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Please let me know if you like this fun ready-to-zoom-into-space DIY toy that we made.
#TheDadLab #dadlife #instadad

There’s something so satisfying about pulling tape! 👌🏼 A fun & simple activity for Babies, developing Fine Motor & Problem Solving Skills. I tapped a few coloured Blocks to a window & added the corresponding colour Flash Cards for Miss11m to pull off. 🌈

This activity isn’t for her to purposefully Colour match, but at 6-12 months, a baby's colour vision is well developed! You could use whatever toys or objects you like.
Whilst it won't be until around 18 months that your child will be able to orally differentiate colours, it’s great to introduce them from a young age when playing, reading & talking to your baby. ❤️💛💚💙 •
Painters Tape or Washi Tape is perfect for an activity like this as it doesn’t leave sticky residue.
Flash Cards: @twolittleducklings #craftylivingkids #acraftyliving_baby

So sweet: )! My heart is melting😭😭😭
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Video by @CGTN

When people ask me why I can’t go out on the weekends #babysittersclub

When in Europe, you hop from one Pub to the next. They all have individual personalities and vibes. It's refreshing to sit in a window nook and watch the bikers pedal around Amsterdam ❤️ #coffee #Amsterdam #europe #europe2017 #my28thyear #nannying #nannygram #nannylife #nannyperks #nannystatus #netherlands #holland #pub #amsterdamcity

Happy 3rd birthday to my very, very best friend 💙 I love you so, so, so, so, so, so, so much x infinity @grahamg1014 @organicamber1 #nannylife

All our Grimm’s rainbows are currently in stock!!! It is rare we manage to have all rainbows in stock and it may not happen again before Christmas. Order today to secure your rainbow for Christmas. Follow the link in our profile and search “rainbow” to see our full collection. 📸 @honeybeesandmuckyknees #grimmswoodentoys #woodentoys #grimmsrainbow #openendedplay

You know how you look so much better when you lay down? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Yaaaaa not flexing just relaxing, turned a little cause the way I was laying yet looks pretty good! 👌🏼
Truth?! Doesn't always look like this. I actually have horrible posture when I sit up and I bloat SOOOO easily cause I loveeeee me some salt. 🙈
Swipe right for how my stomach normally looks how I sit... HORRIBLE posture and bent over. But hey ... BOTH are me! 😋
Bloated vs. not bloated. Sitting versus laying down. Only two days apart. Still me. 😉
I got rolls on rolls on rolls. And as said from a girl on my team #givemesomebutter 😂 (I really am trying to work on my posture though lol)

We're having an incredible time connecting with other agency owners at APNA - we love this fantastic industry! 💛 #agencylife #nannylife #AdventureNannies


Nannying the most rewarding job but it does come with testing times as does every other job but we must always remember to ‘Be Kind’ and show our smalls how it’s done 👊🏻 #nannylife #nanny #nanniesoflondon #nanniesofinstagram #nannies #nannyjob #nannying

🌴 This hotel is so big, that we decided to go on an adventure in the hotel. We found the most beautiful part of the hotel... the swimmingpool! 🏊‍♀️

I love that Learning for Babies is as simple as filling a basket with items to explore. 🐶🐭🐸🐷 Today, Miss11m is Learning through Play with Animal figurines & Animal Sound Flash Cards! 🎶

Flash Cards: @twolittleducklings
Animals: @schleichofficial via @kidstuffonline
Basket: @olliella via @minimacko

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