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Fun filled weekend at PRI has me missing the M3. Post NASA Champs race at Sebring back in October.

Rear cam from NASA West Coast Champs @thunderhillracewaypark ST4 qual race battling badass @newmarkaustin #nasa #racenasa #westcoastchamps #nasachamps #thunderhill

Good to see familiar faces!! @track_monsters ST4 #integra had a solid run first time out!! We love the new livery! #dc2integra #thunderhillraceway #nasachamps

Friday ear candy. Dyno pulls from Sebring. #hispeedmotorsports #sebring #nasagts #e36m3 #nasachamps

This BMW M3 has been with me from 2004, from the street, to autox, to track, to TT, to W2W Racing, and finally to become the NASA Eastern States GTS2 Champion. #nasaracing #nasachamps #nasamidatlantic #gts2

Track might be a little slow next session. #nasachamps #nasachampionships #strommotorsports #thunderhill #fire


Fun filled weekend at PRI has me missing the M3. Post NASA Champs race at Sebring back in October.

One of my favorite videos!!! That was such an awesome weekend!!! #hondachallenge #makehondachallengegreatagain #nasama #nasase #trackthatshit #nasachamps #ESC

Another nice picture of the Integra from ThunderHill Western States Championship. Fun Facts: The car was originally being built for Honda Challenge and wasn't until a few weeks before the Championship that we decided to build it as an ST-4 car. It took 1 and half weeks of near sleepless nights to put the project together. The fact that we made it to the event was an accomplishment on its own. You'll notice the front bumper and rear trim under the tail lights are not wrapped because we ran out of time. We were still working on the wrap the morning of the event before we loaded it on the tailer to at least finish the stripes on both sides. #nasachamps #nasast4 #racingislife #trackmonsters #hyper7 #orange #Honda #acura #integra #dc2 #bseries

Some GTS2 love from @drivenasa’s Speed News. With my name spelled with a “K”. 🙃

Take me back to Florida

Zigged when I should have zagged. Almost missed Drew and @a_nash_racing just missed taking the front of my car off. 🙏 Somehow caught up to the pack and finished P3. Both our cars were fixed for the championship race.

After the downpour, we restart the NASA Eastern States Championship Race. The trick is knowing how much grip you have at any moment. #nasachamps #nasaracing #nasamidatlantic #racingintherain #sebringraceway #gts2 #bmwm3 #e36m3

One of my personal favorites at Sebring last weekend #nasama #nasachamps #ST3

I little late but we were able to pull out the win as 2017 NASA PTC Eastern States Champions and a P3 in TTD. Since no one showed for PTD we decided to run our 100% D car in C and pulled off winning all 3 races. I have to thank my Dad for helping since day 1 make this possible I could never thank you enough. My family for the support. There are so many others I have to thank too: The guys at @949racing for great quality parts and help with car setup. @mazdamotorsports for great support getting the car ready for every race. @linfertperformance for all the hours tuning it, @hoosiertire, @gloc_brakes for making the winning pass possible in turn 7, @seanherlehy for our bushings that we swear by, and many more people that I know I’m forgetting.
Now to fix everything I broke to start all over again next year.

Sorry my pictures are so late, school is kicking my butt right now.... #hondachallenge #makehondachallengegreatagain #nasama #nasafl #nasachamps #trackthatshit

Dear Sebring,
You are my favorite.
~*~*~ 📸: @tix5000

Friday ear candy. Dyno pulls from Sebring. #hispeedmotorsports #sebring #nasagts #e36m3 #nasachamps

