I’ve been told I have an “abrasive personality” but I just don’t see it. Thanks everyone that came out. #narp #cakeswat

Crashing into NARPfest 3.0! The sun came out and I managed to defend my title with a new star partner @lukegerwing! Thanks to @brisbin44 for the organisation and @racehorsestu and @bouffy for the long distance support. #narp #narpfest2018 #narp3.0 #ripchip #cougar #mostimportanteventoftheyear 📸: @emdickson23

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A few final impressions from #luft5. Arnold #wassergekühlt weekend nearly at an end. #luftgekühlt #luft5 #porsche911 #porsche912 #porsche356 #porsche914 #narp #porsche935 #gmündcoupe

More variety and vibrant colours at #luft5. Was a bit tough to get good photos! Arnold #wassergekühlt weekend continues. #luftgekühlt #luft5 #porsche911 #porsche356 #porsche914 #narp #porsche935 #porsche911r

What an incredible day at #luft5 - such an incredible variety of cars. Literally hundreds on display. Unreal! Will be posting a few more highlights. Arnold #wassergekühlt weekend continues. #luftgekühlt #luft5 #porsche911 #porsche356 #porsche914 #narp #porsche935

How many of my retired athlete friends know what they are doing in the gym anymore? No more coaches to keep you in check, no more programs that build off the day, week, or month before. Whether you’re a retired athlete or not, I don’t know very many people who are confident in their current gym routine
It’s okay! I was so scared after I hung up my knee pads that I wouldn’t know what I would do to stay in shape anymore
Luckily I have met some amazing people, found some fantastic resources and killer programs that have put me in the BEST shape of my life (so many regrets that this was after I was done playing 😂)
It’s okay to not know what exactly you are doing. It’s okay that you don’t 100% know what foods to be eating. It’s okay that you struggle motivating yourself everyday. This is where I would LOVE to help
I have over 60 different programs all with complementary nutrition guides that build day after day just waiting for YOU! No matter your current fitness level, injury preventions, or excuses 😜
I know you don’t want to feel insecure when you’re at the beach in a few weeks. No one wants to hear you get defensive or complain either! Whether you have 21, 30, 60, or 90 days until your next vacay let’s start NOW!
Message, email, text, whatever form of contact! Don’t let another day go by when you have someone who’d love to help you 💙

Wish I was doing this right now #narp

Thought I'd talk about nutrition/food. Let me preface by saying:
I am not a nutritionist or dietitian, but I've done a lot of my own research and have worked with several nutritionists in the past. Also, everybody is different so what's healthy is going to vary from person to person. ---
A lot of times, we think that are bodies are against us- that if we overeat one day, we will automatically gain 5 lbs of fat. It doesn't work like that. Most of the time, our bodies are on our sides, trying to burn any excess calories and giving us energy. Gaining significant weight takes effort (trust me), a ton of excess calories (trust me), and it is usually connected to something besides the food/exercise situation (like hormonal issues, mental issues, etc).
This picture is from last year, I was probably around 125 pounds (5'4" btw), eating 2500-3000 calories a day, exercising regularly and maintaining my weight. Some of you might think that's a lot, but it was what MY body needed to feel good. I didn't cut out any food groups and I ate at all times of the day (no intermittent fasting). I did the whole cutting calories and doing tons of cardio thing in high school....really just leads you to an unhealthy relationship with food and with yourself. Don't be afraid to fuel your body- honor it, eat spinach for the vitamins/minerals and eat pizza..... well, because it's pizza!! (Or eat spinach on your pizza and you knock em both out)
➡️Also, building muscle speeds up your resting metabolism. (If you increase your muscle mass, you will burn more calories). Lift those weights y'all!
I rarely get sick or sore and I mostly attribute it to eating. Food is important for your immune system and recovery!! Your immune system starts in your gut which means eating things that promote good gut bacteria will help you to not get sick. Also, properly fueling your body after workouts will reduce soreness. ---
As a society, I think we do a really crappy job of informing children, teens, and adults about nutrition. Our culture is very centered around dieting and eliminating when I personally think we should be preaching balance. A lot of people develop eating disorders and anxiety ⬇️⬇️⬇

Last night I went to an informative and inspiring evening at the Young Minds Matter Forum for my home town.
Aimed at mental health for 12 to 25 year olds the evening was hosted by comedian Nelly Thomas, and had guest speaker Lucas, a volunteer from Beyond Blue, singer and actress @clarebowditch and former North Melbourne AFL premiership winner Wayne Schwass, who all shared their stories of their own mental health journeys and gave advice for looking after our own mental health, and that of a young person.
A really well run event by @cityofmeltonofficial that I hope will be organised again in the future!
#pe #peteacher #peteacheraustralia #peprimaryteacher #peprimaryteacheraustralia #narp #narppeteacher #the_narp_pe_teacher #physicaleducation #physicaleducationaustralia #pysicaleducationvictoriancurriculum #sportsucks #isuckatsport

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