So many stories are centered around the holiday season. Which one is your favorite?
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I love stories and books. My recent read is #WomenWhoRunWithThWolves Its a collection of myths and stories of #WildWomenArchetype
I bought this book because I saw #MayaAngelou recommend it on the cover page. #MyMoto #WomenStandByWomen #WomenEmpowerWomen
Remember how we were told many things and stories as we grew up!!! I always had questions listening to these narratives but I was taught to silently listen to these stories. Or may be I was trained or forced not to ask questions. But reading this book and studying #NarrativeTherapy along side has answered many of my questions. I highly recommend women around me to read this book.
Its true that we all experience our very own struggles but have you recently stopped to wander what others struggles are while you live through yours?
Here is a list and #shoutout to my women who run with the wolves. Women who inspire me to live life on my very own terms everyday. Women who set an example and live their right fiercely. Women who have an ordinary life but live extra ordinary lives. Women I personally know or follow on Instagram because they narrate their story and do not fear #LogKyaKahege

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Changing your reality starts with changing your language. How do you speak about your life, your past, your present, your future. Trust me, I know where you are. That gut wrenching feeling; that hopelessness; self-defeating stories about how things should be. To be so far gone, that sleeping is the better option and being intoxicated is the more bearable version of you, both to yourself and others. To cringe and mentally breakdown every time someone tells you how much they admire your strength because all you wanna do is stop being strong. You will get here ⬆️ you just have to actively pursue it 💫 look in the mirror and say I LOVE YOU.
Change your language, retrain your brain. •

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So excited my sweet @momentoons print arrived today!! ⁣😍😍😍

This will eventually live in my office where I hope it will serve as a reminder to my clients (and myself!) that self-love is a practice. ⁣

Follow @momentoons if you aren't already and prepare to be delighted. ✌️💙

🗣 EXTERNALISATION- "The person is not the problem, the problem is the problem" .

Externalisation is the practice of separating a person from their problem.

Viewing a child as the problem (i.e. labelling them or 'naughty' or 'stubborn' or even a ‘bed-wetter’ can influence their self perception and identity formation- with social feedback reinforcing that the behavior or problem is integral to their character and 'fixed'. The practice of externalization can be an effective playful way to motivate children to face and overcome their challenges. In social environments blame and shame about a problem tends to have a silencing and immobilisating effect for children, limiting their ability to practice building skills and resilience to overcome adversity.
When a child engages in the process of externalization it can empower them to form a relationship with the problem- no longer being defined as inherently being the problem.

In the space between person and problem, responsibility, choice and personal agency tend to expand. - 📷: @blackdoginst
For more on narrative therapy in play see www.narrativeapproaches.com


🍃🧘🏻‍♀️SD Self Care Stop: Wildlife & Pets. One opportunity that is abundant in a climate like San Diego’s is year-round access to creatures like birds, fish, seals, and ducks. Not to mention the number of pets to be found running around on leash in our city. The presence of animals is therapeutic on so many levels. As you observe the moment-to-moment present based behaviors of animals, life slows down for a minute. Have you ever noticed how playful and childlike people become when asking to say hello or to pet a dog? When is the last time you fed the ducks, visited dog beach, or went to the zoo?
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Freewrite is a game changer when working on narrative letters and drafting ideas for work. #freewrite #narrativetherapy