I still can’t believe it, It’s been a little more than 72 hours since I got home from Sebring a National Champion. What an unbelievable feeling. I knew I could run a fast lap at Sebring, but honestly coming into the weekend on Thursday I never expected this! Friday’s qualifying race went well and I finished in P2. Saturday I started in P4. I had to make a setup change that I wasn't too happy with, but I managed to keep a good pace and finished in P4 behind two super fast drivers, @sandroespinosa and @mrjibmiester Going into Sunday’s race I felt well prepared but a bit under powered. Starting in P2 I knew it was going to take consistency and some solid defensive driving to keep the fast guys behind me. When the green flag dropped the gloves came off and by turn 3 I had seen and been a part of two separate incidents. I was very lucky to be able to continue. Something changed in the front suspension, effecting steering and making the car act funny under braking. The race was probably one of the most intense races I’ve ever been in. I had to drive at 11/10’s the entire race. Issa and @brian.edmonds two clean and fast drivers put the pressure on and we swapped positions multiple times. @olivierbellanger put the pressure on until a mechanical issue sidelined him. My lines were defensive and they were on the offense. The last lap was the most difficult, and I lost the lead heading into T17. I had just enough momentum to cross under and squeak by @brian.edmonds at the last minute! What a race! I’d like to thank God for giving me strength and opportunities to live my dream! Thank you @_ladycondor for always being so supportive of me and this racing lifestyle we live. @mad_motorsports and @elongoran thank you both for helping with the car setup this weekend. @panzerperformance thanks for your support. Props to the #condorraceteam, @jgpresto, @chris__47, @curtisb12 and @jasonbelina. Without you guys, this wouldn’t even be a thing. #condorspeedshop #condorbushings #nasachamps #nasaracing #spece30 #se30 #florida_e30s #sebringinternationalraceway #bmwmotorsport

The American Iron field included a wide spread of Mustangs and Camaros from many different generations. #nasachamps #toyotires #drivenasa #nasafl

My rookie year as a racer has finally come to an end. I've learned so much in the past year and accomplished things I never thought were possible. I owe it all to @hugh.stewart and @hispeedmotorsports. Hugh built me this missile last winter and has taught me so much about racing along the way. He kept me calm over the radio this weekend after my contact on Saturday and my spin on Sunday when I couldn't get the car restarted. He worked tirelessly to make sure the car was 100% all weekend long. Thanks for all the coaching and support throughout the entire season. And for always reminding me why we are out here - to have fun.
It has been a fantastic season racing the GTS2 boys with NASA NE. It was a dream come true to compete at ESC and bring home some hardware. After a full season's worth of racing, I feel like I've just scratched the surface. I'm excited for the challenges that 2018 will bring.
Videos from this weekend and the rest of the season are uploaded to my YouTube channel. Please subscribe if you haven't already. https://www.youtube.com/clicketyclam0

What a fantastic 4-day weekend at Sebring International Raceway. NASA hosted a great weekend. I had the opportunity to race with the best spec miata drivers in the country. While there is always room for improvement, I am very happy with my performance on this legendary track. Congratulations to Michael Ross and Trevor McCallion on the 1st and 3rd place finishes. For me, the highlight of this weekend was racing alongside Chris Haldeman as he went from last to finishing top 5. Thank you to my sponsors Harris Hill Raceway, AutoSpec, Tasty Placement, and to all H2R Grand Prix participants. Going to Nationals couldn’t have been possible without your support. Thank you to X-Factor Racing and Gas Head Motorworks for all your help. I successfully accomplished what I set out to do and now I need to get ready for the Mazda Road to 24 Shootout.

#harrishillraceway #autospec #tastyplacement #nasa #nasachamps #mazda #toyotires

Pretty jazzed on my goodies from Sebring. Now I just need to buy an Alfa and a Lotus to back it up! 😄

They say 2nd place is the first loser, but I’ll take it! NASA 2017 Eastern States Championship - GTS4. Huge thanks to @tpcracing and @dsc_sport for a monster of a car. #nasachamps #nasaracing #nasama #tpcracing #porschemotorsport #porsche #997gt3

Great job to Rob and everybody else who competed!! #hondachallenge #makehondachallengegreatagain #nasase #nasafl #nasachamps #trackthatshit

