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I love to run and regardless of how slow I go I’m still covering the distance. More to the point I’m out in the fresh air, listening to the birds singing, smelling gorgeous garden & bush scents, feeling alive and HAPPY 😁

The endorphins you feel after running are apparently similar to feelings of falling in love. 💕 •
Well, I can’t vouch for the science behind that statement but I can vouch for the overwhelming joy I feel after moving my body. I honestly feel like I fall in love with life.❤️

This wasn’t something that came naturally to me at first. I always claimed ‘I wasn’t a runner’ but I decided to change the way I thought. •
I worked on a strategy to build up my body slowly and challenge my thoughts, and then one day not long after I proclaimed I was a runner. •
I’ve never looked back and now I know I can do this in other areas of my life. My internal stories can be altered. I have the opportunity to change 🙌

This is why my psychotherapy clients come to me. They are hopeful for positive change in their lives and I am able to walk alongside them as they explore and make those changes. ☺️
To find out more visit my website link in my bio.

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What narrative are you holding? Are you the change maker? The boundary setter, The chain breaker, The trend setter? Going against the grain isn’t easy but it can start with YOU! #breakthecycle #familydynamics #staywoke #dysfunctionalfamilies #dosomethingdifferent #anewway #newchapters #choices #mentalhealth #sobriety #healthychoices #narrativetherapy

Living in a house on the edge of a cliff seems like a lovely thing. It offers unimpeded views, seclusion, and that powerful feeling that comes from standing on top of something and looking down at the world. There is also the chance that the cliff could break off causing your house to fall...
This house on a cliff is like an eating disorder. While it may initially offer powerful views, seclusion, and look appealing, after awhile, it becomes clear that the cliff, where the eating disorder is situated, is not long for this world. ...
However, the challenge, like those who have bought these houses, is to recognize the instability of the cliff, and make the decision to back away from the edge. ...
Don’t be fooled by the view..back away from the edge! - Tessa Gordon @embodyinghope .
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Allowing the intuitive symbolism to surface and bring me its message. ⚋⚋⚋ Who do we follow? What do we give up? Where is our guiding light? What is our true path? ⚋⚋⚋ These are the questions I ponder now.
8"x10" mixed media on watercolor paper. Available. DM me for purchase info.
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We love this ‘Auditory Memory’ story deck from @superduperpub , it helps us get thinking before we make up our own narratives. Having difficulties sequencing ideas? Visual prompt boards can support children to structure and sequence their stories and recall their day! #narrativetherapy #auditorymemory #speechandlanguagetherapy #speechandlanguagetherapist #SEN

A few more mouse friends helping ‘turn ideas of failure upside down’ 🐭🐞
The sample kit is looking so lovely!

The last worm, sunny summer day at my #psychologistoffice . It’s going to get much colder tomorrow. #psychologist #narrativetherapy #creativity #creativitycoach #magdafres #narrativecoaching #lifecoach #lifecoaching

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Happy National Addictions Professionals day! I will say that it is nice to be recognized for the work I do, and my team is one of the best at making sure we know how valued and appreciated we are by each other and the community.
It's not an easy job. As a narrative therapist, I gather stories I've heard and so many of my clients are so brave that it almost hurts to be a spectator to their struggles and their accomplishments. And sometimes, I go home with my heart aching for those who are suffering. Sometimes, hearing and seeing trauma whittles me down, tears me down, and I have to make a conscious effort to extricate myself and use my skills to care for myself and to be intentional about self-care and processing. But, it is an honor. I believe it is my honor to witness what I do. It is an absolute honor that I can witness the struggles,.and the trauma, and how they use their strengths to overcome their challenges.
Makeup is often an outlet for me. It is often the way I deal with my own challenges and with my own trauma. And I am grateful I can share that with you and others.
If you are sober for just a minute, I am proud of you. If you relapse, I am still proud of you for the work you put in to stay sober for as long as you did, and I am proud of your desire to start over, or the willingness to ask for help.
If you are using, I still love and respect you as a person, and I am proud that you lived another day, and coped another day so that you could make choices that affect your future. If you lived today, I am proud of you for doing what you could with what you could. I am honored that you let me be a part of your journey toward self-discovery and sobriety.
If you're suffering, I see you. I see you trying. I see you have hope, and you have motivation, and you may have a village of people you just haven't met yet.
I see you. And I love you. And I am proud of you.
Keep going, friend. Keep digging into your strengths, keep using your supports, keep fighting for the dream you have of living a different reality because I'm honored to help you see your strengths, to be one of your supports, to help you develop a clear view of your dream.

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