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What are some of the subtle ways you work toward growth fostering relationships with your use of language? It’s another place where “little things” aren’t little! These are three things I hear a lot that I hope to see shift. A few others: partner’s’ (possessive form) feels more inclusive for people who love more than one person; ‘not getting or keeping erections when you want’ instead of “erectile dysfunction;” and ‘co-determine healthy goals’ feels better than “diagnose.” Also preferring language that doesn’t assume monogamy as the default, so instead of ‘non-monogamy’ I like the feeling of just specifying open/poly/etc.
Yes, it takes longer to speak this way, but it’s honestly not that difficult to re-train ourselves! I was trained to say words like *cringe* “patient” and all sorts of unintentionally disastrous little verbal habits. Now it weirds me out when I hear people claiming ownership with “my clients,” but it honestly took me a hot minute (maybe a couple months and I’ll still slip occasionally!) to cut that one out. Well worth the practice on so many levels.
If we’re acquainted you’re probably aware of my deep love (obsession) of the work of #JeanBakerMiller (🙏 Gena Minnix for the introduction!) and #CedarBarstow (🙏 @luminarycounselingpllc for deepening the obsession) to do with the ethics around power. Dr. Jean Baker Miller basically realized that a bunch of straight, male, affluent, white people got together to define what “problems” or ‘disorders’ are in psychology, and so people who were just not... straight white dudes, were getting pathologized for normal responses to the world. She studied what makes therapy work and came up with an idea of #growthfosteringrelationships and I can’t recommend her article, “Telling the Truth About Power” enough. To learn more just search ‘Relational Cultural Theory.’ Cedar Barstow is also brilliant to read, especially if you’re a clinician or student hoping to embody a person-first philosophy and think about ethics in richly systemic ways. 🙌
We create our reality with language. Let’s work together to make it one that’s fair and kind and inclusive. 💞😘

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But even if it did, you can still pen the epilogue #narrativetherapy #empowerment #responsibility

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As autumn creeps in with still sleep and cool nights , cracked earth gasps , cracked lips , head tilted, drinks the rain and all that wilted sings again . Returning to the smell of dug earth, leaf litter, we return to ourselves and the cycles we are intrinsically weaved amongst , the chaos they call you from, to roll over and over, lifted, gently, placed at the edge of the shore, standing centre stage in the spotlight of the moon, as she whispers , ‘ all is well, all is well ‘. 🙏🌺🌕🍀 #autumn #meditation #mindfulness #backtothesource #creativity #narrative #writersofinstagram #narrativetherapy #theartofpaintingwithwords

Once all the songs begin to sound empty, known and obsolete, it is high time to start singing new ones. In these new songs, feel free to place less important things where they are meant to be - far from the focal point of your life. Start singing songs with new stories featuring you as the leading character, smiling and surrounded by nice people. And don’t be alone in those songs, except when you get an urge for the sweet isolation which brings you back to yourself and eventually to the others. Oh, I just feel like singing right now!
Kad sve pesme zazvuče prazno, poznato i proživljeno, vreme je da započnes da pevaš neke nove...u tim pesmama slobodno premesti sporedne stvari na mesto koje i zaslužuju, van glavnog okvira tvog života... započni pesme sa novim pričama u kojima si glavni junak, nasmejan i okruzen dobrim ljudima. U tim pesmama ne budi sam, sem kad poželis ono slatko samovanje koje te vraća sebi, a na kraju i drugima. E baš mi se zapevalo!
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May the luck of the Irish help you pass all your finals with flying colors! 🌈 You got this coyotes!

Finding Meaning in our challenges and struggles boosts not only our ability to cope with the difficulties, but transforms our relationship with them.
It builds our vicarious resilience even in cases of oppression, giving us the perspective necessary to address inequities in a way that builds us up instead of tearing us down.

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The CAT-kit classic was originally published in 2002. Now we are proud to present the CAT webapp edition.
It’s a great hands on toolkit with lots of help to clarify and restore emotions and relations.

Check the link for an intro on youtube narrated by dr. Tony Attwood #tonyattwood - one of the authors.

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9-5 class on a Sunday with these cuties 💁🏼‍♀️👯‍♂️🎩 One day down, nine days to go 📚 #keepcuphat #masters #unimelb #narrativepractice

‘Literature and Mental Health: Narrative Practices in Articulating Responses to Text’ by @drmarianacasale 🇦🇷Buenos Aires, 11th April. 🤓💚📚🇦🇷🇬🇧

We're going live on Facebook to answer all your questions about Narrative Therapy. Live on 19th March at 4pm! 💜
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