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Nashville has so many hidden gems and The Family Wash/Garage Coffee is one our favorites! Stop by if you're ever in the East Nashville area and leave a review on Nodat!

Yesterday my hand was sore, tense. Especially in the palm of my hand by my thumb and my ring finger. — We have been having snow days and I decided to spend lots of time on my phone texting and hanging out on instagram...the result was sore hands... so @doterra #PastTense to the rescue!! This video shows how I applied it. This helped relieve the tension and trying to avoid so much phone time was positive too!

Studies suggest that socializing benefits seniors in a couple of ways like it helps keep the mind sharp and reduces depression. That’s why staying socially active is extremely important for seniors.
At Knowles Homes Assisted Living and Adult Day services, there are many ways to keep active seniors in touch with the others they live with. Here’s one of the daily activities we have to keep them active!

This is what happens when we get out of the house for a few hours...😂🙈
Exploring around odds and ends all throughout the little town of Lowell.❤️
1 thing I ALWAYS carry with me when going out of the house:
Snacks. ✌🏽
(An in the winter time- big scarves that can also turn into blankets In case of cold buildings..)
I AM that girl who’s always eating...and if I don’t get my food in time- the HANGRY comes out😂
What can YOU never leave the house with?!?😋😋
#teamwholehearted #teamroottorise

When you fill out a ‘Travel Personality Profile’ with us, we always find out how many people you are traveling with. When it’s a large group, we love suggesting @henrietta_red - perfect for sharing amazing plates with a group! 📷 @22pines

Every check at Embers comes with a postcard. Write home to your peeps!

We had so much fun meeting our new #SoBro neighbors in the 222 Tower this morning! We co-hosted a "Sleep In At The SoBro" Breakfast with @CityTapNashville, complete with take-home sleep masks. 😊 #TheSoBro

Suns out buns out☀️

First speaking gig of 2018 ✔️
Speaking in TN ✔️ #Kelfie at Belmont University ✔️
One ELEVATED experience ✔️

Are you, a friend or family member interested in turning your love for Halal food into a job? Check out our list of job positions in the link in our bio and be sure to share with a Gyro-loving friend!

When you cant decide...

Last cigar and espresso martini at the Blend Bar!😢 I really have grown to love this place! #davidoffcigars #blendbarnashville #onlyplacethatsellsthem #sad #nashvillelife

What a lovely day in Belle Meade finally being able to enjoy a bit of warmth and sunshine during my mom’s last day here.

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