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|| can't thank the girls from @hazel_boutique enough for dressing my hot mess self for this trip! i prob woulda packed like 5 pairs of leggings and 3 tshirts #nannylife 🤘🏻

Life cycle wall display 🐛🦋. We have loved learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and creating art works to match each stage. #classroomdisplay #classroom #walldisplay #scienceforkids #notesfromahomeeducator

She was pretty excited about our "matching"shoes @newbalance @nbwomen 👟 Gonna miss this girl and driving the mom mobile 💕 #matchingshoes #momvan #nannylife

Music is beneficial for your child's development and live music can be super exciting and fun no matter the age. To make the most of your shared musical experience point out the different instruments to your child, and ask him questions to get him to think about the various components of music: What does he think about the song? Has he used any of the instruments (toys count!) at home or daycare? Which instrument is his favorite?
It’s okay if he can’t sit still—instead, encourage him to dance, march, or clap his hands, and get into the groove yourself to show your little one how it's done! And there’s no need to get pricy tickets, your community calendar will probably have some free, kid-friendly concerts that will be plenty of fun.
But remember that noise levels at concerts can be extremely high, so be sure to steer clear of the stage and loud speakers. Enjoying the music from further away can be just as fun (and safer for little sensitive ears!)
To learn more about music and its benefits to your child's development, check out our blog at www.playfulbee.com/blog
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This morning the guy leading the kids music hour at the coffee shop sang "Ring of fire", and riiiiight when he was done both boys marched up to him and requested "Walk the line" and "long-legged guitar pickin' man". Never have I ever been more proud 😌

Cardio + pilates done today and I felt GOOOOD. 💃🏽🤙🏼 Every workout I've been doing lately challenges me in a different way daily and I friggin love it. SO hard, but SO satisfying to power through it (even if it takes some swearing and grunting 😅🤷🏼‍♀️). You are capable of SO MUCH MORE than you think. Your mind will want to quit FAR before your body ever will. Push through that barrier. Go an extra second. Do an extra rep. That little bit of EXTRA, over time, will compound SIGNIFICANTLY in months, even years from now, and intensify your results. Give a little extra EVERY.DAY. because you have it in you. USE it. 👊🏼🙄 #MaximizeYourPotential 📈 *P.S. 3 SPOTS LEFT in my challenge group starting 4/3! Message me or comment below if ya want a spot and a chance at a siiiick prize. 😏😜*

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Alex just loved finding words on these rotating blocks. It took me some time to come up with the best combination letters for each block (1 - pcrf; 2 - euai; 3 - tgnd), but then in just a minute, we had this fun educational toy. Every time Alex found a real word he had to write it down. I can’t believe how many words he has actually found there.
#thedadlab_activities #dadlife #parenting

Enjoying the spring weather with this munchkin #nannylife

Had fun babysitting this little guy lastnight! ❤️ #parttimejob #nannylife


Looking forward to #movienight ! Getting my @netflix and #chinesefood on!! Happy Friday 🙌🏼❤#Netflix #bridgetjones #nanny #nannylife #girlboss #nightoff

The way Harrison feels in this photo is how I felt antiquing with his grandparents for 9 hours today. 🙃 #harrisonjoe #nannylife #cherryblossom #washingtondc

Bedroom dreaming thanks too @lichipan

Free face painting at the advanced screening of the Lego Batman Movie! Thanks @villagecinemas

E is obsessed with the family of swallows that lives outside of her front door. She sits on my shoulder and tweets at them when they're home. ❤ #NannyLife

Spending 9 hours with a baby antiquing with Harrison's grandparents was miserable but worth it to be able to see the cherry blossoms at the end of an incredibly long day ☺ #nannylife #cherryblossom #washingtondc

PB&J for breakfast! Love this kid to pieces! *he is unbuckled because we are parked. #nannylife #nannygaga #pbjsandwich #breakfast #vscocam #instagood #peanutbutter

It's Fri-yay! Get out there and enjoy the weekend! Don't forget... Sitter always has your back when it comes to last minute plans!! #babysitting #nannylife #babysitter #spring #sitter #sittermoments #igbaby #nannygram #love

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