"Что будет, если не праздновать Новый год?" - вот такую статью сегодня прочитала. Автор на полном серьёзе описывает варианты "бед", которые ожидают человека, если он вздумает игнорировать праздник. 😱
Итог, кстати, оказался неожиданный. Ни за что не догадаетесь, какой.☝
Итак, автор обещает 100%-ое изменение жизни, если человек праздновал Новый год всегда и внезапно прекратил или наоборот, никогда не праздновал и вдруг начал. .
Не буду вдаваться в логическую цепочку аргументов в пользу такого вывода. Здесь мне интересно другое. .
Сейчас, в преддверии Нового года, как никогда много всяческих идей, традиций, советов, обсуждений того, как праздновать, с кем, что одеть, что съесть, да и праздновать ли вообще.
И, как правило, все они делятся по принципу соответствия неким нормативам. .
Например, праздновать с семьёй нормально, а одному без ёлки и шампанского нет. Такого "бедолагу" сразу все кидаются спасать и предлагать компанию, считая, что непременно он страдает от одиночества. Хотя, согласитесь, вовсе не факт. .
Нас так много, у каждого из нас свои собственные представления о праздниках и о традициях. И вовсе не все они вписываются в нормативы. Значит ли это, что человеку обязательно нужно стремиться соответствовать им: быть счастливым, радостным, хотеть семью и т.д. и т.п.
Если рядом с вами есть такие люди и вам очень хочется начать их спасать, возможно бОльшую пользу вы принесёте им, если спросите их мнения об этом. 🙏
Друзья, давайте праздновать различия!👏 Фото: @kate_lukovich
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Joanne Macgregor is a Counselling Psychologist with over twenty years’ experience in therapy and training. In her psychology practice, she uses these compelling, relatable stories as metaphors to help her clients grasp challenging truths and inspirational messages. Written in plain, simple language without confusing jargon, the stories and their lessons pull no punches.⠀

If you are a therapist, you will find this book an invaluable aid in treating your patients.⠀


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“We must remain conscious of the world of the archetypes, because in it we are still a part of Nature and are connected with our
own roots. ~Carl Jung
So much to explore and discover!! Looking forward to the workshop!! 💕 link in bio #personaltransformation #healing #narrativetherapy #changeyourlife #newyearnewme

You have the power to re-tell your story. By reframing our past, we shift our perspective in the present and have power over our future. Narrative therapy can include creative writing, comic and zine making, or guided art making with a qualified art therapist. One such example is Surface Society, a zine I made about my experience with eczema. #creativeeartharttherapy #arttherapy #narrativetherapy #comic #surfacesociety #zine #artastherapy .
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Profound truth

We are. Really.

We can’t go on holiday without leaving you with some of our favourite books from this year. 📚 Reading some of these over the summer could be a great gift to yourself 📚 & these books just may feature in some upcoming Book Club Sessions for 2019 ☺️ 📖 The life plan - Shannah Kennedy @shannahkennedy 📖 First we make the beast beautiful - Sarah Wilson @_sarahwilson_ 📖Raising Girls - Steve Biddulph 📖The Universe Has Your Back - Gabrielle Bernstein @gabbybernstein 📖Braving the Wilderness - Brene Brown @brenebrown 📖Hold Me Tight - Sue Johnson ☀️ ☂️ 🏖 🕶 🧢 🏊‍♀️🌴🌻🌈 #bibliotherapy #summer #reading #books #bookclub #narrativetherapy

This week will be the last in practice for Wings and Quill for 2018. 🌲
Thank you to our beautiful community for your support, involvement and commitment this year. The community we have is so special, and I feel incredibly lucky to get to know you all. What a privilege to walk along side people as they do their best to Navigate life in a way that is true to their values and gives them freedom and energy in their future.
I have such respect for the people I work with. They are the bravest people I know and inspire me everyday.
In 2019 we will endeavour to continue offering you a warm, connected and creative place to deconstruct and reconstruct life within. We’re returning in January with some fresh Connection Sessions on subjects like sleep, spirituality, fashion in recovery and how you can create a home space that supports wellness. 🏡 We also have a few other projects up our sleeves we can’t wait to share with you, as well as some new workshops and book clubs. 📚
Wishing everyone an end of year filled with hope, rest and connection with those you love (including yourself!) 🌟🎄🔔❤️🎅🎄🌟❤️🤶🏻🎄🌟✨⚜️. #narrativetherapy #seasonsgreetings #rest #closedfortheholidays #psychotherapy_journey #privatepractice #healing #honoured #hope

This has been a challenge in my life as a pretty proficient perfectionist. But man, sometimes I make a mess. I was reminded this week of the power of the “inbetween”, somewhere in the midst of what I’ve historically described as failure or perfection.
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