــة ورود
وانتي اشبالــج مع احلـى قــمــر
من غـــلاج اللي بهم ماله حدود
يقطفولـج غيــم ويهدونـج عمــر
انتي أم العـــز و اشبــال الاسـود
انتي أم الطيـب ياطيـب الفـخــر
انتي أم الــزين ربـــة كــل خــود
‏انتي أم الجـود ياجــود انهــمـــر
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In order to #succeed , we must first believe that we can. 🥇 #nasserbinhamad #nasser13hamad #nasseralkhalifa

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HH the King's Representative for Charity and Youth Affairs, His Highness Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, affirmed that the Kingdom of Bahrain under the leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the King of the State of Bahrain, is presenting outstanding initiatives aimed at improving the standard of living of all citizens and achieving sustainable development. Priorities and interests to provide adequate housing for all citizens in order to complete their life and provide them with decent living, pointing out that the directives and vision of His Majesty the King has always emphasized the importance of accelerating the work and completion of the projects The intention that meet the housing requirements of citizens eligible as the citizen is always the focus of development and the basis and requirements will remain an important priority to provide more decent life for all citizens.
This came during the patronage of His Highness the "Danat Al Lozi Project", which marked the launch of the first joint cooperation between the public and private sectors in the housing sector, in the presence of His Excellency the Minister of Housing Bassem bin Yaqoub Al-Hamr, officials, investors and those interested in housing and real estate in the Kingdom. Al Khalifa that the Kingdom of Bahrain and under the guidance of the wise leadership is taking solid steps in the development process, which is an integral part of the housing sector and gives it a prominent priority and recognizes the importance of housing in the system of decent life provided to the citizen so be careful to give it the highest priority within Stewing strategy and programs, stressing that his housing is an important hub in the lives of all citizens, a social need an important cultural and enhance the status of citizenship and achieved the most important degrees of decent life for citizens. @nasser13hamad #nasser13hamad #nasserbinhamad #nasseralkhalifa

@nasser13hamad 🚵🏼‍♀️
In order to #succeed , we must first believe that we can. 🥇 #nasserbinhamad

@nasser13hamad ❤️🇧🇭❤️ Do not wait; it will never be the right time. Start anywhere, by whatever means you have at your disposal and you will surely find the way. #nasser13hamad #nasserbinhamad #nasseralkhalifa

It does not matter if your dream will come true today or tomorrow, but rather that you work to reach it every day. @nasser13hamad ❤️🇧🇭❤️ #goodweek 🙏🏻 #nasser13hamad #nasserbinhamad #nasseralkhalifa

@nasser13hamad ❤️🇧🇭❤️ Good Monday 🙏🏻🌞 #nasser13hamad #nasserbinhamad #nasseralkhalifa

لاجيت ابكتب فيگ شعر وقصيدھ
القى الكلام العذب من داخلي ضاع
وتبي كلام الحق .. ماهي جديـدھ
وصفگ يخربط بالعقل كل الأوضاع
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