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Napalm Death - From enslavement to obliteration // perfect album when its Friday and u just payed your parket fine and u working to midnight! 💀 .
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I met Shane Embury (El Hongo) from Brujería/Napalm Death, I think his cute. 😂
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WINNER of two tickets to see Napalm Death @observatoryoc is @rufiospenz .
We still have tickets available for this show $18 - cash only
And these upcoming shows too:
11/3 Napalm Death @ The Observatory $18

11/4 The Dickies @ Bar 1650 $15

11/5 DOA @ Tiki Bar $15

11/5 DI and Naked Aggression @ The Elks Lodge $8

11/12 The Mr. T Experience @ Constellation Room $15

11/13 Choking Victim @ The Observatory $20

11/30 Peter Murphy @ The Observatory $35

12/6 Children of Bodem @ The Observatory $37.50

12/10 The Adolescents, The Dickies, The Alley Cats, The Crowd @ The Observatory $18

12/27 The Melvins w/ OFF! & Redd Kross @ The Observatory $25

12/28 Henry Rollins @ The Observatory $35
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Selamat bro @item_57 dengan tshirt #napalmdeath , kamu telah masuk nominasi Band Shirt of the Month November untuk memenangkan hadiah senilai total 500 ribu rupiah.
Rock Nation foto contest #bandshirtoftheday #rocknationid pakai merch band favoritmu, mention dan tag ke akun instagram @rocknationid, syarat dan ketentuan cek http://www.rocknation.id/blog/2016/04/bandshirtoftheday.

Фотка для моих любимых студентов 🖤 Pic for my favorite students @brattkirill хорошо ! 🔫👽⚡️#napalmdeath #slayer #хурма #etc #keysforinspiration

Finally met Shane Embury, after long loooooong time.
I'm so happy. :D
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Normally I don't like to discuss music topics that are saddened but today, I'm very devastated and beyond disappointed to let you guys know ahead of time that French Brutal Death Metal band Kronos are calling it done after being together since 1994 only have made four astonishing albums. Arisen New Era was one of my absolute favorites in 2015 considered the band discusss Greek Mythology in their songwriting but this band has kept a sound so original, unique and creative that I first heard of them around 2014 after they've released a single from Arisen New Era called Brotherlords and my goodness I was absolutely in love with the direction they've taken. Musically Kronos almost reminds me bit of Fleshgod Apocalypse meets Morbid Angel guitar riff esques just without the darkened, orchestral and Symphonic elements into the structured tracks. But having to see a Brutal Death Metal band I been a fan for 3 years being long gone is truly one of the worst cases being a Metalhead today. There has been alot of musicial artists that have been so interesting, fascinating and overly appreciative to the community but Kronos was surely a band that kept my interest going. I have reviewed this album last year and with the amount of support and feedback I have gotten alot of my followers were pleasantly surprised seeing what band Kronos truly were. And today, they announced on April 1st will be the last gig performance from this French band. It sucks seeing a band like Kronos leave to persuade other stuff in life but as a fan I have nothing but the best and gratuitous support I have for them. They worked so incredibly hard keeping the Metal scene alive. 23 years, 4 albums and Kronos are now officially going to disband and it hurts me to say this without being emotional but this band deserved alot of recognition. No other artists like Kronos can masterfully craft Greek Mythology lyrical themes and blissful tracks are so crunching, catchy and headbanging all same time. Thank you Kronos for everything you've done for the fans and community itself. Nothing but the best wishes and regardless what happens to the members they will always be apart of the Kronos family. Up the Titan!

Napalm Death - Apex Predator-Easy Meat. These guys are the reason I got into death metal/ grindcore. You'd be lucky to be putting out killer releases as long as they have. #napalmdeath #deathmetal #grindcore #vinyl #coloredvinyl

Let it ripp 😲 #napalmdeath

Paying for haircuts is lame, i will never do it again. #FreshBuzz #DIYHairCut #NapalmDeath #ShirtsAndThings #LazySunday #NapTime #ZzzzZzzz

Le ménage de printemps continue !! Un classeur contenant ma collec' de cartes postales de groupes Metal... 😃
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Loved my #sog tomahawk but this lovely little lady is the "AURA SEAL" I picked up for a discount. Display model? Yes please! #sogauraseal #napalmdeath #twisttheknifeslowly #jolene

Sunday practice for our show on Friday
Deny Everything - Circle Jerks
Napalm Death - You Suffer
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Tickets to #napalmdeath and #oathbreaker 🤘🏽

My new favorite recording #napalmdeath #apexpredator #cassette

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