wedding vibes wa 🕺🕺🕺

Yup #reflection shot time

We got alllll the goods in this lunch 🥗🍗
Day whatever (I forget) of gluten free & I think I'm gonna stick with it long term bc I just feel so much better! Less stomach problems & I have more energy:))
Just had a morning practice & now I'm off to go shopping & run errands with the fam
Hope you guys have a good Memorial Day🇺🇸
Oven baked chicken, 1/4 avocado, sautéed zucchini & carrots + greek yogurt w/ peach and walnuts


mood. #sleepyhead

bin nicht soo zufrieden aber naja
gönnt euch trzd :)
dt; @kmn.nash

As I dove back into the work flow I just wanted to stop and say that Kyiv is beautiful 😍

And that I shadered my phone screen.
And that I am tired.
And that I ate my lunch at 9am.
Ok, I'm out.

From back when I worked with the awesome Shannon Fontaine in Nashville before I moved 😢 had to crop the rest of the pic out, not IG appropriate 😂 #photography #nashville #tn #nash #nashvegas #bikini #summer #bikiniseason #modeling #ihadatan #militarywife #military #armywife #army #armylife #love


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