#P2 finish in the #nasachamps event this weekend. Thought we might have something for Scott today but wasn't the reality. Thank you to the @crucialmotorsports guys that put up with me and help make us a better program. Also thank you to @nasaracing @toyotires @sebringraceway @hawkperformance @hoosiertire and @condorspeedshop for giving us great venues and products to beat up on!!! 🏁🤙🏻🏁 #anashracing #crucialmotorsports #letsgoracing #bmw #bmwmotorsport #gts2

Started last and made it to a P3 finish for the championship race! Exciting race with the sudden downpour and super slick conditions. What a fantastic race to close out my rookie year. Thank you to all my sponsors for helping to put this car on the podium! @hispeedmotorsports @akgmotorsport @rtd.shifter @hoosiertire @hawkperformance

Thank you Sebring for an amazing few days! It's been great! #nasachamps #toyotires #drivenasa #nasafl

Day 3 at the NASA Eastern Sates Championship here at Sebring was intense. Starting 9th position for race 2, I had a good chance of getting top 5. Unfortunately, at the start of the race, there was a massive 10 car pile up. Thankfully, I was able to avoid it by half a car length, however, multiple drivers were involved and all are ok now. The race was red flagged until everything was cleaned up, and went back to racing. I was able to finish 6th position after a tough battle with the legendary Chris Haldeman. This put me in 6th position starting for the final, Championship Race.
#harrishillraceway #autospec #tastyplacement #nasa #nasachamps #mazda #toyotires

Congratulations to ST4 champion Stephen Pierce. #nasachamps #toyotires #drivenasa #nasafl

@joenationwide (Scott Blair) is leading the GTS2 championship but can he hold on for the final race today? #nasachamps #toyotires #drivenasa #nasafl

Sharing my office this weekend with the spirits of legends like Surtees and Fangio. If Nuvolari was still driving in 1950 when this place opened, I’d have all my favorite racers with me. 🏁#humbled

Hitched a ride on the pace car this morning. Full album to come.

Thank you Sebring for another great day!!! #nasachamps #toyotires #drivenasa #nasafl

Started from the back today as we missed the qualifying session this morning. Also narrowly missed a first lap incident, check it out!!👀 #crucialmotorsports #raceshop #raceprep #racecar #nasafl #nasachamps #nasaproracing #hawkperformance #condorbushings #hoosiers @sebringraceway @hawkperformance @hoosiertire @a_nash_racing @nasaracing

Make sure to check out race hero and the live stream for your favorite drivers!! #nasachamps #toyotires #drivenasa #nasafl

Group D out for qualifying. #nasachamps #toyotires #drivenasa #nasafl

Day 2 at the NASA Eastern Sates Championships in Sebring, FL was a blast, despite the transmission failure. Thanks to the X-Factor Racing and Gas Head Motorworks teams, they got me back on track. Unfortunately, I had to miss qualifying and I started last for Race 1. I knew this would be a bit challenging but a lot of fun. Starting 25th, I managed to get through the field up to 9th, achieving the Hard Charger Award in Spec Miata. Stay tuned for Day 3.
#harrishillraceway #autospec #tastyplacement #nasa #nasachamps #mazda #toyotires

Beautiful Porsche 911 going out for TT today. #nasachamps #toyotires #drivenasa #nasafl

Race 1 didn't go very well,
was in 5th pressing on 4th place., when we went under yellow. The guys behind me took advantage of the restart, that's when things got sticky. I ended up with a bent up front suspension that put me out of the race. Tomorrow I start in the back. Video will be must watch material #10se30 #nasachamps #spece30 #condorpseedshop

Little edit to sum up the day! Fantastic racing here at Sebring. #nasachamps #drivenasa #nasafl

Qualified P3 and finished P3 for today’s qualifying race. Car feels good. Another qualifying race tomorrow and then the big race on Sunday!

@robferriol doing well at Sebring today!!! #nasama #nasachamps #drivenasa

Friday has been a great day with some amazing races! What will the drivers bring for us tomorrow? Watch live at the eastern states championships website. #nasachamps #drivenasa #nasafl

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