@flatironmaidenofficial Leah Turner @leahturnermusic Marti Dodson @martidodson and Hannah Dasher @hannahdasher and if someone can give me the names of the others in these shots. I have a whole bunch more to post from tonight! What an amazingly awesome show benefitting End Slavery Tennessee. @endslaverytn endslaverytn.org #endslaverytn #flatironmaiden #flatironmaidens #nashville #nashvillemusic #nashvillemusicscene #nashvillefemaleartists #mercylounge #positivevibes #singersongwriter #songwriters #80sfashion #80s #80shair #80sparty

SONG 127: “Jubilee & Jefferson St.,” a bit of fiction for y’all today...based on a street I drive down here in Nashville most days. Live at 11:50AM CST. #365songchallenge ••••••••••
Jubilee works down at The Factory,
And spins down poles for security
Rest ain’t easy, this life is hard,
But down on Jefferson Street,
Jubilee’s got a little yard

BBQ and chicken grease in the air,
Barber shops and Baptist churches prepare
The sinners for church, and the church for sinners,
She’s got too much hurt and not enough pride
To live dollar to dollar

Just above the auto repair shop, where Jubilee lives
Not so private, but the rent is accurate
Thin in her skin, she could use a wishing jar,
Or genie in a lamp to run away from it all

She’s singin’
“Conductor, Conductor!
Take me far away,
I never thought I’d end up
Livin’ this way
Condutor, conductor!
Get me out of this city
I heard Jesus is coming, so I better look busy..”

No more pain, it’s time for the lights to go down low
The music blasts over the rain, it’s time for another show
Her nails are dirty, but her heart longs to be saved,
Out of all Jefferson St. has paved

She knows there’s a Savior who gonna bring a way,
It’s just hard out here to have that kinda faith
She’s home now, worn down, aching for a way out
Tomorrow’s another day to carry her dreams around

She’s singin’
“Conductor, Conductor!
Take me far away from here,
I never thought I’d end up
At the corner of Jefferson and Fear
Condutor, conductor!
Get me out of this city
I heard Jesus is coming, so I better look busy..”

Now the mornin’ has come, she’s ready to go
She’s finally starved out her ego
Now she’s only feeding her soul with plans to leave
Towards better lands, towards her jubilee, her own jubilee

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Js a little 15 sec sneak peek of @sheswagginab working on (Video / photo shoot) while she’s under the weather 🙌🏻💯📷 Most definitely hit her up if Yal want shots done . She’s the best in Nashville Tn 🗣🗣 LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN FOR THE PPL IN THE BCK . 🗣SHES THE BEST IN NASHVILLE TN. #nashvillephotographer #nashvillevideographer #nashvillefemaleartists #Thefnlway

Just had to get a piece of artwork done today since I was gone all day and didn’t get any done. This is a commission piece that I was asked to do awhile ago that I am finally getting caught up on for @kayfortner. #nashvilleart #nashvilleartist #nashvillepainters #nashvilleartistcollective #roosterart #acrylicpainting #acryliccanvasart #womenartists #nashvillefemaleartists #farmhouseswag #farmhousedecor #farmhousestyle #farmlife #commissions

You’re so vain. You probably think this song is about you, but it’s not... and I wish it was.. Photo by @thederricklipschitz 🎴 •

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New on the favo list! Swipe to see some deets. This was Luke’s first tattoo, and he sat for 5.5 hours with zero breaks. Balllllerrrrrinooo 👏👏👏 Ty, @mfcolby42 and @bennydstarcommand for the machine borrows!

Look who is on the Nashville scene! @izziejoleene, @canofsweetyams and @heyymarisa doing the locomotion last weekend for @shesarebelnashville !! Loved this event and all the talented artists killed it!! #shesarebel #3rdandlindsley #nashvillefemaleartists #nashvilledance #nashvilleperformer

So much fun sharing the stage with some awesome gals at Natchez Hills Winery at Fontanel today thanks to @charissanicole20 & @thenashvillefam ! Here’s a song we shared that we wrote with our friends @kristenparisi & @daviddreuter at @bigtentnashville called “Love My Mess.” 😊🎶 #nashvillefemaleartists #nashvillefam #girlpower #lovemymess #bigtent #newmusic #singersongwriter

You know that feelin you get when you meet someone that you know you’ve known before? Totally what I got for @lologeorge. Legit cannot wait til we get to hang again, mah woman! Loved designing and tattooin with this gal, we make good stuff 😍👏🥂

One of my first images shot in a studio. I love going through old work and seeing how far I have come as a photographer.

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Closeup of the deets today on @bekahbibee. Swipe for tha big pic.

“Ancient” technologies. So excite. Thanks for giving me your arm, @amalexander21! 💋. Swipe for them deets.

I was pretty over life when I woke up this morn, but my clients today were amazing. So thankful for you guys. Thank you, Michael, Jill, and Erin!
I’ve been complaining a lot about feeling like I am identified by my job, and nothin else. Sometimes I just wanna feel like Shannon, not Shannon the tattooer. Sometimes I want people to talk to me about ME, ie about things other than tattooing. But this week has reminded me that crushes might stand you up, and friends might let you down, but tattooing is always there. I’m thankful for my job, I’m SO thankful for my clients, and I’m thankful tattooing will still have me after I fuss like a jerk and stomp around like a brat. It’s the greatest job I can imagine, and I love it to the ends of the earth. Nothin but gratitude. ♥️ Ps I’m pretty thankful for @mfcolby42 and @kvltshit. Better siblings sans blood hath not been had. 🙏♥️

Super duper into this lion ❤️
#cybele strikes again 🦁

180 mando on this! Proud of her for sittin like a damned stone! 👏

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