My Top 13 favorite Segments #11 Sexy Super Heroines 2003. Ahh this segment is filled with so many supermodels that demolished the runway. So let’s dive in

The Outfits: Tbh the outfits were garbage but the models KILLED IT so it doesn’t even matter. The outfits had that shiny plastic stuff on them and the color schemes were kinda all over the place. My favorite outfits were Adriana, and Naomi

The walks and music This remix was so sexy and the ending of the song was so killer. When you get a group full of early 2000’s models and put them in Vs you get a fiercelious segment . This is hands down one of My favorite walks of Adriana because it was just so straight to the point and fierce and when she posed I loved the lights that flashed. Gisele, Karolina and Ale were great as always. But Karmen was such a bomb in her walk and I loved the way her legs crossed, she probably got the worst outfit but worked it like magic. I really wish they would’ve given Isabeli more airtime but you have to make room for Naomi. And speaking of NAOMI THIS WAS LIKE MY FAVORITE CLOSING EVAAAAR. Her swag was breath taking and her pose was life and she was The only model to have her hair up in a vs show so that proves what a bad bitch is.


Al igual que en la boda de los Duques de Sussex , las celebrities hicieron su aparición en esta boda real.
Desde It girls hasta estrellas de Hollywood acompañaron a Eugenie y Jack en este día tan especial .
Se pudo ver a #RickyMartin #naomicampell #KateMoss #robbiewilliams entre muchos otros codeandose con los Royals
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Shine bright

The video of "In The Closet" was filmed in sepia and it shows Michael dancing with Naomi Campell.
By reason of the suggestive aspects of the video it was first banned in South Africa😔❤😍
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